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Our weapons are mighty in and THROUGH GOD in pulling down strongholds. Casting down imaginations and taking captive every high thought that exalts itself above the knowledge of God. These are our weapons, the Word of God, and anything that comes against it, we resist.

One thing we must learn is to resist quickly. Sometimes the enemy comes and brings thoughts and imaginations. Fiery darts, feelings, and tactics to try and quench us. And we try to stand in the ring and fight back. Or sometimes the enemy fools us and gets us to entertain what the enemy has brought. He is constantly scheming. He will even bring carnal thoughts and make them sound spiritual, that you would be seduced into thinking it’s God. Then you end up walking in the flesh, thinking you’re walking in the Spirit.

Thinking you are being led by God. That's our problem; we are always thinking we are doing this, thinking we are doing that. We need to know! We need to bear witness THROUGH GOD that what we are doing is of Him. This is a weapon of warfare! This is a weapon to help us know our enemy. We need to know our weapons. If we don't, we won't know how to fight. The battle is the Lord’s! Many times, even the angels didn't try to rebuke the devil; they told the devil, "The Lord rebuke you!"

Submit to God, resist the devil, and He will flee. It's our submission to Him that empowers our resisting. It's our submission to Him that makes the devil flee! We can’t make the devil flee. Only He can. He is our weapon of warfare. So, if submitting empowers us to resist satan and overcome him, we need to make submission our priority.

This is why He releases to us His word because His word teaches us how to rely on and submit to Him. Many of us try to fight the devil on our own, but we are fighting a losing battle. The Lord has already won, and He will win with or without us. Yet we have the privilege to take part in His victory if we take part in His life. We have to give our life to take part in His life.

He has given us His weapons, His ways, His thinking, His heart, in which no one has power over, and when we dress ourselves with these things that come out of Him, we are dressing ourselves with Him, and nothing can stop Him.

We are hidden in Christ, and when the devil tries to come and find us, he runs into Christ, and when he runs into Christ, he flees. He cowers away because the light reveals the dark. Satan cannot cast out satan, but when we live a life apart from satan, he cannot cast us out of God's presence. We are overcomers through the blood of the lamb. This is our weapon over the accusations of the enemy. This is our weapon, the word of our testimony, when the enemy comes and tells us that God is not with us.

This is our weapon of warfare when the enemy gets us to chase after other lovers, that we are burning for our first love. These are our weapons. This is the Sword of the Word of God, and it is mighty in pulling down strongholds. It releases the strongholds that our flesh is strongly holding onto. Kill the flesh, kill the devil.

The Word of God is sharper than any double-edged sword, and it divides joint and marrow. It divides truth from lies. Flesh from Spirit. The flesh is at enmity with the Spirit. You want to be in the Spirit? Well, your enemy is the flesh. Your enemy is anything that is carnal. Your enemy is anything that comes out of the heart of man. If it does not come out of the heart of God, it is at enmity because the heart of man is grounded in the flesh.

God is Spirit, and anything that is of the flesh is at enmity with God, the Spirit. Out of the Spirit comes all truth. Out of God comes all truth. He is the Sword of the Spirit. The Spirit of Truth, and when we walk in the Spirit, the Sword of the Spirit divides the enemy from our lives. He splits us with every cut away from the encampment of the enemy. Slicing away all flesh that the devil has dressed our soul with. Slicing away every tendon that joins us together with the world. This is how we gain ground in the Spirit, the Sword of the Spirit.

When you’re walking in the Spirit, your Sword is alive and active. The mouth of God is active to devour everything that is flesh in your life. The Word of God is active. The armor of God may be defending you from attacks, but the Spirit is how we gain ground. The Spirit is how we devour the devourer and is how we take captive everything that takes us captive. It's the Spirit that is God, that opens His mouth and wars against every devil that has been sent by the devil himself. Out of His mouth proceeds a sharp sword.

It’s the Spirit that shows us all truth and leads us into all truth, and if we could see in the Spirit, we would see the Sword of the Spirit cutting through all the weeds. Making a way where there is no way. Causing the enemy to flee because he is afraid of getting cut. As long as you are swinging that Sword, he will not even want to come near you.

Carnal Christians are like a soldier without a weapon. Because they don't walk in the Spirit, they walk in the flesh, and they give ground to the enemy. The enemy will take the ground if he sees his opposition is weaponless.

The foundation for satan is the flesh, and when flesh is in our life, we are giving the enemy a foothold. Flesh is his foothold. We need to cut the flesh. We need to put to death the deeds of the flesh by the Spirit. This is our weapon of weapons, the Sword of the Spirit, and it is the Word of God, sharper than any two-edged sword. Discerning thoughts and intentions. Cutting out all the lies and half-truths to find out the real truth. Cutting away all the false fruits to know all hidden agendas.

To know all tactics of the enemy. To know all the schemes. It’s the Sword that knows how to make the right cut every time. In season and out of season. Dividing even things that call themselves God but are revealed as a lie. This is Sword of the Spirit of God, the Sword of the Word of God. The Sword of Truth, because only truth comes out of the Spirit, and only truth does this Spirit lead people to. You need truth? Grab the Sword, walk in the Spirit, and He will lead you unto all truth.

By. Joe Pinto

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