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The message that I have has to be said by the Spirit of wisdom and revelation. If you don’t understand the word of God by revelation, you will never understand the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is not by observation, but by revelation. Revelation of Jesus. Without revelation, we will not see Christ. The spiritual realm is so strong. In this world, we will be led by the spirit of this age or by the spirit of God. If you are being led by your own spirit, if your flesh is leading you, then that means you are being led by the spirit of this age. In this message, I will bring perspective in the corporate realm, personal realm, and even in the worldly realm.

This message is called Destroying Jezebel’s Web. You probably will not see this message on TV because many of Jezebel’s speakers are on TV. Because Jezebel will not expose Jezebel. If you do not see it exposed, most likely it will be by Godly revelation, by the spirit of Elijah. There was a showdown exposing Jezebel. Ahab married someone outside the permission of God. He married Jezebel – the daughter of Ithobaal. They were Baal worshipers. They were of the world. Ahab was king of Israel set by God. He married into the world after knowing that it is against God’s will                      and His ways. This is opening up the spiritual realm over a protected realm by God from the head down, eventually, Jezebel would be the one taking over, taking command, and instructing all. In this contrast is where we see it – as mentioned in Revelation 2:18-25 – manifested in the church.

The woman Jezebel died many years ago but the spirit that ruled her did not. She, in the flesh, had her own prophets sitting and eating at her table, and today, we have people who were anointed as Ahab under her control in the house of God today. This spirit comes and takes over a person or a structure. When we are eating from any spiritual food, we must be eating bread from heaven and not from Jezebel’s table, her teaching, and her words.

Always remember: Jezebel is a spirit. It can be in a man or in a woman. The first person called Jezebel was thrown to the dogs and died but spirits will not die. So, the spirit of Jezebel is still here around the Earth and within the establishments that we call churches. Even in any God given structure of authority.

Jezebel’s number one job is to usurp authority so, in the kingdom, it would be against the prophet and the apostle or fivefold ministry giftings - the government of God! So then it would need an Ahab spirit! That would be someone given the rank, the authority, or the office by God! That is why in a marriage, we see this trying to operate! It really operates in the spirit of the age because that is what Satan does – He is the perverter of order! So, he perverts God’s order. He perverts the ways of man, and as time goes on, we see so much confusion in gender, in people totally confused about who and what they are. That is perversion and confusion and that’s part of her web! 

This is how Jezebel takes over a church because if a pastor or apostle or leader tolerates her or has open doors or wants her flattery or seduction and mixture in the church and the leader is a man pleaser, she will put him in a web and bite him or her, and poison takes away boldness and strength and makes the victim passive and weak, timid and afraid! In worldly terms, you would associate this spirit with a narcissist! Tolerating her is allowing yourself to be bitten.

Let’s bring a godly perspective considering man and woman. They are equal – we believe that in all ways and means. God speaks to both. God died for all. God loves men and women the same. They should have all the rights of humanity, all the rights of what a man has, but they are different. That does not mean that they are not equal. Women have a nurturing gift. Women can have children, men cannot. Women were created for God’s reasons and they are unique and beautiful. The Bible calls them a “weaker vessel,” meaning she needs covering – protection - but we know women are strong in the places that God has put them. Men are formed differently. God distinctively made men strong. Men are not better than women; women are not better than men. We are made for God and His glory, for His purpose. Period. The same goes for the Bride and the Church. God has fitly joined them together. We are the Bride of Christ. So, we are submitted to the head – Christ – the covering. So, although we all hear God and have a relationship with Him, and although a body has many different parts that make it work, God has order. That is why He sets kings! That is why He sets apostles and prophets and so on. 

