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The Rejected Church

There is a Rejected Brother and a Hidden Church out there today in the body of Christ.  Many don’t even know what’s going on. We need to see what’s been happening in the church, what is happening now, and what will happen.

He said He would give us a hope and future. Where there is no vision, the people perish. We need fresh vision and sight. God showed me that the story of Joseph has been playing out in the church and will culminate in the end in the same way. It is a type and shadow of the church today.

Just as Joseph governed in the land and eventually governed over all the tribes of Israel, so shall the government of God raise up in this last day once again and be the forerunner of the Kingdom of God for the sake of the church of God, a building not made by the hands of man but by the hands of God. A fivefold and a people who have not compromised, who are enduring to the end and loving not their lives unto death.

A woman with 12 stars and a Man Child being rejected by the beast system, and one of the systems of that beast is religion. The religious system will persecute the real church and the ones that are playing harlot are also going to war against the woman and already are. Yet God is calling His people out of the beast, out of the Harlot Babylon.

There were 12 tribes of Israel, 12 is an apostolic number and Jacob had his name changed to Israel, and now we are the Israel of God. We have been grafted in and the others through unbelief have been cut off. Now we are those that it talks about in Isaiah, “Those that were strangers will now build my walls.” Those in Hosea when it says, “Those that were not my people shall now be my people,” and “Every nation and kingdom that does not serve me shall perish.” We are now His nation, we are the New Jerusalem that comes down from heaven, the Lamb’s wife as it says in Revelation.

When it talks about that new Jerusalem, its foundational number is 12 which is the government of God. Joseph was a type and shadow of the apostolic church. True apostolic ministry is the most rejected ministry in the church today. Just as Joseph was rejected and separated from his brothers by persecution and betrayal so has this type of ministry been rejected. So have apostolic people been rejected. So have the wise virgins been rejected.

People that are not apostles but are apostolic, that are submitted to God and His government, have been rejected. This group of people has been separated from the other brothers. They were jealous of the coat, jealous of the favor on his life, jealous of the tunic and the calling on his life. Just like they threw Joseph in the wilderness into a pit, so have they done to these.

Just like they put goat’s blood on Joseph’s coat and brought it back to their father who was a shadow of the church, so shall they reject the obedient and demonize them as goats in front of the church. Just as Joseph was hidden from Jacob by his brothers, so has and is the church that has not soiled their garments have been hidden and forsaken by the other brothers.

False apostles will be jealous of true apostles because they want a calling that they are not called to. Joseph was called to the tunic, called to the mantle, and the others had their own calling but none were the same. This is what we do when we’re jealous, we reject and pretend like they are not there. Cain wanted Abel to disappear, and so he persecuted his brother and killed him, and so are they doing today to the true church of God in the church.

The church over the years and even today don’t want to hear their preaching. They are jealous of their coat of many colors. They do not want to bow (submit) to these types and the government of God because they have a spirit like Korah that rebels against authority but really wants to be in authority.

Jacob being Israel (the Church) and his sons represent the different types and shadows of brothers in the church abroad today. Most of the brothers wanted Joseph dead but then there’s that one brother like Reuben that cares and sees the calling on Joseph but they still want to conform to the rest of the brothers, to the rest of the church. In fear of losing popularity, in fear of being cast out like Joseph.

We see there is a shadow of seven different types of believers and assemblies of believers in the book of Revelation. Some that were fornicating with Jezebel. Some giving into the works of the Nicolaitans which God hates. Some lukewarm, some being thrown in jail and persecuted like Joseph, and some that say they are alive but they are dead.

Which type and shadow are you? There was one church, one type of believer that held the key of David, that knew the apostles that were not apostles but called themselves apostles. The ones that kept His word until the end. The Church of Philadelphia. He says to them, “I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.” The false apostles, the ones that work inequity. The ones that confess with their lips but their hearts are far from Him.

The ones that wanted to be something that they were not, but in the end, will bow to the ones that are who God says they are, and they will admit and they will submit and they will affirm and confirm the true body of Christ and the true government of God. 

They will bow like in Joseph’s dreams where the sun, the moon, and the eleven stars bowed to the one star. So will the church, the rest of the twelve tribes of Israel, bow before them. Just as Joseph’s brothers all bowed to Joseph in the end. Just as they bowed also in Isaiah, when it says, “The sons that afflicted them shall bow before them.”

So shall it be in the end. They will affirm their works and they will affirm their governmental authority. Just like they bowed to Joseph in the midst of the famine, and they will repent of their deeds that they have done to the one. Even the book of Revelation says that out of every tribe will there come 12,000; 12 being the symbolic spiritual number. One day out of every tribe, out of the church, will come those who have submitted to the foundation of the apostles and prophets. They will be birthed from the government of God, 12, the Government in the Kingdom.

The ones who were sold out, who were without compromise, without spot, without blemish, shall be lifted up and carry a staff over the nations, and the other brothers who choose error, inequity, self-glory, self-promotion, and so on, shall bow their knee.

There will be a famine that strikes the land spiritually, and they will come. When the anointing and the oil cease from the land, they will come. There is a famine of oil, anointing, bread, and meat. Yet the government of God has not ceased from having spiritual provision. God is still their strength. The voice of the bridegroom never ceases in them. They dwell in the land of Goshen, where the light never ceases and the spiritual provision never runs dry. 

