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Today the persecutors of Jesus Christ and His church who claim to have the same God as in days of old call themselves Bereans, heresy hunters, cessationists, apologetics, reformers, you name it. Why did the Lord say, “Paul, why are you persecuting me?” if actually, Paul was persecuting the church and he was? Why? He should have said, “Why have you persecuted my church,” but He said, “ME,” why? Because we are one. We are not married to a title but to the word of God and the Holy Spirit. Why are you coming against the Spirit of God? “Paul, you have all the letter, all the doctrine, but you do not have Me?” So, if the world is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God, then if we stop at the word without the Spirit, our carnality and pride will stop any transformation and power! God knew the letter without the Spirit will not bring unity and always divides. Why do you think Jesus came? Because our connection was broken in the Garden, our connection with God who is the Spirit. During the old times, God would speak to certain men, those who He set apart, then He wrote the Word. Now to all His children, He can speak in a personal manner and we also have the words of Jesus Christ written. He spoke to those who had not the Spirit and they could never perceive or understand, even the hand-picked ones did not get it most of the time until the Holy Spirit baptized them. In the beginning was the Word (first had be spoken then written) and the Word became flesh (alive) and walked among us and now is alive inside of us by the infilling of the Spirit of God. 

When someone needs to title the way that they see things or has separated themselves by a doctrine, this a very, very, very, BIG SIGN BUT A VERY DANGEROUS position because it stops and cuts itself off from the living corporate body of Christ that is being raised up in truth, that is being changed, and God dropping things in that brings it to maturity! So, you see in Judaism, you have Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Zealots, Rabbinical, Talmud, Mishna, Sanhedrin, we can go on and on, so many divisions but who say they serve the same God. That is why God knows the only way for us to become one is by His Spirit. The devil is a divider, and he never dies because he is already DEAD. He will be around until he is taken to his final place. 

These same ones actually make titles of their own. If they take it out of the Bible, God did not put it there for us to be divided. Almost all are manmade, all similar in one thing they say! Like tongues is of the devil and falling under the power is from the devil. They put in their philosophy and their interpretation of the word, their own theology, the doctrine of the word above the Spirit! They exalt their theories, knowledge, and their own interpretation. Paul said, there are so many divisions among you, there must be heresies among you. 

So, we see that one big problem they have is that the letter without the spirit kills! It is not for us to interpret the Word but for the Spirit of God to bring revelation of it! They live by knowledge and information and not by revelation. Look back in history, one God, one people…How many sects came out of the Old Testament even to this day? 

The crazy thing is these divisive spirits are very tricky. Many are being proselytes indoctrinated by many preachers on the Facebook congregation. Jesus faced all of it when He was here on Earth. They say the Bible is the high authority and it is! But the Spirit is the revelator; without Him, the Bible is just letters put together. For the lack of the Spirit, they make their own interpretation! Paul was following the letter, not the spirit. They say, “I follow the Bible, not 

man!” At the same time, they, being men, tell us to listen to them and follow them! They are so hypocritical while at the same time sounding so honorable, but it’s called false humility and deceit! PRIDE! As they attack a man filled with the Holy Spirit, they lift up the dead men who come against the Holy Spirit. So just like Paul before his encounter, Jesus said, “Saul, why are you persecuting Me?” But He was already seated on the right hand of God. So, He is speaking about us today, the Holy Spirit in His church, His bride, His vessels, God in man. Why are you persecuting them? Nothing new under the sun. Pride will birth all types of divisive people. Pride cannot produce fruit. 

The real man of God will have his or her reliance on the Spirit to confirm the Word any way the Spirit wants - it’s all His job! Are we preaching for ourselves or are we doing everything for Him? Is the real reason for the revelation of Jesus Christ? Inwardly, they are ravening wolves. 

