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God told me, “Do nothing except by power!” Everything we do in the Kingdom of God needs to be done by the power of God. We cannot walk in power unless we are endued with power. The disciples waited in the upper room until they were endued with power. When the Holy Spirit came, they were clothed with power. We need this clothing. We need this garment of power that we would not be powerless.

People say, “Well, I have the Holy Spirit”, and I say, “Well, why aren't you walking in power?” Just because you were filled with the Holy Spirit that one day doesn't mean you are filled with Him today. He may be in you but is He upon you? Jesus had the Holy Spirit in Him, but it was not until the Holy Spirit came upon Him like a dove that the Spirit endued Him with power. To the point where His flesh was quickened by the Spirit of God. See, I don't want the Holy Spirit to just quicken my Spirit. I want Him to quicken my mortal body! That's what the Bible says!

We have to get our flesh out of the way and go boldly to the throne of grace! Not the throne of greasy grace, but the emPOWERing grace! The grace that gives us power to overcome. When Jesus was in the garden, He went boldly to the throne of grace. When His will was being tried, He looked to God and said your will be done and immediately after angels came and strengthened Him! Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord.

There is power always available for us to overcome. If you ask for a fish, you will not get a stone. If you ask for power, you will not be dry. There's too much dry preaching in the church today, too much praying, fasting, and doing without power. We need the power of God. Preaching without the anointing is a dead work. The Bible says we have been given an unction, an anointing from on high.

Read 1 John 2:20.

We have an unction, we have power to move when it's time to move, to speak when it's time to speak. Even Paul didn't cast the demon out of the damsel women until power was released to do so. He waited for days because He was waiting on God. Our power is His power. He releases the power and we execute His power. We have to work with God or else we will do things without power. Many walk in a gift, but when the Spirit of God comes and does the work with power to the point where it's more than a gift, that's something different. The Bible says if you cast demons out by the finger of God, then you know the Kingdom of God has come upon you. Many wrestle with demons, but when it's God, they come out. POWER!

Paul walked by people and his shadow healed people. Any work that we do without the power of God is a dead work. When God speaks, when God moves, it’s alive. There's substance, there's tangibility. There's no recipe to healing, deliverance, revival… It’s the power of God! It's His strength, not ours.

The recipe for the apostles was to wait until you are endued with power! Wait until He comes! Wait until the helper, the Holy Spirit, comes from on high. Wait until He quickens your mortal body and takes over. After that, cloven tongues of Fire, they spoke in other tongues, they prophesied! They were filled, and when your cup is full, you will have enough to give to someone else.

Many people don't realize the gifts and calling are irreversible. So, you can move in a gift and be a clanging cymbal. Yet without the power of God, it's just noise. You can have the revelations, you can have all knowledge and mysteries, but without the power of God, it’s just words. Without love, without power, it is all for nothing. We need to come out of the dry lands and get into the river. We need to stop eating things and hearing things that sound good but don't pierce our hearts.

We need authentic ministry that sweeps us off our feet and captivates our hearts. Paul said that he didn't just preach the word but that he did it in power and demonstration. The word doesn't just convince me, the power does. The power is what moves me, the power is what gets my attention, the power is what draws me. Jesus said when I come, peace I leave with you.

When power enters the room the devils flee, peace is in the room, there's boldness, there’s confidence. There is assurance. The word shows me things but the anointing breaks the yoke. The power of God gets the job done. The fire on Elijah's altar shuts his enemies up. The devil will shut up when God shows up. When God needed to confirm His son, God showed up and said, “This is my son in whom I am well pleased.” There was a sound from heaven, and just like in Acts 2 on the day of Pentecost, there was a sound from heaven and a rushing, mighty wind, and the Holy Spirit came in power to endow His witnesses.

Just like Paul said to the two believers, did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed? Did you, Friend, receive the Holy Spirit? If you did, are you still receiving from Him, because if you are, you shall be filled with power. His Spirit is power, and when His Spirit speaks, it is life. When God speaks, dead things come alive. Are you dead? Are you dry? Cry out for the power of God! Cry out for an Ezekiel awakening that your dry bones would come to life! Ask and you shall receive, and those that receive shall be endued with power!

By. Joe Pinto

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