In the Spirit, there is no difference. But as we walk operating in the Spirit, we are in these earthly tents. I am considered a Bride in the Spirit, just as all who are born again are considered. I write as a man in a body, but my spirit connected to God is writing this epistle to you. My spirit is a part of the Bride. So, we have no male female in spirit as spoken in Corinthians but we are in the flesh as earthy vessels. As we are inspired by the Holy Spirit, we still must give account to our earthly tent and bring it into submission to the Spirit and to the Word of God. When everything is in order, God gets the glory, and He covers us. This is a deep topic that the Jezebel spirit wants to pervert. Being different does not mean we do not have all the rights because we do. Amen. Between woman and man, in both cases, God has set order. In a home, in the church, and even in other social structures!

Tearing apart Jezebel’s webs is an ongoing process since she is the daughter of Ithobaal who a priest unto Baal was and Asherah worshiped them. We know there is only one true living God and every other god is an idol. His god, Baal, has a thousand faces, so she seduces you by your flesh. She is always trying to sneak in to destroy the prophet and the anointing. She will make people, places, and possessions idols, whether in churches, family, or any structure. She hates law and order. She hates not being the head. That is why she has seven heads. She sits on the seven mountains and she is the queen of Babylon. She is the goddess of flesh.

Read Revelation 2:18-25.

You see in this scripture, Jesus is talking about what is happening “now” –  to the New Testament church. The problem is that the New Testament church is a spiritual feeding and a spiritual eating. Look at all the parables! We see that same contrast: flesh and spirit.

Now let us read 1 Kings 18:4, 1 Kings 18:19-29, and 1 Kings 19:1-2.

God has hundreds of prophets that have not followed her way. Elijah will tell you what God wants you to hear. Elijah cannot be bought. They may be tempted, but God will give them grace until they are fully purified.

The church is eating from Jezebel’s table, listening to Jezebel’s prophets, following Jezebel’s teachers. God is not a god of our flesh. The god of our flesh is Jezebel. The daughter of Baal is so pretty and attractive and seductive, but she will kill you! She hates the cross. Jezebel cannot be tolerated. She offers us dainty delicacies. When you are on a sickbed, there is no prayer, no fasting, no strength. You only want to do what you want to do so you become lukewarm and apathetic and a compromiser. The Jezebel spirit is filled with people-pleasers.

Jezebel acts like she is not solo, but she is. That is why she is always trying to recruit friends to turn them into eunuchs. Her business is to draw as many as she can to herself. Jezebel stirs up the flesh, your desires. She tries to resurrect what God wants dead, giving affirmation all the time. Even when God is saying, “Repent,” she talks you out of it. This is contrary to the teaching of Jesus, the cross, and the kingdom of God. Many have been sitting at her table and eating from her delicacies, selling out for riches and fame. They keep chasing their own self, coveting after ministry. She will put out witchcraft to make you fear her and not God! She did it to Elijah and is still doing it to many today.

Read 2 Kings 9:22.

Now let’s take a look at the New Testament. Let’s read 1 Timothy 4:1-2.

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.”

She will make others feel superior or less important or needed! This is what we see in false churches. They may have been started by God, but Jezebel came in and now they are teaching and preaching half-truth, carnality, politics, and fearing man, not God! The word becomes perverted like some of the gospels we see today! 

She will build her own kingdom or outright take the one given and ordained by God! She is a breaker of God’s structure. She will build her own structure on the side.

She seeks worship, she seeks fame, she seeks power, she seeks attention, and she seeks her own throne! She hates when others are honored. She always tries to shift the attention to her. Always remember: a man can be bound by the spirit of Jezebel just as a woman.

We see a few times in the Bible, there are a few more who operated in that spirit:

- Miriam – She tried to usurp Moses (Numbers 12) as did Jannes and Jambres  (2 Timothy 3:8), another example.

- Delilah (Judges 16) – She seduces the anointed one of Israel to defeat it. She comes to steal or kill the anointing. She is attracted to power! And to popularity!

- Herod’s wife (Matthew 14) - She used her daughter as a eunuch to seduce the king to kill the prophet! We see in the church - this spirit will come to shut down the real voice of God! Remember: she wants to cut off the real prophets of God. The in fact that at the command of Herod’s wife, the head of John was cut off! How prophetic that is!