Read Jude - God calls them spots in our feast and clouds without water. Why? Cain, Balaam, and Core were all bad examples in the Bible. Fleshy Bereans can walk together with the cessationists and the apologetics because they are carnal. They are clouds without water. What does that mean? Trying to cover without the spirit they are there but empty of the Holy Spirit! They run after the young, baby Christian trying to catch them with their misled damaging understanding of the letter. Only the spirit can keep us from falling. Many of them use scriptures that they are guilty of themselves. Like test the spirit, they say; but we are testing the spirit that they are of. Having not the Spirit you cannot test a dead letter. Our spirits can test if it bears unity and a witness. This is what the gifts of the Spirit are for. 

Read Matthew 7 – These people will get you to not trust God when God has promised to give us the gifts of the Spirit and not a serpent – meaning unclean spirit. Workers of iniquity will be ravening wolves. God promises to give the Holy Spirit to the humble and those who trust Him. They say something different to you trying to stop your hunger and desire for the unseen! 

Some people may be a little off in their doctrines but that does not make them evil. Because nobody knows it all, but the Bereans, heresy hunters, cessationists, apologetics, and reformers think they do, but God will never back false doctrines and leavened bread, the leaven of the Pharisees. They have no power, but they exalt themselves in the dead letter, but when they face a real strong brother or sister, they run. 

They love to use this phrase, “in Jesus’ name”, when anything is done in the Spirit: Prophesying in His name, casting out demons, professing His name, but Jesus will say, “You did that in My name, but you never did it in MY SPIRIT!” Remember: He said, “Paul, why do you persecute ME.” In the Spirit, Jesus and His church are one. Everything that Jesus does is in the Spirit! We must do it all, preach all, and understand all BY HIS SPIRIT. They take this out of context but look at this key. 

Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees were already dealing with their own division. See, He said in His name but did not say in His Spirit, why? We are one! He cannot deny himself. One is together and the other is using another authority! We know there is power in His name! We are not just a saved sinner – we are HIM on Earth today. He is in us. There is still power in the name but Jesus said, “If I cast out demons by the finger of God, the kingdom has come to you.” 

Let’s look at this passage where they are using His name! Jesus rebuked them, saying what? Read Mark 9: 38 – it shows many casting out devils in His name. “They might not know me; I might not know them. Forbid them not.” Jesus never said if I use My name then you know the kingdom of God has come. Look at what He said: They did it all in His name and He never knew them, workers of iniquity. But if we are led by the Spirit of God and do these things by the Spirit of God, God says, “You are the sons of God.” He knows us. What many are doing is persecuting Jesus in them, they are demonizing the sons and daughters of God. They are offended and stopping the little ones from entering His kingdom. Jesus is serious about messing with His little ones, millstone serious. The devil is making people afraid of the Holy Spirit! It is demonic, but they are the ones demonizing what is holy! 

Many were astonished at His doctrine and His authority. Jesus never spoke as it could be, but as it is. Because by the Spirit, there is no miss. Read Luke 9:49 – If you are against Jesus, you are against us. If you are for Jesus, you are for us. The disciples wanted to call fire down from heaven and Jesus rebuked them saying, “You don’t know what spirit you are of.” People are speaking and being led by these spirits, that is where they are coming from. The same spirits that Jesus had to face have not left the Earth. They are still here disrupting the church. 

Here is a big problem: They divert by saying, “Well, man is not of God!” But power is, so when they say the works of the Spirit are of the devil or are false, they go to a dangerous place where you better not start to BLASPHEMY THE HOLY SPIRIT! God will judge them in the last day. Every hidden thing will be manifested. It is God who will separate. It is God who will gather the wheat in His garner. 

