How prepared are you for the end? How prepared are you for the anti-Christ? How prepared are you for persecution? Everything around you is pointing to the end, but we forget one thing: The end does not point to satan; the news does, the fearful preachers do, even the sleeping church does. But from Genesis to Revelation, from the beginning of times unto now, the end always points to one final event: the second coming of our Christ Jesus.
So, let me ask you what we all should be asking ourselves: Can you hear the voice crying out at midnight (the darkest hour), “ Behold, the bridegroom is coming, go out to meet Him?” Matthews 25:6
How prepared are you for the second coming of the Lord? How prepared are you to present yourself? How filled with oil is your lamp? Are you trimming your lamp?
Even though many are blind and sleepy, some believe that they are preparing themselves for the end. They have this survival plan. They have everything in life already realign for the coming of the anti-Christ. They have their refuge place figure out; they are stocking up, buying guns, storing food, and preparing their lives for the worse. BUT God showed me this: many are more prepared for the coming of the anti-Christ than for the coming of King!
Our focus is all wrong. We will NEVER be ready for the anti-Christ if we are not ready for the coming of Jesus! Surely, we will be eaten up by any beast; it does not matter how prepared you think you are if you don’t QUICKLY shift your focus.
Many say, “ We need to hear the News to know what is going on.” We have convinced ourselves of that statement to be true. But, no. It is a foolish thing to rely on anything that has the anti-Christ spirit. They will deceive us; they will toss us to and fro. How can the anti-Christ media be able to prepare us? How deceitful is that? They will blind you with their highlights! To really know and understand the times and the seasons, God said to me, “ Don’t replace my Holy Spirit and His gifts inside of you for any other source.”
Any information from this divine source is real; there is no fakeness or mixture in it! All men are liars. But men became lazy. They want the world to tell them what is going on. They are too lazy to pay the price to buy the oil of intimacy. I believe that God can and will make those “oily ones” deaf to any news that does not come from Him. Satan eventually will give up because he knows: they won’t listen to him. His sheep have their ears very close to the face of Jesus Christ. They lay their head on His chest, and at His whisper, they recognize His voice. They are so low, at His feet, that they can hear His steps, approaching the circle of the Earth.
If we are a spiritual church, our understand of times and seasons must be done by ONLY the Spirit of God. If we rely only on Him, with no help from the world, we will know how to live in this world without being part of it.
The greatest event of all time was announced by the media? No.
Supernaturally. God gave Joseph a dream (Mathew 1:20)! When darkness approaches them, here comes another messenger from God (not from the anti-Christ media) telling Joseph, “ Arise, take your child, and his mother, and flee into Egypt, and be there until I bring you a word: for Herodes will seek the young child to destroy him” Matthew 2:13. And when Herodes was dead, the angel appeared again, telling Joseph to go into the land of Israel “for they are dead, which sought the young child’s life.” Matthew 2:20 Why are things different now?
When it is time to flee, the Holy Spirit will tell us to, and we must flee. But don’t be packing your bags because the media is telling you this and that. You are listening to rumors, and rumors are making your move. Is it all great? No. Is this pointing to the end? Yes. When the Holy Spirit tells us to flee, it won't be because He hears rumors. So, if you are going to move your feet, move them towards Him. Seek counsel from Him. Ask for the fire to burn worldly anti-Christ mixtures in your mind-set.
People are doing all they can to save themselves, to save America, that they are running out of oil! They are very worried about what is going to happen with America, but they are forgetting about what is going to happen when Jesus comes back. They are so busy with this, with that, they are out trying to prepare people to face the anti-Christ. But their destruction is inevitable. Because without the oil of intimacy, we are all done!
Worse than not be ready for the anti-Christ is not to be ready for the coming of Jesus. I am totally convinced that if we want to help the Bride be ready, we must turn this thing upside down. Be ready for whom? For the anti-Christ or for the second coming of Christ Jesus? One will open the door for the other. So, let’s focus on the last! The last shall and must be first! That voice must be heard again.
Turn up the volume “ BEHOLD, THE BRIDEGROOM IS COMING, GO OUT TO MEET HIM.” Say it out loud! Say it from the rooftops! The media won’t have time to announce anything to you. It is going to happen all in the blinking of the eye. And they may die with their cameras in their hands. But those, the wise ones, will be awake; they not only will have oil in their lamps, but on their hearts, eyes, mouth, heart, and feet. And they are not afraid of the anti-Christ or the end, because the end is pointing to a moment that they have been earning for a long time…
For this reason, today, these wise virgins respond to the cry of the Spirit in Matthew 25:6 with Revelation 22:17: “Even now, Maranatha…The Spirit and the bride say, Come, Lord Jesus Come…We are ready for the coming of the King Jesus Christ!

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