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What has birthed this message in me is that many people start doing something that God told them to do but in the middle of it, they don’t carry on with it! The process may not be seen but the fruit of it will be seen. It is the fruit that speaks. The endurance of your faith has all to do with your patience during the process.

James 1:1-8 tells us that the trial of our faith works patience! Many do not produce fruits in their lives, family, in their ministry or kingdom life because they do not stand steadfast and unmoved! They keep being tossed to and fro, and they don’t stand firm on what the Lord spoke and told them to do. 1 Corinthians 15:58 tells us to abound in the works of the Lord that He has spoken into our hearts. This is longsuffering: sticking to the vision. Our labor can be in vain if it is done outside God. Our labor, our works must be done because the Lord told us to do it! Only this labor will not be in vain!

The Bible tells us to be like trees planted by the river. That will produce its fruits in their season. That river is particularly important. Some trees do not look like they have any fruit because it is not the season to bear them. I am not talking just about the spiritual fruits – but about the fruits of being a part of the kingdom of God, fruits of the prophetic vision, fruits of longevity, fruits of our callings, fruits of anything that is spiritual in our lives.

Longevity is longsuffering, long-lasting – it means to continue in doing what God told us. Blessed is the man who lives by the Word of God. Psalm 1 tells us that we that stay in the Word of God shall be a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth their fruit in their season; their leaf also shall not wither, and whatsoever they do shall prosper.

But we must stay in the Word of God! We must stay rooted and grounded in Christ. If favor does not come from God, it will never last. If we make the flesh our arm, our source, we are not blessed. Jeremiah 17:5-8 says that blessed is the man whose hope and trust are in the Lord. Many are planted in a dry place, trusting on man to water them, but if man does not do it, you will die! God uses man but our trust is in God, not in man. God is in the increase.

God is the one that gives longevity to that seed. But you must be planted and must stay in that place in the Lord, in your heart, and don’t be moved. Some people are this little pot, they are rootbound! They stay bound up because they are still in a pot and never became a tree. They do not let God plant them. The Bible talks about the planting of the Lord – we are to be like a tree. When you think of a tree, think of the deep roots that are always drinking from the river. In religion, many are like little pots depending on man to water them, but in the spiritual church, they all are connected to the river of life. Many are like these little pots, trying to produce their own fruit without standing on the Word of God no matter what circumstances come their way. Longevity with long suffering: this is how eternal things happen in our lives. Longevity with longsuffering meaning walking together, continuing, waiting…In 1 Peter 3:20, it talks about the longsuffering of God that had to wait in the Days of Noah for the preparing of the ark. That took 120 years to fulfill the vision. How many have that type of longsuffering? I see that with all that is going on around us, God as well is long suffering, waiting as He builds His church where the gates of hell will not prevail.

Longsuffering is an especially important fruit. Look at what a fruit has to be before it is to be edible,  seen or ripe. Then as fruit multiplies in time all the fruit comes with it! But fruits of ministry and kingdom life take time. When the going gets tough, the tough keeps going on the Word that God gave them, not on what they see! The fruit is the proof of what God spoke. The fruit exposes the roots in which you are rooted. We can’t see the roots, but we can see the tree. The fruits of that seed - the Word – are what we are speaking about.

Noah, David, Joseph, Abraham: they all had to learn longsuffering. Look at all the Ishmael’s around us. Doing things in the flesh will never produce spiritual fruit. The kingdom of God is not by observation, but the fruits are by it and they confirm the call and the anointing! Abraham tried to produce a fruit of the word given by God and the result was a counterfeit fruit, a counterfeit of the promise. He could had fooled others, but he knew, Sarah knew, and God knew, and God was not pleased. We see that as well. It is not a good thing to try to help God. He sees it as rebellion and disobedience. Isaac was the fruit of the word that God gave Abraham, not Ishmael. One was born of the flesh and the other of the Spirit. Isaac was the seed that had to be reproduced to fulfill the rest of the promise of God. So, in the New Testament, God says the Word is that seed!