Here is another nugget. They focus on the signs and wonders and not the fruit! In Matthew 12:22-41, God’s name was being exalted and jealousy came in. They demonized Jesus Christ saying that He cast out devils by Beelzebub, the prince of the devils. They were saying Jesus is a demon, too. If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided. Jesus was clearly saying, “Your discernment is evil. Look at the fruit – where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 

If the Gospel has been preached, if people are being set free, if workers of iniquity are doing stuff in His name, let it be! God will deal with it in the end. Jesus Christ did not cast out devils in His own name but BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD! The kingdom of God has arrived. Woe unto you that come against the works of the Holy Spirit! This is why He spoke about fruits. They only focus on the tree. Jesus said a tree can be known by the fruit. They only look at the tree and they judge the tree to see if the tree looks like them. “This tree does not believe the same as me.” They are guilty of the same word they charge others with because they are twice plucked up and dead. 

Jesus spit on the person. It was not written to do it that way until He got it done, then it was written! They bind people by the letter instead setting them free. Who are you to say if it is God or not? Look at the fruits! It is so demonic to judge the acts of the Spirit! You are guilty and you need to repent! Those who are not with Him are against Him! Those that gather not WITH HIM are the scatterers! Scatterers are the blasphemers of the Spirit. 

They tried to demonize Jesus, fine He said, but be very, very careful not to demonize the Holy Spirit! You will be judged by every idle word spoken against Him! He that blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, against anything done by the Spirit, or said by the Spirit through anybody of Him, has no hope! 

Not in this world or the world to come, it will be not forgiven! According to the word that you worship, that you do not adhere to, it is called the leaven of the Pharisees. 

Look at the fruit – is the fruit good or bad? They focus on the tree, never on the fruits. People getting saved, healed, transformed, but that is not enough. They call that evil! This is one thing God does not wink at! This is where Satan ultimately will take the children of pride! 

You see right here I am exposing the false without slander, hate, and bullying, without accusation - Leave it up to the Spirit to show and reveal the works! Jesus never made His ministry a passage out of the Word, a warning, or a beware. It was always a way to reconcile man back to God! 

Read 2 Corinthians 3 - Don’t point people to a dead book, but to Christ. We are the living word, not written by carnal ink, but by the Spirit of God. We are ministers of the Spirit, not of the letter! 

The ministration of the Spirit is much greater than the ministration of the letter. The letter kills. What does it kill? Understanding, interpretation, fruits, power, and authority. Many are stuck in their growth because they cannot trust the Spirit! Because the devil and His minions are promoting false doctrine and dead letters.

See, even all of them had to make certain names and titles because of their divisions! This is how denominations were made. The only title validated by God is the title of the bride, the church! You should not put a name on a division that you want to be! Your name cannot identify which division you are part of. Only those things that make us one is His spirit, not titles, not even doctrines. Anyone exalting himself above the spirit of God is exalting themselves above God. 

Read Romans 16:17-19, Titus 3:1-11, and Mark 9:38-42. We must be renewed by the Word and by the Spirit. When all the brood of vipers died, the spirits in them were waiting for another house to dwell in. If you take out the Holy Spirit, the only spirit left is evil. If there is fruit in the power, there is the Spirit of God! Spirits are always the same until the end! People die and spirits live on! 

People just do not get that! 

Not everyone with a spirit is possessed but they can be severely influenced as seen in all the scriptures! People say we can’t cast out demons if there is no one possessed! How far have we gone? I do not have to be right with man, but I must be right with God! 

When Jesus manifested in human form, He was the word made flesh, so He was also always walking in the Spirit! He was always Spirit-led not Word-led because He was the Word! So, every time He spoke, it was the Word! But when He spoke it, He was led by the Spirit! This is so deep! 

This is where real heresy comes from – being word-led and not spirit-led! As we read above, it is carnality! So, without the Spirit, you can get ten people in a room with one chapter of the Bible, and they will all have a different interpretation or a way that they see it! If they have any type of pride, there will never be agreement! 

