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Mavericks, those who want to submit to themselves only and no other gift in the body. Those who want to do their own thing and have their own ministry inside God's ministry. Those who go from fellowship to fellowship, pulling sheep here and there into their pasture of goats. They say, "Well, I only submit to Christ." Yet Christ says I have a fivefold, and two offices of the fivefold, my foundation is built upon. If you don't submit to them, you are a maverick because I have ordained them. The Bible calls Christ the chief cornerstone, and He is leading His fivefold to lay upon Him the other stones that are of God. To not submit to these builders is to reject the foundation that Christ lays because Christ is leading them to lay it. If Timothy didn't submit to Paul, he would have been a maverick. When Korah resisted Moses, he showed himself a maverick because he wanted to do his own thing aside from what God was doing. 

They say, "Well, I don't submit to man." Yet they want everyone to submit to them who is also a man. Of course, we don't submit to a religious system and religious leaders who have ordained themselves. Yet who God has placed in authority as part of His fivefold to distribute the flow of heaven is who we shall not resist. If we resist them, we resist God. God put them in place. Any man who puts themselves in place, God will remove or warn the sheep not to be yoked with them because they are mavericks. Wanderers, self-seeking, self-glorying, self-ordained, self-made, self-proclaimed Christians that are farther from Christ than the cold and lukewarm. 

Mavericks will never get the full foundation from heaven because God will not just give it to one man that only submits to himself and never submits to God himself. He will give it to the whole body which is fitly joined together. He will give it to the bride of Christ that is submissive to her husband. God will cause mavericks to have a need for the body, and if they still do not submit and join the bride, their pride will make up its own foundation and call it God's. The Bible says, "Let every man take heed how he builds." These have no fear of the Lord, never being careful how they build, making their own foundation, and calling it apostolic. Because only a few actually submit to the apostles of this day, the rest think they are apostles. And because they have not been called to build, they build a wrong foundation because of their own lust for the calling.  

There will be words and things from heaven that mavericks will never know about unless they submit to the body in Christ. Not submit to their flesh, yet submit to them in reverence OF CHRIST. You say you don't submit to man, but the Bible is saying to submit to Christ in the man. He has given gifts unto men, and these are for the edifying of the body. Paul said, "Follow me as I follow Christ." Many religious people today would stone a true minister if he said that same thing today. Yet only mavericks would stone someone who is truly ordained from God and being led by Christ. That is because mavericks hiddenly have a lust for the position. 

Just like Korah, who wanted to make everyone equal with each other and take Moses out of authority, but it was really because Korah himself wanted to be in authority and have the power. This was why all that he said to Moses was called gainsaying. Korah didn’t say what he said to Moses because he thought Moses was on a power trip. He said it out of gain that He would have the power and position to make a following unto himself. 

This is what mavericks do. Everything they say is gainsaying because they seek what's inside of you. They seek all that you have that they may have it. They try and make you feel bad or wrong that you would submit to them or that others would submit to them instead of you. Yet God will not have it. He will separate Korah and all the mavericks that seek lust for power and position. 

These Mavericks don't know what it's like to keep unity with brethren in Christ because they are lone rangers always on their own. Never around the body, doing their own things on the internet and the phone. This is how they look, so full of light because you never get to experience them in person and see who they really are. That's their defense weapon, their distance from everyone else. Only those who are close to them know who they really are. 

Hitchhikers always jumping from crowd to crowd, looking for new people to submit to them and hear them. Not pulling in souls and fishing for men for Christ, but making proselytes unto themselves that you would become a worse devil than they themselves are.

These come and divide bodies of believers with their many false doctrines and teach the way of Korah to be their own person and have a need for no one else. They teach that God's government is religion, meanwhile, starting their own religious government and order. Teaching others to seek gain and seek a following for their own self, with the agenda of them lording over you in the end.

Maverick: Independent-minded person. Someone who only thinks for themselves but never receives from the mind of Christ. When your one with the mind, you will be one with the body. Yet because these have their own mind, their own version of the word of God, they only desire for everyone to be submitted to them. Shooting stars, knowing things of Christ but not for Christ, but so that they can use their gift to draw all men to themselves and glorify themselves. You are marveled by how great their gifting is, but you never become impressed with their heart because they are a closed book. And if you saw their heart, you would run. 

Read Jude 1.

Jude calls them wandering stars. They never follow the will of God. They follow greedily after the reward of Balaam. They follow after popularity or attention. They set aside the Kingdom of God for their own kingdom, and they call their kingdom "The Kingdom." They make up their own teachings, preaching, and doctrines, even some of the teaching sounding close to God's doctrine but missing the mark because of leaven. 

Pulling revelations and teachings from real ministers but never preaching it in fullness because they spiritually plagiarize with the agenda of self-glory instead of receiving through the Holy Spirit for God's glory. This is how they draw people by using Christ the cornerstone, but they leaven up the one stone by building their own stones around the cornerstone. Taking the foundational buildings from the gifts of others and defiling it by mixing it with their own teachings. They preach truth for gain and use their gift for popularity.

Lone wolves, lone rangers, they divide themselves from the body, having a lot of truth and no Spirit, and they resist the Spirit because the Spirit is trying to lead them to the body and do God's will. Yet these resist because they desire to do their own will and call it the will of God. Living a life that they imagine but never fully fulfilling their vision because their vision is from their belly and not from above. Then justifying themselves and why they are not fulfilling what they "claim" God has for them. 

How can these be saved unless they break their will? That is the biggest stronghold in their life – their will, and as long as their will is strong, pride will be strong. God resists the proud. They will only captivate those that also seek to fulfill their own will and call it the will of God. Packs of wolves. Inwardly, they are divided, because in the Kingdom we have one mind, one spirit, one accord. Yet amongst these are many wills, many minds, and a house divided. They may stand together for a short time, but at a certain time, they will devour each other. A house divided cannot stand, and if they coexist, it will be in compromise with each other. Preaching and teaching from different spirits and different doctrines and calling it all God. 

Disagreeing among each other but pretending they are all one, Meanwhile, confusing the simple. Anyone who doesn't coexist with them is called unloving and judgmental. They call the ones that love God first unloving because they won't put man's love before their love for God, and really, they want you to love them more than any man. They sound so genuine, right, and loving, yet everything they say is for gain and in vain. Their gain is that you would become their disciple and carry out their teachings. In the end, when you carry out their teachings, you are carrying out the legacy of their self-glorification and fulfilling their pride in fullness. God is exposing them, and they will no longer deceive His little ones. God’s body ministry will be exalted, and the lost sheep will come home and become one with the 99.

By Joe Pinto

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