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“Spirit of wisdom and understanding, open our eyes today. Come and let us know the deeper mysteries of who we are in You, God, and what we have in You. Help us to understand and give us the mind of Christ.” 

The Word of God is not a word that we just read but it is a word that we are! This is who we are: a new creation in Christ Jesus! This is what God has designed. The Word of God is not a lie, it is not made by the opinion of man, and it has no private interpretation. If it does not come in power, it comes from Pharisees, Sadducees, theologians, and man, but when it comes from the Spirit, it comes with power! Many always just focuses when say power is like gifts but what about power of transformation. The Word of God has the last word! It shall be established! It will come out of Christ! Out of the belly of the Body of Christ shall flow rivers, rivers of living water! It is written that we are the Body of Christ; we are made by the voice, the hands, and the breath of God! So, we lift up Jesus Christ today, the head of the Church. Let no other gospel, no other bread, and no other doctrine have a place in us. The old man is dead and has been crucified. Let the new creation continue its transformation.

Many people do not comprehend the Word of God as Jesus was implying, from breaking the bread and speaking of discerning the Lord’s body! Many always just look at the cross! Yes, this is the door but the new body that came down from heaven was not only Jesus resurrected in His glorious body, but when He told them to wait for the Holy Spirit (the Promise) to fall - it was also the glorious body – the Body of Christ – the Church! Not made by tradition, by religion, by the hands of man, or by earthly priests and kings, but made by God Himself.

Dig into Hebrews 3:1-6 and 1 Peter 2:1-9.

God has put Christ His son over his own house. Whose house? God’s house. Which house? Us! God is showing us who we are! You, you, you, and you are living stones! This is the stone – the rock of offense – the rock that God builds upon. The start of anything that He builds is not Judaism, it is Christ. Don’t build anything besides Christ! He is that stone! He is that foundation! I truly believe He is that stone that David took out of the water (river) and killed the giant five of them representing ascension gifts only took one. I believe life, death, and the power of the tongue are now in the Spirit! He is that stone today that carries all the offices (gifts) of the fivefold ministries and the fullness of the apostolic. No man can move that foundation! 

He is that stone that the Jews and the religious system did not want and rejected (also today by systematic religious folks) that offensive rock, but we, the gentiles, received it and are set upon it! If you build upon any other foundation, it will be burned away and torn down, but if we build upon the foundation which Jesus is the chief cornerstone, the head of the Church, we shall stand forever! 

Now, this cornerstone is inside of us! In Him, we live, we breathe, and we have our being. This is the revelation of who we are! We must find out who we are so nothing of this world will ever satisfy us anymore. We are that temple. God made us. Religion cannot make me. I want to be part of the government of God (the household of God). Wherever He goes, I will go with Him, whatever He says, I will say it, whatever I see Him doing, I will do with Him! 

This is the greatest mystery: TWO SHALL BECOME ONE, AND THIS IS US! We are, we become that living sacrifice. We are a stumbling block, a rock of offense, to them that stumble at His Word, at His power, being disobedience. We are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people. They have a form of godliness but deny the power of the resurrection, change, revelation, and of the cross. God says to turn away from these types of heretics. They carry the form, but we are the image of the Word. They get puffed up in man's wisdom, but we are humbled in revelation.

Jesus Christ did all that so we can do and be and have all of it. He died on the cross, raised from the grave, appeared to many, they saw His Body glorified, and now He wants us to manifest His glorified Body on the Earth, as the Body of Christ. What the religious try to do is to stop what IS WRITTEN so they have to use strong doctrines of devils to bring division and confusion, just as that spirit did when Jesus walked.

Read Romans 12:5 – We are not members of an organization. What signs us up is the Body of Christ is the blood of Christ. The seal of God and not a manmade religious denomination. The Bible says WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:16-17 – The communion with the Body of Christ became a religious act, but we, who are spiritual, must see it and do it as a spiritual act. We are one – one Body. In 1 Corinthians 12:12 talks about many being one, just like Christ. There may be no separation in the Body of Christ, says 1 Corinthians 12:25-27.

Now! When is now? Now is now! Now you are, we are, the Body of Christ! The Word of God lives forever, never-ending, never missing the mark. It shall hit its mark. If someone hurts your arm, does that hurt you? Yes, because your whole body is one. Unless your arm was cut off, your body will not feel the pain. That is what happens to a dead body (the system of dead works). The brain is the cornerstone of the body, and it moves the body automatically, the same should happen to the Body of Christ, automatically moving by the brain – Christ – of the Body. In a living organism, this happens because the Body is aligned with the Spirit. This is what the Body of Christ should look like when it is moving in the Spirit. We are one in Spirit. The religious cannot wrap their puffed-up minds around this because they are carnal. Just like with the natural aspects, when someone becomes brain dead, their body is alive since blood still flows but it is dead in movement. This is how religion and the Body of Christ differ. Man is dead, Christ is life. Without the head, you’re just walking dead.