In the church settings, she will bring in false prophets and soothsayers. The original Jezebel had an army of false prophets. She had her own kingdom and ministry right under God’s! Ahab was the victim! Satan has them all infiltrated in the churches. Those who are not spiritually discerning will easily be bitten and caught in her web. She feeds the flesh; Elijah feeds the Spirit. We know that the Spirit of Elijah is the Spirit of GOD!

Do you see it? She ran into Elijah and a few more of God’s ambassadors and the show was over! The same is happening today when she runs into the real prophets, apostles, and messengers of God! She loves to get awfully close to the anointing! Like Sampson, she finds the weakness of the man of God and uses it against them. She is a home wrecker and a spirit blocker. She shuts them down and tries to shut down the real fire and power of God, bringing in her own strange fire! Her strange desires are of flesh not of the Spirit! I see this: Sampson representing the church and Delilah representing Jezebel – a picture of what is happening in the church and in families today. In marriages, it is easy to identify this. We can even start seeing a strong woman as the head in a household! As I have said before, it is fine to be a strong woman, but when she becomes the head then she is tampering with Jezebel!

We identify it as a “she,” but it is a spirit! Most people identified it as female because it was originally a woman married to a man and a king! A daughter of Baal. To give us a spiritual prophetic example, God had one of His prophets marry a harlot. But in today’s time, she has not only taking headship, she actually is changing genders right out in the open. Knowing this, we are at the end of the age!

What are the fruits of Jezebel? Self-gratifying, self-fulfilling, self-exaltation, self-glory, self-sufficient, self-led, self-minded, self-help, self-motivating, and self-willed. Just plain selfish. She talks all about her problems, her life, her ministry, and makes you feel inadequate. The minute you want to share, she changes the subject back to her, so you are below her. She has built nothing but a posse of eunuchs of hers that she flatters and builds up. She is a rebel because she won’t submit to the real fire of God and His process. So, she is not healed and she runs to find more wounded people to create her own network far out from the government of God. She teaches herself as she gleans from so many tables. This is referring to Christians with the Jezebel spirit. Spirits do not have gender but that is how she works – in a seductive way! Enticing and manipulating to have her own way! She uses the weaknesses of others to trap them in her web!

Jezebel was operating in a man called Korah! He was saying, “We do not need Moses. We all hear God. We do not need Moses. We are all the same!” This was a true statement from a wrong spirit. Also, Absalom – as a man, being led by the Jezebel spirit - used his looks and charms to seduce people at the gate! He was filled with man-pleasing flattery and enticement, but he wanted the throne. See. It is a spirit in men and in women. This spirit that hates not being in control will tell others who are obeying God that they are being controlled so she can take the place that was given by God!

We must understand the spiritual realm. To every spirit, there is a new face. Baal of a thousand faces! It’s just Satan! Identifying the attributes: this how we unmask him, expose him, so when he cannot hide, he will run!

- She gets her power from lack of submission!

- She wants to be recognized!

- She finds rest in wounds and in the weak!

- She finds insecure people and makes them feel important, needed, and special!

- She is very spiritual! But it is mostly divination! She wants to take a person to the side to teach and preach. She finds the young ones and has the need to explain the sermons or teaching to the sheep as if they missed a lot and God showed her, like the preacher is missing something and making her more spiritual. So, she can twist things. If she wants, she sounds more spiritual than the ones God set in place to feed the sheep!

-Because we all need attention, so many leaders are so busy she come give all extra time and care making feel you owe her.

- She finds eunuchs to be her congregation! She prophesies in bathrooms or parking lots so the word cannot be tested or judged by the Body!

- She will come into a church but with hidden agendas!

- She wants her own ministry under another ministry!

- She takes what is not hers.

- She comes and tries to say, “This is what I built,” but all along, she built nothing!

The organized religion and the pastoral denominational churches cater to this spirit because of this main thing! Ahab man-pleasers come under her power! No cross, no power; no power, we get flesh! Because they are looking for numbers and not the power of the Glory of God.