Now with the Spirit, you can have ten people together and all filled with the Holy Spirit, and no matter what background of Christianity, even if they have a different mindset or teaching, when they all read the same chapter, they all see it the way the Spirit sees or leads because they are spiritually discerned! Even if some do not truly get it, they are always in a place of humility, so they take it to God and see it because even if they do not fully understand, something in them does! The Spirit bears’ witness! Something in them tells them it is right. This is what separates the spiritual-minded from the carnal-minded. They are at enmity with one another. Remember God is spirit and not carnal! 

With all my heart, I have been seeing this on social media! That is one great thing about social media! It will sharpen so much because you run into every type of people and wind of doctrine! I believe many people have been indoctrinated and are not saved! They know the letter, they use the name of Jesus, but He does not know them. They are guilty of what they are accusing others. Satan’s fruits are slander, gossip, backbiting, heresies, division, accusations, hate, arguments, pride, envy, and strife. We must look at the fruits. 

No one according to the Word of God will be deceived if they are humble, hungry, and desperate for Truth! If they love TRUTH, they will have it! BUT THERE IS ONE DISTINCTION! When there are differences in doctrine or understanding or different sects, they use false flags to cover their distortion! This is why God is going deep today because the Holy Spirit wants us all to know the Truth! 

Because in our zeal or in our immaturity, from myself to all of us, we can miss something because we are learning and growing. If you have fear at all, you will never be able to trust the Holy Spirit. There is no way to be deceived if we seek truth, stay humble, and are open to God. Do not make Him evil! 

Read Matthew 7 - if you ask for Truth, do not worry about a lie. You should be afraid and concerned if you do not ask for the Truth. There is no fear in love. 

God never uses slander, accusation, or witchcraft. If and when He exposes, he does it in meekness! He was not heresy hunting; heresy came, and He pointed it out! It was not His nature to demonize what already was evil! You never see Jesus making His full intent of His ministry to search out wolves or false teachers! They automatically appear because where the anointing is the flies will gather, the snakes will circle around, and the vipers will bite. 

His ministry was for reconciliation! He was salvation seeking and saving the lost! His teaching and focus were always on Him and the Father and the Holy Spirit, in that He exposed and warned! 

What the devil does is to take certain topics and certain scripture and bring the focus off the power and the resurrection and the life. Not a debatable topic! This is called divination! FOCUS SINGLE-EYED – That is why He says, “Have doves’ eyes.” 

This is the fruit that all WILL MANIFEST IN Jesus’ time! So, we can rely on, wait on, and be led by the Spirit! Because of pride, they think they have this special mandate to be the ultimate truth according to their own. 

 This is what causes divisions! 

Read 1 Corinthians 3:1-4

In 1 John 4, it says if you are anti-Spirit, you have the spirit of the anti-Christ. Greater is the spirit of Truth that is in you! Many cannot hear truth because they are not of the Truth! When there is confusion around, who is around? Satan. God is not the author of confusion. He is clarity and clean. 

If you love the Holy Spirit, you will not call Him the devil. If you love your brother, you will not demonize and call him of the devil. If you love the Truth, you will not call it a lie! If you say that the manifestation of the Spirit is of the devil, look for the fruits. 

People call anything that moves of the devil, but we are increasing in discernment. If you have been trapped up in this time of confusion, humble yourself, and come out from among them. Flee from anything that causes confusion and discord because God hates that among brethren. We lift our hands right now and ask the Holy Spirit to come and to guide us into all Truth. Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. The doctrine of the letter can never bind us together, but the Spirit of God. One Father, one doctrine, one Spirit, in one accord with the Word – the Bible that has been illuminated by His Spirit. We are coming out of confusion, out of the wilderness, and leaning on our beloved, the Holy Spirit. The author and finisher of our faith, we keep our eyes on the Spirit of the living God. We will have discerning when there will be a different manifestation of spirits. Because we know You, Holy Spirit, there will be no counterfeit in our way that will get away with anything. Keep our eyes as dove eyes, on You! We will not demonize you, Holy Spirit, because we love you, know you, and are one with you! 

 Shane W Roessiger

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