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It doesn't matter who sits in the office. It doesn't matter who leads a country. It doesn't matter who sits in power over nations, JESUS IS STILL KING! He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! We call Him that all the time, but do we realize what we're saying? What you’re saying is He is the King, and He has power over any other king. He can get rid of kings, He can get rid of rulers, and He can place whoever He wants to rule over the land. So why do you fret?

How could God allow a leader with an antichrist spirit to take over? How could God let Pharaoh be ruler over the children of Israel in Gosha. Many times, we see in the Old Testament that what happened to the Israelites was based on their heart. When the Israelites were far from Him, He gave them Pharaoh, He gave them Nebuchadnezzar, Ahab, and Herod. When the Israelites were ready for God, He gave them Moses, Cyrus, Jehu, Jehoshaphat, David, and more.

A lot of times, God put people as ruler over the land based on what He was doing with His people. The apple of God's eye is not a nation! It's His bride, His people, the Church of Jesus Christ. Those who are unspotted from the world that go unto the orphan and the widow, 7000 that have not bowed their knee to Baal. This is what it's about, about drawing in His bride. If there was no Pharaoh, the Israelites would have seen no need to leave Egypt. If there was no Ahab and Jezebel, there would be no Elijah. If there was no Herod, we would not have seen an increased value on Jesus, by how the devil tried to use Herod to kill Jesus as a baby.

All these things seem terrible, but if there's no opposition, there's no need for the anointing to be released to rise up! We should be excited when there's opposition because when there is opposition the anointing increases. When there's persecution, the anointing increases; when there's temptation, the anointing increases. When the man of sin is revealed, you better believe that Jesus will work strong on His true church like never before! There's no need to be afraid of an anti-Christ because we have Jesus Christ! We have the King that rules over that king. There are little kings, and then there's the big King! King Jesus! There's satan, the little g, and God the big G.

Even if satan is the god of this world, Jesus is still the Lord of the earth! Satan has to go through Him. Even satan had to go check in with God before he messed with Job. Even Jesus told the King, "You would have no authority over Me unless it had been given you from above!" Jesus had this understanding that nothing could happen to Him unless it was allowed by His Father; now you need this understanding that nothing is allowed unless it is allowed by your Father! He is the King!

Now Jesus, the restorer of the breach has been declared King! He says, "In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." He has overcome! Now we are seated with Him in heavenly places, and we are now co-heirs with Christ! Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone and us being built upon Him, one new man in Christ Jesus. 

He is the King, and we are His kingsmen. We serve the King, and the King serves us! We all lay down for the one, and the one lays down for all! This is His promise that the will of God would be completed in us, that Christ would be formed in us. That we would come to the full knowledge of Christ unto a perfect man. Having no differences amongst, having all things in common. Having this agreement in Spirit and in Truth. That we would be perfect as He is perfect. Letting the full knowledge and understanding of where He sits in heavenly places govern us that we would govern and that we would not be governed by any principality, any power, or any high thing that exalts itself above the knowledge of God.

Taking captive every thought into submission to Christ, and letting Him execute His kingly authority as He pleases. Everything He does is as He pleases according to the will of God. One day it will please Him when many who have come out of the great tribulation stand before Him and sing holy is the Lamb, and they sing with pure hearts the song of God. It is out of this tribulation, out of this persecution, many that were slain for the Lamb's sake, God will now be glorified in them.

Praises will be on their lips because in the twinkling of an eye, they will be with their Father, and they will reign for a thousand years with Him, and they will know Him, and He will know them. Greater glory it is because to die is to gain and to live is to suffer. If anybody wants to follow Him, they must suffer with Him. There will be suffering in this world, but ALL things are under His feet. ALL things are in subjection to Christ! 

Is He the Lord of your life? Is He the King of your heart? Does it please the King? Then it will be well with you because just like Esther had favor with the King, so shall it be in these last days, you shall have favor with King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Let this mind be in you that is also in Christ Jesus. That the Father gave up His only begotten son and was willing to lay up all that He could gain all! It must be our time to lay up! It must be our time of sacrifice that the sacrifice of Christ would not be in vain. The Children of God would be the manifest Sons of God. This is the day of salvation. This is the day the Lord has made. The day of the Lord is here, and the King is here! 

By Joe Pinto

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