She works with man-pleasing and the spirit of Ahab! Ahab spirit is a coward because Ahab does not want to confront her and does not want to stop her! He wants peace when God wants confrontation.

- Jezebel needs an Ahab!

- Jezebel flatters people to spin them in her web of bondage and make them her slave!

- She tries to replace God’s voice for hers. In other words, she portrays that she hears God so well, but she is a master of divination!

- She says this a lot: “God said this, God showed me this, God…” so in that, putting a high authority on what is said because no one can come against anything that God does or says!

- She always has a hidden motive!

- She has this “secret ministry” given by Jesus! But she, specially, runs solo!

- She brings confusion! She brings people to the ministry but if she is the one that did that, she proselytizes them into her side ministry! They become her disciples outside of the core apostolic government!

- She seeks to control those she ministers to!

- She breaks up holy communion because she wants to be the center of attention!

- Her hardest thing is to honor someone else! She does not come to serve but to be served! She pretends to have a servant’s heart, but it is a show.

- She disguises flattery for honor but all she is doing is spiritually seducing people to follow her or help her with her ministry – her kingdom – spinning her web.

- She has a takeover spirit!

- She has many filled with the Maverick spirit!

- She gives false visions!

- She tries to spiritualize everything!

She masquerades with false authority. She makes you think that she is so close to God, and God is so close to her!

When she bites you, when you believe her, or when she says it is God and it is not, then you are now moving in strange flesh and strange fire! Then you follow what she said from her spirit, not from the Holy Spirit and now you are out of cover!

- She makes people feel sorry for her!

- She makes you think she so secure but in reality, she very, very insecure!

- She prays on the hurting and the weak! She is a goddess of self!

- She likes to run solo most of the time!

- She never fully commits to a vision!

- She has these particularly important assignments and causes from God! She makes it an idol and lifts it up above the Word.

- Very, very, very prideful and you cannot tell, you cannot perceive it because of her false humility and flattery!

- She moves in the flesh disguised as the Spirit!

- She will accuse leaders and people in authority of being and doing the same things she is doing!

- She hates unity! She craves power! She seduces her eunuchs to follow her like a queen. She makes many victims!

See, when people try to say things like empowerment, they are putting out witchcraft. They are saying that you have no power and or it’s been taken from you! But in the kingdom of God, we all have power and authority as long as we are submitted to God. Men, women, and even children have all the power in the name of Jesus! If we have authority, it’s in God’s structure, not man’s! We all have the power and the authority of God!

- She makes women victims of men in all the arenas of life: Of men - Of society - Of marriages - Of culture!

- She empowers women to move out of covering!

- She uses terms like: “We all are equal, we all can, you can do all things.” “You are being held back.” Her foundation creates an identity based on an empowerment that has been taken away from them! This is perversion!

Read 2 Timothy 3:1-13.

- She dedicates her time and resources to movements, causes, and self-association! So, when we see these characteristics below, we think it is okay. But the world is like that! NOT THE CHURCH!

Here are characteristics of Jezebel:

- Jezebel does not repent. She hates to submit and repent to the Holy Spirit. When we submit to Jezebel, she makes you sick spiritually and in flesh.

- Jezebel runs with false accusations.

- Jezebel always has a better way of doing it.

- Jezebel uses men and women strong in the flesh but weak in the Spirit.

- Jezebel cannot submit because if she does, she will make others feel that she is being controlled, but she is the one controlling with that “poor me” manipulation. She uses emotions to entrap you.

- Jezebel always wants to be above and wants to dominate in any relationship. Jezebel refuses to submit to authority. She hates authority and headship! Look at Ahab. She used witchcraft to take him down.

- Jezebel is very, very intelligent, and will store up information for years before using it against their victims.

- Jezebel only looks out for its own selfish ambitions.

- Jezebel is a helper today just to gain the upper hand tomorrow.

