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Many think that unbelief is someone thinking that God won't do something or someone who thinks that the impossible is not possible with God. Let's go deep because unbelief is more than that. The Bible hints at the fact that you can think God is real and even have the right thoughts about His ability but still be in the sin of unbelief. If any man says he has faith, he must believe that God is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. It’s more than just believing that He is real. It’s a seeking, relying on, a trusting on Him with all of my life. Many don't understand that we actually have lots of unbelievers in the church. We even have preachers that are in God's eyes unbelievers.

We think only people who don't think God is real are unbelievers, but there will be people who say "Lord, Lord," and He turns them away. There will be people who say, "When were you hungry or when were you thirsty, Lord," and He will turn them away. "I thought it was all those who believe that get saved?" It is! Yet our version of believing is not the same as God's. God's form of believing is trusting Him and doing what He says. To give Him all of my life is to trust Him with all of my life. So, if I don't give myself to Him and let Him do and lead me as He pleases, I am really in the sin of unbelief.

See James 1:21-25.

If I am not a doer of the Word and a hearer only, I am deceiving myself. Those who didn't feed Him or give Him drink showed they weren't doers. Therefore, unbelievers, they said, "Lord, Lord," but never did as He commanded. All who believe will get saved. Yet all who believe are the ones that do what He has commanded. "Do not be hearers only deceiving yourselves." Deceived, because I think by just agreeing with the Word, I will reap its benefit. Yet really, I am actually in unbelief if I don't do it. I am walking as an unbeliever because even though I think the word is true, I am not trusting my life upon it. I can know all the Word and even the deep things of the Word, but if I don't move upon the Word or, like the Bible says, mix faith with the Word, then I am in unbelief. Unbelief is not what you thought it was. It is to not let this Word and not let God rule over my life.

You think you believe because you heard the Word and think it's true and think you will be saved, but you may not be saved because you don't really believe it. You believe in a carnal way, but in the Kingdom, believing is doing. In the world, believing is thinking. All who believe will be saved, but you are walking like an unbeliever. All those who believe are all those who let God and His Word dictate their life. How can you call yourself a believer if you only believe in yourself? You think the right thoughts about Jesus, but when it comes time to trust His way and do things His way, you don't do it. This is unbelief. Do not deceive yourselves.

When the Israelites sinned against God in the wilderness, God called it unbelief. 

See Hebrews 3 and 4.

They saw His power, they knew He was real, and they saw Him do mighty signs and wonders in Egypt and the wilderness. They knew Him, yet they didn't trust in Him anymore after a time. They no longer wanted to follow Him because they didn't like how God was doing it, so they turned to idols. They turned against Moses and perished because of unbelief. Did they perish because they didn't think God was real? No. Did they perish because they didn't think He does amazing things? No. They perished because they wanted to do it their way, and they didn't like God's way. So really the rebellious were called unbelievers. They had a belief in God of His reality, but they didn't believe in God. They knew God, but they didn't trust God. They were guilty of the sin of unbelief.

It even calls it the "sin" of unbelief. It’s a sin, and it's basically the sin of no longer trusting in God. The sin of ceasing to follow Him and let Him guide the way or let Him be trusted with your life. To trust in yourself or something else is unbelief. We may believe God and follow His ways in many parts of our lives, but there may be one part of our life where we are guilty of unbelief because we don't do it God's way. When we don't do things God’s way, we are in unbelief. Hebrews calls unbelief an evil heart. Unbelief is more than what you thought. Most of the sin that we do is because of unbelief because I don't trust God with provision, I am greedy. Because I don't trust God to fulfill me, I fulfill myself with something else because I don't lust after the things of the Spirit, I lust after the things of the flesh. We can go on and on. Everything we’re looking for out there is in God, and because we don't look to find it in God, we choose it in something else, and this is sin. Unbelief led us to sin.

See Acts 19:13-17.

Even the sons of "Sceva" had the right thoughts that Paul’s God was real and that Paul was able to cast out demons. The religious church would say, “See, the sons of ‘Sceva’ believe.” Yet then the demons touted that they didn't know who they were and attacked them. It says these signs shall follow all those who believe, and one of those signs is casting out demons. Did the sons of "Sceva" really believe, because the opposite sign followed them? The demons didn't come out; they attacked them. As we see this, we can see that believing is more than just thinking.

Even in Matthew 17:14-20, Jesus rebuked His disciples for unbelief, because they could not cast out a demon in someone. Meanwhile, they cast out demons in others, but in this one person, they could not do it, and Jesus told them it was because of their unbelief. Believers but still possessing unbelief. Like the man with the child who had that demon said, "Jesus, I believe but help my unbelief." Jesus, I trust that you can help my son, but I also know the doctor can help him, too. Help me, Lord, from trusting in anything else or anybody else but you. Looking to anything else – this is unbelief. 

Even when Jesus went back into His hometown, they recognized His great wisdom and the fact that He could do miracles. Still, because of their unbelief, Jesus could not do many miracles. What's the problem? They see His power, so why won't it happen to them? Don't they believe? But in Jesus's eyes, they didn't because instead of looking to Him to perform, the Bible says they were offended at Him, and they were offended at Him because they knew Him by flesh and questioned how He could have this power. Yet if they only knew that in the spirit, He was God!

How can anyone believe in God if they don't know Him? Many people know Jesus by the flesh, but don't know Him in spirit. They have no fellowship with Him; they just know Him in name and story. God told me that it is impossible to truly continue to believe without the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides us in all Truth and in all things. He is God with us. So if we don't continue to rely on His spirit, how can we really believe in Him for everything in our life if we don't know Him or His ways. To know His Spirit is to know Him. The Bible says God is spirit, and to worship Him, we must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Yet really, if we only worship Him in Truth, we’re not really worshiping Him. The Truth is the things He says, and the Spirit is Him. Many only know the things He says but don't know Him. Then you try to walk out the things that He says, but because you don't know Him, you don't know His power, and because you don't know Him, you can't really believe in Him.

How can you trust and believe in someone you don't know? When we know Him, we can trust, but when we don't know Him and only know the Word, we make up our own image of Him and trust in another Jesus, thinking that we believe in Jesus, but it’s a false one. That's when He will say to some, I never knew you. You may have known my Word, you may have done signs and wonders, but you never knew ME. Therefore, showing you never really believed in me myself. You believed in things I said, you believed in things I did. You believed in the idea of me being real, but you never really believed in me because you never gave me and relied on me with your life. Those He turns away are those who are really unbelievers even though they say, "Lord, Lord." Yet He says, "I never knew you" because you never entrusted me with your life. 

When He was telling us to believe in Him, He was telling us to believe in "HIM," He was not just talking about His flesh, not only His signs and words, not just His words but Him, the Spirit. God is spirit, and those who trust in that spirit and do what it says are truly worshiping Him. Him, the inner man, the spirit man of God. He said I must go, but I will leave you "the helper." I will leave you myself in spiritual form. The one that will come unto you and show you all things, and by submitting to that one, that Spirit, you are submitting to Him and believing in Him. Anything else is unbelief.

By Joe Pinto

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