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Just because God uses somebody does not mean that He approves of them. Just because someone moves in power, or even speaks in tongues, casts out demons, heals the sick, cleanses the leapers, and speaks the truth, does not mean that they are going to heaven. The gifts and callings are without repentance. Who says God can’t use someone who’s not born again? How come when God uses somebody, we as Christians have to justify it and say that they are born again?

They can even be a white-washed tomb and still be used by God, but does that mean they are born again? NO!

God used donkeys in the Bible to get the job done. When there was no prophet around to rebuke Balaam, God opened the mouth of the donkey he was sitting on. Is the donkey born again? Is the donkey going to heaven? No! If God can use an animal with no soul, why can't He use someone with a living breathing soul?

Read Numbers 22:21-39.

We need to go deep into things so that we can understand some things. Even the donkey kept Balaam on the narrow way. Verse 26 of Numbers 22 explains how the donkey kept Balaam in between two walls and thrust him against the walls so that he could not get away, whether to the right or the left. He was kept on the narrow way by an unsaved animal. 

So why can't God use anybody He wants to maybe even get the job done that the church can’t get done. Or maybe to get something done that He doesn't want to use His Church for. There are even donkeys in the Church, ministers that God does not necessarily approve of. Yet God is still using their ministry to save, deliver, and heal. He's even given some a jawbone to speak for God and expose things. Even some worldly people are exposing things that the Church today won't expose.

Even some who were once anointed and God was with them, but now have been turned away from by God, are still being used by God. Working all for the good of those who love God. God turned away from Saul but still used him as King for a short time. Some ministers were once walking fully with Christ, once known by Him, but now are walking their own path without God and have lost their first love. 

Yet there are still some exposing, healing, and have deliverance proceeding from their hands, and signs and wonders coming from their ministry. Yet, just like those that say, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and cast out demons in your name and do many signs and wonders? Yet He will still say I never knew you! Or maybe He will say to some, I have CEASED from knowing you. Some will have done great miracles but have their name blotted out of the book of life. Some have let the anointing get to their head, and Samson literally let it get to his head.

His head was shaved, and he lost the anointing. God departed from him. Yet did God still use him to destroy the Philistines by knocking down the pillars? Did God not use him when he took the jawbone of a donkey to kill heaps upon heaps of Philistines? Did God not use him to bring justice to the land and make way for the tribe of Judah?

God is using people right now that are not even His people or people that are just worldly people to make way for His Church. God is giving them jawbones. He's giving them an anointing for a season to get something done that He needs to be done. Was the jawbone anointed? No. Samson was anointed. God is the anointing, but just like Samson used the jawbone and threw it away, is the same way God will use people as His mouthpiece for a season and then take His hand off them. 

Does He approve of these people? Will they be saved? Maybe not. Yet, are they getting things done for God? Yes! Look at Cyrus, even Nebuchadnezzar at one time as just a few examples. Even Solomon was used by God greatly. He was even used to build the temple of God but later, down the road, turned to idols.

We have two types of people, some that come against those that have been given a jawbone because they say, “Well, they do not walk godly or act godly.” In today's Church, they say, “Well, they don't have good character, so they can’t be used by God.” Yet Cyrus had harsh speech and God said to Him though you don't know anything about me, I will make you strong. 

Then we have some that have to justify that the donkey is born again or is of God. Some even come to the point where they start to worship these people being used by God, but don't realize that at the end of the day, they are His sheep. They will say to everybody, “Well, Cyrus knows a lot about God,” but he knows nothing. That doesn't mean God can't make him strong and use Him!

God will even use wolves to expose wolves and wolves to devour goats, but God will use all that to protect His sheep. We need to see deep. Sampson was even fornicating with all types of women. Some of us would call that a mockery of God for him to even be a possessor of the anointing, but the Bible says so! The Bible says many times before, during, and after, that he was doing what he was doing so that God's Spirit would come upon him to do what needed to be done.

Even when Sampson received the honey from the dead lion (the Anointing), he used that anointing for gain when he used it as a riddle to gain from his companions. Sampson was found out and suffered great loss as he submitted to a woman that lay sore at his lap. Yet after that, God STILL came upon him right after that to get what he needed to pay up his losses from the riddle.

God can do whatever He wants! Some would say he shouldn't have had the anointing after that. Some would say the anointing was in his hair. Yet either way, God still used Sampson mightily even after the few times of giving up the anointing! Who are we to tell God what to do? Who is the clay that it should tell the potter how it should be formed or how it should form things?

Even God had a chance to keep the peace between Pharaoh and the Israelites but God still hardened Pharaoh's heart because He wanted the Israelite's to be driven out of that land and into the Promised Land. He wanted to have the glory and do the mighty things that He did through the hardening of Pharaoh's heart! God uses vessels of honor and dishonor, yet whether they are of honor or not, they will still give honor to God and give glory to God. Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess.

Even Jesus called for a donkey, and He said to the disciples, if anybody says anything to you, tell them the Lord has need of it! So, don't question Jesus why He uses who He uses; just know that the Lord has need of them! Even the donkey rode Jesus through the crowd that held palms and stood in the midst of the disciples and held their garments, and as they walked and Jesus sat on the donkey, He was being glorified! Even Paul glorified God for those that were preaching the gospel with ulterior motives or to be contentious because they were still being used to further the work.

Even the donkey helped glorify Jesus, and he rode Jesus and led him to the money changers and thieves in the Church, and Jesus went to flip the tables. God is even using people today that are not even His to expose things in the Church. To flip tables and take a jawbone to every Philistine amongst the children of God.

What is the jawbone? It helps the donkey talk. A donkey will be used by God and when it's done, it will go back to where it came from, whether it’s the wilderness, the desert, or its poop. Yet the fact of the matter is they were used at one point. The jawbone is being used by God. It's what helps the donkey talk for God, and God is giving it to certain individuals to get something done for God. He is letting them be His mouthpiece for a time. They may not know that they are being used, but whether they see it or not, it will be evident that God has used them as a mouthpiece for Him. If He can’t use His own children, He will use the devil's children for a brief moment to destroy their master's work. God will turn our enemies against themselves. If something is getting in the way of His Chruch, He will destroy it with a jawbone.

Just like God was angry and didn't want Balaam to go to Balak but ended up telling him to go anyway. In the same way, God will use people to keep the curses of the enemy off the lives of God's own people. Balak said to Balaam, curse the Israelites for me, and he told him that he will not curse them. There will be people that turn to their master the devil or turn to their master the world, and they will say, “No! I shall not curse the church!” The very donkey they sit upon will say no! Israel shall be blessed. The Church shall be blessed!

Just like Sampson used that jawbone and then threw it away, there was a little bit of life that came out of that jawbone. Water came out of it and supplied Sampson strength. There was a place in that jawbone that was not hard, that was hollow, and it possessed a small taste of life-giving water. Even though it wasn't the river, God still used it to strengthen His Church. God is using these people and even places and things to strengthen His Church. Even though He will throw the dry jawbone away after He is done, there is no question that at one time, it was used by God. Yet for me, I don't want to be used by God, I want to work with Him, and I want to be a vessel that He uses but at the same time be found in the book of life. Do not rejoice that you can cast out demons but rejoice that your name is written in the lamb's book of life.

By Joe Pinto

Word: Phillipians 1:14 -18, Judges 16: 28- 30, Judges 15:11-19, Judges 14:5-19, Matthew 21:1-1, Numbers 22:21-39

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