Those that have endured the trials like Joseph, who were in a prison of persecution and were rebelled against and rejected. Joseph was in prison for thirteen years. Framed. But everywhere he went he still governed and was the head and not the tail and had favor. Thirteen is the number of rebellion, and not only the world but the church has and are rebelling against God’s true Church and true ministry. Those 7000 that have not bowed their knee to Baal, the Government of God, and those who are fully sold out for Jesus.

This is the people; this is the ministry and shadow of the type of people that have been rejected over the years. The ones that have yearned for the true word of God and its fullness and the fullness of God and its full stature. The ones that are not willing to overlook the fivefold Government.

Many want the fullness of God and the full stature but they want to do it without the Government of God. They want to do it without Joseph. Just as the 11 brothers wanted to be one without the one brother. Yet Joseph governed in the land and everywhere he went. Even when he lived with his brothers, at first Jacob sent Joseph to overlook them as they worked in the fields to feed the sheep. Jacob said to Joseph, “Go and see if your brothers are safe. Come back and tell me if my sheep are all fine.”

God’s government will come and oversee and make sure that the work is being done, that the sheep are being fed, and when they come, the spirit of Korah that rose against Moses rises up with jealousy just as Joseph’s brothers did. This is what’s been happening but it’s going to come to a turnaround and the ones that were rejected will end up being received. The ones that were hidden and overlooked in the church today will come to the forefront.

Because of their rejection, like Joseph, they have been hidden. When Joseph was sold into slavery, he was not seen by his father, Israel, the church, and the other 11 brothers for a long time. There is a remnant of the remnant. A church, a people that are hidden from exposure. The mass amount of the church doesn’t even know these types of believers anymore. They don’t even know these types of fivefold ministries anymore because they have come against them and have shoved them to the bottom as Joseph was at the bottom of a well. But just as Joseph was in the bottom of the well in the wilderness, so shall the church come out of the wilderness. The wailing woman.

The woman with the 12 stars around her head, 12 again being an apostolic and governmental number. The Government of God shall give birth just as the woman in Revelation does to a Man Child, and He shall be given an iron staff over the nations, and He shall be caught up with God in heaven. The woman will be persecuted by the dragon because of what she has brought forth because what she has brought forth is the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God, the young and old in the Lord that are willing to be childlike and submit to God’s ways and government. They will be brought unto the full measure of Christ unto a perfect man.

This is the reason we have apostles and prophets. This is why we have evangelists, pastors, and teachers for the raising up of the saints. To build the church, Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone, that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. People are looking out there today and saying it’s over.

Yet Jesus said He will have a bride without spot or wrinkle, a Church where the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Are the gates prevailing? Does the bride have spots and wrinkles still? Yes! So it ain’t over! We have work to do. We have a church to build! Not a building! But a people that shall be made into the image of God. This is the vision. This is the Man Child. The latter reign, the last generation of believers. They shall be greater than the former, even Jesus said they shall do greater works than Himself.

When Jacob, who was called Israel, who is a shadow of the church, heard that Joseph was alive, it revived him. The Government of God shall revive the church, they will spearhead revival. They shall restore the gates and walls of Jerusalem like Nehemiah. Israel got up, the church got up, and THEY came to Joseph and the other tribes came. They will come!

The church will come and they will be revived and they will stand on the 12 stones, and they will be fed and there will be reconciliation.

There will be a mass exodus out of the Harlot and the religious system. We have a hope, we have a future, and it’s in this living organism, the Body of Christ, fitly joined together with the apostles and prophets. The Government of God, the woman with the 12 stars, the Bride, the woman coming out of the wilderness as they present the foundation from above as they rest on the shoulders of Jesus.

This is our vision. The Joseph’s in the land are rising. The remnant is rising. The true church of God, the Government of God, is rising and it will no longer be rejected, it will no longer be hidden because the famine will make the spiritual land bare. The five foolish virgins will have their oil dried out and they will come looking in the land for oil but they will find none.

Yet they will come to the one that has their inheritance manifest, who has their oil full, who has provision and is kept in the time of testing, who stands as the governor under Pharaoh, under the king. They shall be as governors and kings and priests unto God over the church, unto the King, Jesus.

They will lead the church out of the dry lands and into the lands flowing with milk and honey. They who possess an abundance of grain and food for the ox. Just as Benjamin was the youngest and had favor with Joseph. His only brother that was from the same mother. The youngest received favor from the Governor in the land and Joseph sat down with his brothers and gave Benjamin 5-times as much food and drink than the others, 5 also being a governmental number.

It will be the young ones in the Lord, the ones who have childlike faith, that lean not on their own understanding. The shadow of the tribe of Benjamin, these will be the ones that are most receptive and most receiving of it. The ones that will be dear to Joseph’s heart.

Make us childlike today, God. You are bringing order to your church. You will make your true people known before all and your governmental ministry known before all. Even the world will see because the world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God, and the hidden Church, the rejected brothers, the rejected Church, will no longer be hidden and will no longer be rejected because God will lead the rest of the brothers to bow and submit and all Israel shall be saved.

By. Joe Pinto

Genesis 32:24-28, Luke 1:32-33, Genesis 37:3-4, Isaiah 60, Revelation 3:8-13, Genesis 37:21-31, Genesis 42:6-8, Genesis 42:21-24, Genesis 43:33-34, Genesis 45, 46, 47, Revelation 3:7-13, Revelation 7, Revelation 21.

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