The parable of the sower in Matthew 13 shows us that some seed fell on the good ground, but others fell by man’s good opinions and by their ways and they died. We must be planted in His Word, by what He said. The fruits will speak in its season. We must wait on the Lord. The fruit speaks without any word. The fruit will shut people up without any word. Let your fruit speak and you be slow to speak.

Tears, doubts, lack of longsuffering, lack of longevity will discourage you. Those who have faith will endure until their fruit is seen and manifests. The children of the kingdom are the good seed! We must be planted by His living water, His river! Longevity means you keep going nonstop obeying the Word of God, during every season of your life!

Paul was a murderer one day and a saint on the other. That is why he had to rely on his fruits or there would have been no credibility in his life or ministry. Paul produced and reproduced what was produced in him in other people. It was not because of his calling, or because God chose him, but because his fruit was manifested in his life and many saw it. The fruits proved that he went from a sinner to a saint, from a blind religious man to an apostle of Jesus Christ, from a man Christians ran from to a man Christians ran to. It was his fruits that helped them to trust and to follow Paul. The fruits of signs and wonders were following Paul. Those who have faith will endure until their fruit of the seed of the word manifests.

What did Paul say was the proof of his apostolic call? It was that people were saved, raised, and the churches was being established! Boast on your infirmities, do not boast on your title! Just like Jesus, Paul became the first among many. There is a trust given to Paul, not because of his title, but because of his fruits. Just like a doctor, you may have the license, but you do not have the practice. He may have the license and the call! He may have the credentials, but if he does not have patients and if he does not have a practice, and all the things that go with it, he just has a title. Many Christians have a bag of tools bought during a ministry school, but how can we trust them? The fruits are especially important for the Body to see.

That “doctor” has no fruit! But he loves to be called doctor because it makes him feel that his accomplishment is superior and makes him important! So why did he become a doctor? To heal and help people or so he could have a title? The pride of life – we have this attitude in the church! That title means nothing to God. Even if a doctor wears a white gown, some with spiritual discernment would say he is a clown! Because fruits speak! Longevity produces the fruits of credibility. Do not give up. Stick to it. Run the race set before you.

When Jesus went to the cross, that fruit proved that He surely was the Son of God! The multiplication of the bread was a major fruit for all men to see in Matthew 16:5-17. When Jesus began to speak, to heal people, fruits started to be manifested!

Many are chosen because they have longevity in obeying. They have longsuffering in doing. They have longevity in obeying. Do not stop. “I want them to see for themselves by my fruits that I was sent by God.” That is Jesus’ heart. Fruits always speak. Jesus was concealing who He was for some time. He had fruits manifesting – many signs and wonders – but Jesus rebuked the disciples. They were worried about not having bread. Jesus said, “Do you not remember how I fed the 5,000? How could you doubt? I told you who I was.” After they went to the shore, he asked them who the others thought He was. Some said Elijah, Jeremiah, or one of the prophets, they responded. Then He turned to them who knew Him well and asked, “Who do you say that I am?” Peter responded, “You are the Christ.” How was he able to answer that question? Jesus had never said that to Peter. The fruits of Christ were manifesting in Jesus. I will leave the rest to you to meditate on.

“Who do you say that I am?” Let the fruits in your life respond to that question. The opinion of man is worthless above the opinion of God. People are saying this and that about you, but you stand on that Word and be unmovable. People were saying many things about Jesus because they saw the things He was doing. They saw the fruits.

Those who endure unto the end, shall have fruits and the fruits will remain. The fruits of Christ. The fruits of the reconciliation of man back to God! “Father, we pray for longevity. Father, we water our lives with the Word of your mouth, daily. Father, all the seeds that have not produced fruits will produce surely. You gave us the Word and there are fruits in our lives. The fruits in our lives will shut the mouth of the liar, of the devourer. We are fruitful and we will multiply. We activate the gift of longsuffering among your people. We are trees planted by the river. Father make us suffer long in doing, in waiting, and in obeying. This is the longevity that we want! By Shane Roessiger

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