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Jesus always walked testifying of what He heard and what He saw, and He always faced many situations. Let us have the same outcome and do the same things that He did. That is why we call Him the master because we follow Him and follow His ways of responding to these hard situations. Many have fallen off the path of righteousness because they follow their own ways. May we do what He said to do, may we be what He said we are! Because…it is written, Thou Shall Not Betray! 

We must know that being betrayed is unavoidable, but what is avoidable is you being a betrayer. Jesus never betrayed one person. I can say this: since I was born again, I have never betrayed anybody, and I pray that God will keep me this way. In this message, I ask the Holy Spirit to show us how demonic betrayal is.

The reason why God hates betrayal is that it is the most destructive and hurtful thing. It is straight at the heart. The scriptures are full of passages about betrayal. Jesus never betrayed anyone at any time. Neither should we. Loyalty is one of the biggest things in the Old and New Testament that God honors! 

Jesus was loyal to His disciples all the way to the cross, even when some of them were not. God says He sets a table in front of our enemies. Judas walked with Jesus for many years. Jesus ate with him, spent numerous hours with him, and loved him literally to death. Jesus never betrayed Judas even knowing things were not the same!

That’s what betrayal looks like: when everyone is around you and everything seems well, but the person you trusted, who you poured into, who you opened yourself up to in some intimate ways sharing secrets of the heart suddenly starts using your openness against you. 

Betrayal is broken trust and deceit. In Peter’s case, what happened was the denial of Jesus. That was not as big a deal because when you deny someone, it’s usually out of fear. Peter really did not want to deny Jesus – He was not planning to deny Him. When the pressure was on, Peter reacted that way. Betrayal is thought out and could linger for some time. That is the difference between Peter’s and Judas’ case. Judas could not have betrayed Jesus without having a relationship with Him. Betrayal happens at the same time that someone smiles at you. Judas sat at the table of the Lord and literally said, “Is it I?” Come on, how blatant could it be? The world will betray but WOE unto us of the Body of Christ if we betray one another.

Betrayal is about not showing up for a fight or sticking up for your buddy when people are attacking. Betrayal is hidden – it brings deception, walking as if nothing is wrong when the whole time you are plotting your exit and no else knows your sneakiness, but God knows even our thoughts.

This is what betrayal does: It doesn’t stab you in the back. It stabs you right in the heart as it smiles at you and tells you how wonderful and amazing you are. It comes out of nowhere. If you are not heavy on discernment, it will wreck you and blindside you. 

God wants to take us to a high spiritual altitude that at the moment the betrayer is in front of us, we will still be able to love them.  Betrayal is shocking, and the shock goes through and all over your body. Your heart feels it and your mind starts thinking: “What did I do?”

It is a fact that we won’t get along with everybody. Betrayal acts like there is agreement but behind they don’t agree with you. The Bible says, “How can two walk together unless they agree?” Betrayers will pretend to be as one but, in their heart, they are against you or in a relationship with you but they are giving their heart to another.

God can deal with people’s character, but He hates when people say two things out of both sides of their mouth. Deceitful people like to be around deceitful people. The righteous people like to be around righteous people. We can’t be like politicians, but like Christ. 

The betrayer does not just hurt the one it betrays, but the entire tribe, family, church, or workplace. When you are betrayed, it will put witchcraft out to the carnal because they think everything looks right on the outside and brings confusion to people, even making the victim look like the guilty one, making others around them think and wonder what they must have done to them to make them leave or walk out of marriages and covenant relationships while the whole time they were demonizing the real victim. This is what betrayal does. It’s anti-LOVE.

Betrayal is not tolerated in the kingdom of God. Betrayal is sin! Many will even betray even the One that dies for us. This is what will come at the end of the age. Betrayal is anti-love. Jesus did nothing to give space to the devil. 

Love is: 

  • Openness 
  • Truthfulness
  • Transparent
  • Trustworthiness 

Love is FREEDOM! 

Freedom is evident when people can be themselves. You can be around some people and be yourselves and make mistakes, and they won’t judge you because they see your heart. But that won’t happen if you are around a betrayer. We have the Holy Spirit, the power, and the written word right now. We must walk out our lives without being a betrayer! 

Read Matthew 26:1-50.

