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We are well able to overcome anything ahead of us. Just like the men that went to spy on the Land of milk and honey in Numbers 13:26-33. But many see giants, looking at what they have, on their ability, and strength instead of focus on the milk and the honey. 

Caleb was looking at God. Christians who get their eyes off of Jesus and the Word of God put their eyes on the things around them. God calls it an evil work when we do not believe Him, not to take His Word and all that He has done, and not to exalt God over what we feel and see.  

Many weep in the night because they have their eyes off of Christ Jesus. In Numbers 13:26-33, many preferred to sit and die instead of return their eyes on Him. They murmured and complained. God was not pleased and is not pleased with those. God had many things for them, but they preferred to believe in an evil report. They chose to bow to fear that grips you and paralyzes you, to the fear that stops you in your tracks. God did not ask them what they thought they could do; He just said, “Go and spy out and bring back some fruits.”

We need a Joshua and Caleb generation to get things done before the second coming of the Lord. I am asking God to raise people that will believe in God’s report. They decided to stay in the Land of misery instead of going to the Land of peace and joy, the Land where the Holy Spirit dwells. We are now living in a spiritual war and a spiritual dimension. We do not fight our battles in the flesh and blood, but in the spiritual realm, a battle in our thoughts and words. 

Just like it says in Numbers 14:1-37, God’s promises are exceedingly good. We will receive them, but only do not rebel against the Lord, and do not fear what they are saying! Fear them not! We need to encourage one another in faith, not in fear! They put their eyes on themselves and fear gripped them. Just like said in Matthew 16:9-10 when Jesus was on the boat with the disciples, they went to the other side and forgot the bread. Jesus said, “ Do you not yet understand, or remember the five loaves of the five thousand and how many baskets you took up? Nor the seven loaves of the four thousand and how many large baskets you took up?” 

God was saying to them, “ Do you not remember when I split the Red Sea when I did all the miracles through Moses?” God swore them to bring to the promised land, but He could not. Why? Because of unbelief. But He ended up doing what He said, but not to the whole group. He will do what He says, but we want to make sure that he will do with us! We did see somethings in the Bible that God does not wink at, as unbelief. He calls it sin. Religion calls it admirable and wise.

Those who are led by the Spirit of God, not by the Spirit of fear are the sons of God. God needs to put inside His spirit and get that spirit of fear out of us. If we are afraid of losing something, there is idolatry. If you don’t want to lose your life, you already lost it. If you are afraid of losing anything, you already lost it. Without the cross, you will never see the promised land. Many are taking God off of His throne and adjusting Him to their own lives, to their situations exalting them over Him, putting Him where the ten spies did. Some things really pleases God. One is faith. 

God delivered His people out of Egypt, and somethings started manifesting in them: fear. Fear of following Moses, fear of not having food the next day, fear of the unknown. Disobedience brings rebellion, which brings witchcraft, which brings torment. If there is fear, there is no way to love. Because there is no fear in love. When we are gripped, we are paralyzed, when we are paralyzed we do not move, when we do not move, we can’t please God. We cannot advance the kingdom – His kingdom because fear makes you god, it makes you only concerned about you. We are called believers, but we become unbelievers. God does not want us to die in the wilderness, but as a witness to Truth, to His power, to His Word.  

If fear grips you, it puts you in shock! Fear makes you selfish, soulish, independent, stops you in your tracks! Fear of not having, fear of being alone, fear of being taken advantage of, fear of the future, fear of being rejected, fear of dying, fear of doing the wrong thing, fear of lack, fear of failure. The world and satan will control the children of fear. There is no fear in love, and that is what God is. 

Every one of these makes what you fear to come upon you! What you fear you become a slave of. When you fear or when the devil brings fear it paralyzes you, it grips you! Fear makes you miserable. Fear blames others for its own fears! Then you start saying things like “I cannot do it because…” They will say “ There are giants in the Land. If I go, If I do what you told me, God, they will kill me. I will not be able to”. Fear gets your eyes on the creation and not on the creator. “ What if this? What if that?” Fear lives in the “What ifs” life. 

In Matthew 24:3-14, tell us not to be troubled. Many things we will face, but it is not the end, yet! Kingdom against kingdom and faith against fear! There will be famine. Are you going to be in famine? No. Many shall be offended because of fear. When you fear, you try to protect yourself at all costs. You want to save your life, save your rights, false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many because they tell what you want to hear, but if it is a lie then it brings false security. Then when what they promised does not happen, that brings more fear. The “Peace-peace” promise does not bring us peace. What brings us peace is believing that God will deliver us and even if we die, we live. 

Because of iniquity, the love of many will wax cold. He that love, shall endure all the way to the end! If there is fear, there is no way to endure. But if there is love, there will be no fear. Endure loving, not fearing, not letting your heart grow cold, putting love before themselves. Fear blocks love! Fear blocks trust! Fear blocks hope! When we allow fear in we are saying, “God there is someone greater than you!” 