- Jezebel killed hundreds of God’s prophets. She is still killing God’s prophets.

- Jezebel is a self-centered spirit. It will blame others, and it will promote self all the time.

- Jezebel will accuse others of the same thing that she is doing.

- Jezebel is very defensive and very emotional and will gain control by making people feel sorry for her and, in that, making them vulnerable.

- Jezebel in the church will promise you that if you follow Jesus, you get everything but the cross.

- Jezebel always wants to be the center of attention.

- Jezebel is under the control of new age, self-love, false love and is anti-Christ and filled with self-manipulation.

- Jezebel agenda is to demasculinize men and masculinize woman.

-make leaders cowards and lose all boldness.

- Jezebel finds your weakness so she will use your weakness to dominate you! The devil uses it to come against men and leaders to pervert God’s order in churches and in families.

- Jezebel will play mind games that bring witchcraft! They flatter then take away! Work back and forth until she has worked you into her submission.

- Jezebel will gain inside information to retain to use later to trap you! She will eavesdrop or dig out information that is not her business and use interest in the subject as she is prying it out.

- Jezebel works to undermine your authority, so she makes you feel insecure and normal, stealing your identity and anointing when you are a child of God and the head, not the tail!

- Jezebel lusts for possession and wants what you have. She also lusts to be the head! She uses emotional manipulation.

- Jezebel will make others think she is victim, but she is the victimizer. She will spin a web like a black widow! She catches her victims and wants to kill, steal, and destroy.

- Jezebel is all about herself but makes you think she is all about you and for you.

- Jezebel makes believe you need them, but in all reality, they need you because they feed off you when trapped in her web, so she reverses roles and you don’t even know.

- Jezebel never gives credit or gratitude and hates to honor others.

- Jezebel finds eunuchs or minions to accomplish its agenda.

- Jezebel wants to dominate and control in the spiritual realm.

- Jezebel refuses to admit when she is wrong.

- Jezebel will not repent! She is prideful, demanding, manipulating, and very judgmental.

- Jezebel has hidden motives and agendas.

- Jezebel has an extremely hard time forgiving, even a harder time asking for forgiveness.

- Jezebel uses jealousy to put out witchcraft.

- Jezebel will counterfeit your ideas and your vision, steal your ideas and style, and sabotage your identity and then put her name on it.

- Jezebel cannot celebrate other blessings.

- Jezebel brings a lot of frustration all the time because she is self-focused.

- Jezebel wants to advance her kingdom, not God’s.

- Jezebel can work in a man or a woman.

Read Romans 12:1-3.

God wants us to present our bodies as living sacrifices. Your ambition can’t be you but the Cross. Reasonable service is just to present ourselves holy. Do not come under the power of Jezebel that is taking over the World and the falling-away apostate church. That is the goddess of self. Jezebel hides behind vanity. She is a self-junkie, loves photoshoots and selfies. But what is God’s perfect will for our life? Our sanctification and our obedience to Him. We must be teachable and humble to receive the blessing of God.

“God, we thank you. We love you and we love the cross. We don’t want to tolerate any of this in the Kingdom of God. Father, we know we are called to deny ourselves and to lift up the cross of Jesus Christ. Father, we know that the bite of Jezebel will suck the life out of us. You have given us power to not tolerate her, to not eat from her table. We don’t want to be part of her web. Right now, we decree and declare because the power of death and life is in our tongue. Let’s destroy the webs of Jezebel. In the mighty name of Jesus, we destroy Jezebel’s web and her ways. Satan, we cut you off today over our minds, over our will, and over our relationships. We will follow Jesus and we will pick up our cross. We will love people with a pure heart, with no agendas, we will value the precious blood of Jesus and we will receive the kingdom of heaven. If you want to be free from the spirit of Jezebel, if you want to be free from the manipulation of people today, if you want to be covered by God Himself, if you want to be in the anointing of God, don’t have it as your friend, don’t sit at her table. Receive the power right now that breaks every web of Jezebel!”


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