Jesus knew that He would be betrayed because of Judas’ decisions. When we make decisions, decisions will make us. God is training us to make the right decision so when it is time for the final decision – to take the mark of the beast or die – we will already be trained to make the right decision. 

Right now, the Holy Spirit is anointing the Body of Christ for our own burial to the flesh and to the world– because before glory there must be death, before life there must be death! The heart of Judas was not right in the eyes of Jesus. Judas was walking with them, pretending that he was in agreement with them all. 

The betrayer would think: What would you give me to betray Jesus? What would you give me to betray Him? What would you give me, World, if I betray Him? What would you give me, Family, if I betray Him for you? What would you give me, political parties, if I betray Him for you? What would you give me to betray Him? 

The value of their relationship means nothing! What would you give me? The Islamic would say: I will give you your life. The devil would say: I will give you what you want – richness, glory, fame. 

Thirty coins of silver! That was the value of Judas relationship between Jesus and him. What is it worth? One night? What was it worth for Israel? The straw that broke the back of the camel was the woman washing His feet with expensive oil!

I would never betray Jesus – I would never be the betrayer – we must have that decision in our hearts! I shall not betray!  Jesus said to Judas and to us all: Woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! Judas had the audacity to say, “Master, is that I?” He was playing, trying to play like he was part of the family. That is why betrayal is so devastating. 

In the scriptures, we see the full manifestation of the betrayal. As we read the communion passage in the Word, we saw the deal that Judas had done with the Pharisees. Just like the snake in the garden, Judas was moving in the church questioning the will of God/Jesus. 

The same story we will be reading in John 13. Jesus told Judas to do what he wanted to do. Betrayal is dirty and nasty, and the betrayer always leaves a mess behind. Jesus knew what was going on. All the disciples did not have a clue, but now we have the Holy Spirit! We are way ahead of things and have discernment that they did not yet have up to that point.

Will you be able to wash the feet of the betrayer? Or will you be the betrayer? The wounds will heal but the scars will always stay there. Don’t be one like them. We are not saying that we won’t have problems with one another, but thou shall not betray! Our hearts must have nothing of a betrayer! 

God is saying, “Never betray one another. If you betray one another, you are betraying Me.”  Chosen ones are being thrown unto the devil – even the ones chosen by the finger of Jesus. Do you think that you cannot be that one? Do you think that God is okay with that? 

For many years, Judas and Jesus walked together. If you don’t think you can’t betray one another, you are in a dangerous place. Without the grace of God, we would all become betrayers. Even now, because of false gospels and false grace, people do the same to their own Body of Christ.

Read Luke 22:47-48. “But Jesus said unto him, Judas, betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss?” 

Even to the last moment, Judas acted as He was one of them, but he was a snake. Many are seeing the one-world government coming, and because of the pressure, they are still trying to pretend to be as one as the disciples of Jesus. 

How many deceptions can be in somebody’s mind when this person had communion with Him, had washed His feet, and ended up kissing  Jesus with the heart filled of betrayal? 

One thing we know, before one can be a betrayer, there has to be a commitment. If we are committed to God, we are committed to one another; if we are committed to God, we are committed to the Holy Spirit. 

We must have a contract, a covenant, a vow, a treaty, a pledge with God and one another. You cannot love and betray. You must have hate to be able to betray. Or anything else is not real. 

Read Matthew 24:1-15.

Take heed that no man deceives you. Jesus did not force Judas to follow him. He said, “If you want to come, follow Me.” Jesus Christ had said so many things to Judas –He said, “Don’t be offended,” but Judas got offended at the precious oil being poured onto Jesus’ feet. If you hate your brother, the love of God is not in you. Iniquity abounded in Judas’ heart. The love of Judas waxed cold but Jesus love for him did not. 

Thou shall not betray!

Thou shall love not wax cold! 

Just because it is written does not mean that it is for us. Be not like the many! We are called to be the few. Those who endure until the end shall be saved. Endure what? The temptation of being the betrayer. The temptation of having our love waxed cold. 


Loyalty is a quality in the Bible that made many great kings great in the Word. To be great in the kingdom of God is not to be the betrayer. We know what frustrates the heart of God and what hurts His heart.  