Men’s hearts are failing them for fear! Luke 21:7-28 tells us to settle in our hearts to trust him, to love Him above ourselves. If you don’t settle in your heart not to be offended, not be afraid, probably you will. We have seen people’s hearts failing them for fear. Whatever you bow to will control you. You bow to who will serve. You cannot serve fear and faith at the same time. You will be unstable and double-minded. The Bible says that a double-minded man receives nothing from above. 

“If you don’t do this if you don’t do that…” Think about all the evil report we are following. Fear is the beast that the world is ruled by! So, if the stock market is down, we are down?! If the News is bad, we are down?! If the USA goes down, we go down as well?! I say, no! Many are masquerading fear with wisdom. They are using earthly wisdom and calling them Godly. Man’s wisdom is masqueraded with fear. Sometimes faith looks something stupid to the carnal mind and to man but to God, it is what pleases Him. 

Fear comes from putting your faith in man or situations and circumstances, but never upon that rock! Our redemption draws near! Lift us your head! What we see now is God shaking everyone and everything if our faith is put on a nation and not in Him, if our faith is put on what we see, if our faith is put on the carnal and on anything that was created by man, because the anchor of our soul is Jesus. 

Fear is fake news! I believe Christianity in this country for the last 60 years has been so easy; it has been such an illusion according to Word, so we preached and taught from the perspective of a false security and safety! That is why many are saying in their hearts “This will never happen here!” when it is already happening. Fear kills joy! Fear will stop the will of God! Fear will grip you, paralyze you and bring torment to your mind. 

Everyone says, “Fear is false evidence appearing real!” What if all the evidence is real?! What if all facts are evident, and what if all is what it appeared to be!? The evidence was real: there were giants in the Land. That was a real appearing. But fear can’t never, ever, exalts itself above the killer of giants: His church! No matter what evidences we face, we must have our faith in Him and in the power of His resurrection. That is when your faith must kick in and you must kick out fear! Whatever happens! This is when God moves in and it moves mountains, this is when you see the miraculous: When you go into the Land, when you take one step, it is when God shows up! Joshua and Caleb went in and took the Land! Everybody wants to wait to move until they have faith. You cannot wait on faith because faith is waiting on you. “When you move, I always move. When you have full assurance in Him, I always move, When all you got is faith, I move…” says God …We must settle it in our heart not to fear because this is nothing. Get your eyes on Him, or you are the idol. Whatever you fear is your idol. Whatever He says, just do it! When you do what He says, He will do what He says. Christians want to see God part the Red Sea before they ever start the journey! They want to see God moving His hands before they move theirs. They want an audible voice before they believe His written Word! There are so many examples in 1 Corinthians 10:1-12 . Do not murmur. Do not complain. Do not be tormented by anything. Where are the giants in the Land? You are not a grasshopper! If you are one with Him, stop looking at you!

Fear brings bitterness! Do not let that spring up Hebrews 12:8-29. That bitterness will bring up murmuring and complaining! Fear brings anger, brings suspicion. 1 John 4 shows us that many speak from the foundation of fear. But we speak from Christ, from belief, from hope, from Truth. The love of many will wax cold, and whenever love is absent, fear is present. Love is a command! We don’t love because we like the person; the world does that. We love because that pleases God. We love because it is written. If you are living in fear that’s where you will die. You can’t repent if you still believe that you are right. Love perfects everything, including faith. We can’t put on fear and faith at the same time. We can’t have two masters. When things start being shaken, faith or the lack of it will be manifested. What if they change the laws? Are you still going to do what He told you? What if it is hard to love your brother? Are you still going to love him? Let Hebrews 6 be settled in your heart and mind. 

The devil is the author and finisher of fear. But God is the author and finisher of our faith. Don’t you know who is with you? Have hope in Him! Have hope in the One that Isaiah 41:1-10 talks about! “I, the Lord…I am He. And they are afraid of Me, so don’t be afraid of them!” We are the heir of the Land of milk and honey! Fear thou not! He that has all in His right hand and when you see Him, all fear will disappear, when you see the first and the last, when you see that has the key of heaven and hell, the devil has no keys at all, if you let Him. But have your eyes on the One that John spoke in Revelation 1:16-18

Father, uproot any fear out of us! We speak over the household of faith, over the ones chosen by you, the blood washed, Father! The ambassadors will not be shaken, we will stand in any evil day, and we will stand in faith and we will give glory to the One that set us apart. We need you Father and we repent of any type of fear. In the name of Jesus, we renounce all agreement with fear, and we open up for perfect love, fill us! Our mind, our heart, every part of our being. Rebuke every devouring thing in our life God, help us as we take the Land because you have given it to us! 

“And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength. And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive forevermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.” Revelation 1:16-18 

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