Our spirit must dictate how our flesh, our body should move, or we will be just sinners saved by grace. We must set our minds on things above: Christ! – If you want to have a Godly mindset, set your mind on the things above. Every other mindset is an earthly stronghold. 

Do you want to go deeper? When you deny the Body, you deny Christ. So, if you betray the Body or one another, you are betraying Christ. If we deny the Body, we deny Christ. If your heart is hard towards one another, your heart is hard towards Christ. Christ will never separate Himself from His body!

The church is not a building but a government of God! People say, “I will follow God,” but they can’t follow a man led by God. A body without a head cannot move. So, pride makes them fellowship with leviathan thinking they can make it on their own. The problem is that you cannot be part of the body if you are a part and not connected to the other parts that are all moved by the BRAIN, Christ – this must be ONE!

Read Colossians 2:1-19.

We have so many doctrines of devils that disconnect the Body to satisfy religion. We must walk in Christ, rooted in Him, established in Him! Be aware that no man deceives you with any other doctrines of man that are after the rudiments of this world. Many separate the Head from the Body. In this way, they accomplish the scattering of the members. 

How can you be a sinner if you are in Him? He has no sin! So, if we are in Him, sin does not dwell in us. It is our imperfections that perfect Christ in us That is the HOPE and THE GLORY. If we focus on our imperfections, we focus on our old man. If we focus on Christ, we focus on our new man – Christ. The Holy Spirit is saying, “I don’t want you to focus on that. Focus on Me, on what I have, on what I am. Because what I am and I do, you will be and you will do also. Because I overcame, you will as well. Because IT IS NOT YOU BUT ME. Because if it is still YOU, what I did was for nothing. All that I did was for the manifestation of the image of Christ (ME).”

What is manifestation? The difference, the appearing of something new. The World is not waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God to manifest the sons and daughters of the Body of Christ. The world is not waiting for the anti-Christ, but for the glorious Church, without spot or wrinkle, not for a sinner saved by grace, always striving against sin, but to see love for real, not a fake smile, not a Judas kiss, not a pat on the back, or humanity’s ways of self-help acts of goodness but for the love for the Truth! This is what God has ordained for us all! 

Because He became a curse, we are not cursed! We are born again! We are new!  A new man in Christ! Whatever He said we are! When He speaks, Christ speaks and we understand! In Christ, there is no condemnation! Let’s walk in the Body. Let’s walk in Christ! But in the flesh, there is so let us WALK IN HIM and make no provisions for the flesh.

The only time the devil has power is when we believe a lie! The only time the devil walks in is when we let Him in. Let Christ be the head! IT IS NOT YOU BUT HIM, as the head! When we learn to pick up our cross, it is finished for us, too. There is still our cross to pick up; now He is there, too.

Read 1 Corinthians 3:13-23. The devil knows when you speak, be careful when you think – because God knows your thoughts! 

We are Christ's, and Christ is God's. Religious people filled with false humility keep giving glory to the devil even when they say, “Glory to God!” 

Matthew 5:23-30 shows us that God will never allow any infection to come into His Body. When we are separated from the Body, we put ourselves in a spiritual prison. When you defile the Body, you defile yourself because you are part of the Body! Why should the whole body be cast into hell if only the hand sinned? Because we are all one! That is why Judas was cut off before the whole body would be contaminated. That’s why he committed suicide.

In what heaven are you sitting today? The heaven where Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father or the second heaven where demons, principalities, and powers dwell and the accuser is? 

In Matthew 10:11-20 says “If someone did not hear your words…” Jesus said, “Your words,” He did not say, “My words” that means that they are not receiving Him! Dust your feet!  He said, “IT IS NOT YOU BUT ME…” WHOA… have you begun to grasp this: is that you or is it not you?

John the Baptist did not represent Christ! Isaiah did not represent Christ! They were just a shadow of Christ. Joseph, Moses, and so on. Wow, how amazing are these historical prophets and administrators of God. Then it says in the Word that the least in the kingdom of God is GREATER! Why? 

Because we are the representation of Christ! We are. He said “It’s not you, but Me.” Wow, now think about that! We have this treasure. We have this Kingdom inside us. We are the temple, the ark of God now because of the Cross and because we have been born again…So instead of God or the anointing coming on God’s messengers and people, it is now in us and abiding in us. WOW. 

The devil just wants you to believe you are a sinner saved by grace. God wants you to know that you are the righteousness of God and the Body of Christ. As one…Religious spirits cringe at this TRUTH. Fortunately for us who believe, this is the GREAT mystery – Christ and the Church BEING ONE!

Now, we are the one! We do it as Christ! We speak as Christ! We are not just a shadow of Christ! We are one with Christ being manifested here on Earth! John the Baptist was a great prophet, but the least of the kingdom is greater! Greater than Jeremiah, we are greater than them all! 