Why do you think that we have situations of betrayals in the Word? So that we can know the heart and the will of GOD!

Satan likes to bring confusion. Confusion opens up for gossip and secondary offense or third-party offenses. So, the betrayer makes a mess that affects the entire family, breaking commitments. Just as when a husband betrays wife and everyone suffers, from the kids all the way down to the dog; or vice versa, a wife that cheats and runs off as well, the same damage is caused in the Body of Christ. This is why God hates it. That is why God said, “I hate divorce,” because it hurts everyone. You don’t need to be married to have a DIVIDE or divorce. You just need to be committed, that is to be in covenant relationship with another, just as the Body of Christ or marriages or work commitments. God loves faithfulness in every area of our lives. It is a great character thermometer.

Many honor God with their lips but they kiss one another – their brothers and sisters – with the kiss of Judas. I pledge to you: never betray God and one another. Be sincere and truthful. This is the example of Jesus Christ. 

Jesus says that every hidden thing will come to the light. When Jesus said to Judas, “You betray with a kiss,” what He was saying was, “Wow, you want to look good to the family that is breaking up.” That brought much confusion. Kisses are an act of affection. So more than ever, Jesus says “ You honor with your lips, but your heart is against Me.” This came down from literal lips. It was like Jesus was saying, “You’re turning Me in to be killed, trying to look like a good guy to everyone around you. That is so, so selfish, Judas. For what? For thirty pieces of silver? Really?” 

Money was not the real issue. It was the icing on the cake. It was his rebellion to Jesus and to His word that brought him to be infiltrated by the devil. “Really, that’s all I was worth to you? All the nights I stayed up with you praying. Fasting, praying for your family, trips to your loved ones because they were in need? All the long walks where I told you all about Me? I gave you all My authority and power in My name.” Then suddenly, there is an empty seat that never gets filled at the table, the dinner table, the conference table - the table of the Lord. The emptiness of betrayal has a place in the heart that no one else can fill because you gave it freely.

When there is betrayal, there are empty seats. There is always one missing. The empty seat showed that betrayal happened in the family. The empty seat does the talking because it shows who was the one that gave up on their loyalty. 

Only the righteous can sit at the table of the Lord, can eat with the Lord. Only the righteous sticks together, the unrighteous has to flee. Judas had to go. Thou shall not betray! Thou shall not be the deceiver! Thou shall not be the delivery of the brother! And if we have been betrayed, we must forgive those who have betrayed us. 

Betrayal, the nastiest thing even in the world! Jesus warns us that we will be betrayed. Don’t be shocked. Just make sure you are not the one selling out. The first thing that happens when you are betrayed: Fear comes in. You feel it in the pit of your stomach. Then all of a sudden, there’s frustration, then despair, and then disappointment. Then you play out things in the back of your mind over and over again wondering what was it? That’s witchcraft.

We are never prepared to love even during a betrayal. You will never be really prepared for betrayal. But be ready to love all the time. Then the enemy will play with your mind and make you feel responsible, but you’re still the victim because they are gone, and you are left picking up the pieces. Then you can’t gossip so you need to move in love. This is longsuffering, not only putting yourself back together but everyone else who has been affected. It is anti-Love and denies the cross, not itself. People who betray people are full of themselves and overtaken by pride.

“Father, I pray I never ever betray anyone. Father, give us clean hands and a pure heart. Let us see you in everyone and every situation. Let us always be part of the solution, the deliverance, and the righteous way. Keep us from evil. Bless all those who persecute us. Let not lust, anger, offense, bring us to betrayal. We make our vow unto you God, to the kingdom of God, Father, we vow unto you God, to Christ, to the Truth, to the blood, to the Body! The weapons of betrayal will not overcome us! Father, we give our hearts today. Holy Spirit, cleanse us, wash us, take everything that hinders love in us, let love not to grow cold in us. If we are betrayed, we will be promoted because we love the betrayer. There is always reward after passing the test. Father, let us never betray you, let us never be the one to break covenant with one another. We lift our hearts unto you, God, so we will never betray anybody. I speak over myself, and unto the Body. If we are the Body of Christ, thou shall not betray! We will forgive 7 x 70! Iniquity will not abound in our hearts. Iniquity will not separate us from You, God, and from one another!” Shane Roessiger

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