“Will you be My Body, My house, will you be one? If you can see, if you can understand it? If you can only believe!” says God! 

The Spirit of your Father is the one that speaks in you and through you! That is why we need to hear His voice and not the voice of man! The strange voice always brings you back to reasoning. God’s voice will shake to faith.

Read Matthew 16:15-18 – Who do you say that you are? Jesus already told you who you are. You better say who you are according to Jesus’ Word, not by what the doctors, theologians, or your mother says! What matters is what He says about you. Jesus the father spoke through Peter, gave Peter how it sounds when we speak from God. Peter spoke of the revelation of Christ by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Upon this revelation of Christ, He is building His church! 

God says, “I bring down a ladder and you will always have access to Me. You will have revelation, knowledge, the mind of Christ, the key of David, and full authority on Earth! Because of Me, we are one, and we overcome by the blood of My lamb. We will walk together again just like we walked in the garden! My glory shall cover the Earth. This is My word and it shall be accomplished! My Word will prevail over the lying words, lying news, lying preachers, over Brazil, over America, over all the nations. I am the husband. You are My bride. If they see you, they will see Me, because we are one. Before Abraham, I was. Before you had a promise and a son of many nations – Isaac, I was. Before you had Jacob and the 12 sons and tribes, I was and is, and came and will come again, I am. My son was that light, now you are that light! Remove the filthy rags and believe My Words. You are My bride.” 

Read John 17:9-22 – Religious is always praying for everybody, but Jesus was praying for us, not for all, but for those who God had given Him! God does not get glory in sin. He only gets glory in Himself. He gets glory in us because He is in us! He prayed that we were one! It is time to stop just reading the Word but to allow the word to become reality, to become one in you! Let the spirit of revelation and understanding to rest upon us! 

How many is one? One. Two become one. But one is one. One is whole. “Woman, you have become whole! You have become one with Me!” 

The world hates us because we are one. The world loves when we are separated. We are in the world, but we are not of it, just like He is not of it! He must take the world out of us! God is sanctifying us through His Word! 

How can you be sent to if you are already part of it? We must be separated from the World. You are sent from heaven to this World! God made boxes for dead people, but we are the body from heaven sent to this world. Let the dead bury their dead. Follow Him and celebrate life forever. He prayed for the disciples and for us that would believe on His words spoken by them. “My words and I are one.” God cannot deny Himself! If He sees His word in us, He cannot deny us! The glory that God gave to His son, He has given us so we can become one, just as the Father and the Son are one! 

Read 2 Timothy 2:12-13 – If we are in Christ, He cannot deny Himself! Read 1 Corinthians 11:24-31 – Christ was never sick, never had diseases, and took all of that in His body on the cross so we don’t have to carry it in our own body because we are one! 

Communion means agreement with His body! Communion of one.

Take and eat: Do you know what that really means?  Go deeper into this! His body was broken for you! Remember that He is in you and you are in Him! Do this and remember our unity! Discern the Body. Who is the Body of Christ? 

Many don’t discern the Body; many don’t discern the gifts in the Body (the body of Christ). For this reason, many are weak and sick because they are religious with a lack of revelation of the Body of Christ! Many sleep! Wake up, Church, and become one with Him and with the Body!

“Father, we are the six empty pots…”, but there was a wedding. What does a wedding do: it makes two become one! They ran out of wine, man without the spirit, man without Christ. Jesus is the only One that could turn water into wine. What is empty will be made full. The water is the Word. 

God is saying: “I am coming to My bride, I am breathing in her, I will live with her forever. I am forming her out of a pile of dead bones into glorious church. Many pots have cracks. I can only put myself in pots that can be filled and that can hold Me in. New wine must go in new vessels. So, the Holy Spirit is here to find the Body – My bride – without spot and wrinkles, helping her to become one with Me. I will fill her with my Spirit - My Spirit with the water turn it into wine. New bodies, new creation, the Body of CHRIST.”

Jesus said, “Fill those pots with water.” Now when we are born again, He fills us with the water of the Spirit. Now we are the New Testament Church of Jesus Christ – now we are the new way of moving. We are recognized as One with Christ, as living in the kingdom of heaven. Because He is seated in heavenly places, so are we. 

In Christ, there is no sin, no curse, no division. We must understand the revelation of the Body of Christ – our eyes are open. See you as one in Christ. The greatest mystery, Christ and the Church! Let this mystery be revealed in us. It is not you, but HIM in You! 

Let’s be one with Him today. Never forget to do this in remembrance of His unity with Him! We are ambassadors that came from the belly of God Himself! Birthed through the Spirit. Religion will weigh down eagles. Arise and soar! “It is not you but Me,” says God.

Shane W Roessiger

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