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Out of the abundance of your heart, the issues of life are manifested. So, we must see and pay attention to what is coming out of the abundance of Jesus’ heart. What we consider the most and preach about the most must be really the issues of life that Jesus really pay attention to. During this message, we will not be talking about issues of our life, things that we keep being caught up with, but Jesus’ issues of life. The issues that Jesus talked about are life. If we are one with Him, the issues of life that are in His heart must be the issues of life that are in ours. 

Read Matthew 7:7-14 and John 14:1-20. 

As we read this passage, we see that this is something that Jesus is really concerned about: ourselves doing greater works! This is the issue of life that we should be concerned about: We are vessels being filled with the kingdom of God. As we release the kingdom, the darkness must flee. We are vessels filled with oil. Jesus said, “You are the light of the world.” The light of the Father that was in Him, now it is in us! Jesus said, “I AM”, “I AM THE WAY”, “I AM THE TRUTH”, “I AM THE LIFE.” They still asked, “Show us the Father.” He who sees Jesus sees the Father. He who sees us must see Jesus. Greater work we must do. We are all called to do this very thing: greater works. The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells inside of us. The same spirit that will quicken our mortal body is quickening us right now. If God is in us, what can’twe do if we believe that He is? With God all things are possible; without God we are just religious and normal. If we could get a hold of what He said and what we have, we, every one of us, would change the course of our environment. 

Read Matthew 25. 

Another issue of life in the eyes of Jesus Christ is our sanctification. There is a trimming of the lamp that we must do. There is need of a constant oil flowing. Whatever He pours in us, the gifts, the power, the resources from above, we must pour it out and not bury it. It does not matter how much you know, how much you have, seek always more, more, and more. We must be a good servant and enter the joy of the Lord. These are things that Jesus said because they were especially important to Him. These were His issues of life! We must consider what He is considering: stay in the narrow path, obey His Word, and follow His way. God wants us to carry His glory and birth it unto the Earth. Just as God used Mary to bring the kingdom of God (Jesus) into the world by the Spirit, God wants to use every temple, every vessel, to bring the glory and the kingdom to the darkness, in every opportunity possible. 

The feeding of His sheep certainly is another issue of life. He said it many times:  “If you love Me, feed My sheep.” Many are thirsty, many in prison, many hungry, and all we keep giving is just the natural water, natural bread, and visiting people in jail. How about spiritual water, spiritual food, spiritual freedom? Who will give that to them? Jesus was not concerned just about works of justice but all the issues of life! Natural and spiritual. We must not forget the issues of life that Jesus was all about. 

Read Luke 10:25-37 and Luke 6:26-38.

What is really an issue of life in the kingdom? Preaching! It is not all about works of justice. God is very much concerned about preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. About blessing them that curse us. About loving them that hate us. It is impossible to do any of this apart from Him. It is all about this straight line. Straight way. These are basic things, but it will be very hard for you to do them if you are separated from Him. With God, all things are possible; without God, all things are impossible! He said, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” We must stay connected to the source of life to be able to do the extraordinary thing. The narrow way is His way – the only way. 

Read Matthew 10:7-8 and Acts 10:7-8.

I am just showing some things that Jesus really considers an important matter. So many times, He said, “Verily, verily, verily, I say to you…” So that means that these matters are a real issue of life! We should be raising people from dead religion every single day. We should be hungry and thirsty for oil, for righteousness, for God to do exploits, for loving people even when it seems impossible. 

Read Mark 1:16-18. 

Reaching the lost, the harvest: this is an especially important issue of life for God. Let us read Matthew 9:34-38. Jesus was teaching and talking about many issues of life. These issues of life should be our issues of life! There is still a huge harvest! Every generation comes and goes, and the field is still white! Look up and see. The harvest is an eternal issue of life. 

Is God still fishing for men? Is God still baptizing people in the Holy Spirit and fire? Yes, He is. That is a huge issue of life, in God’s sight. Ask and be filled with it. The baptism of water is the only one done by men, but the baptism of the Spirit is only done by God Himself! Feeding His sheep and keep feeding them is a must! All these issues of life we must be paid attention to. We must eat not only a slice of His doctrine, but the whole loaf. Men’s words always hit the ground, but God’s word never returns void. We must be infused with His power. You who have the Holy Spirit inside of you are greater than any other prophet before Christ! When you have God in you, how much more can you want? We must preach the acceptable day of the Lord. Before John, the Holy Spirit would just come and rest on them. He would come upon them, and they did mighty things – like Sampson, but now He lives in us. We are the temple of God. We have this treasure, this kingdom living on the inside. The least in the kingdom of God is greater than the greatest prophet in the Bible before Christ, according to Christ. Wow! 

Healing the broken, delivering those who are oppressed by the devil: another issue of life! Let us just read the Word and be filled with what God really is all about! Preaching, healing, delivering, setting yourself aside, and many other things God spoke as issues of life. 

Read Luke 4 and Mark 16:14-16. 

We must stop focusing on sin and focus on Him. Because when you focus on Him, sin is washed away! We must stop focusing on the issues of our own life or of this world and start focusing on the eternal issues of life. Religion made the gospel of grace, but God made the Gospel Himself! 

People are not preaching Christ anymore. They are focusing on THEIR issues of life, but we must be focusing on the issues of life according to Jesus. His image is spirit. There is no way for anybody to represent the image of Jesus unless they really see in the Spirit! His image as drawn by the Spirit of God, not by Hollywood. We cry out to be worthy of this love, power, and truth. We cry out to be doing and working on the issues of life that He is mostly concerned about. 

“Father, we want to be free from our own issues of life and start focusing on Your issues of life. Father, we lift our hands in surrender today. We cannot lean on our own understanding, and ways, and doctrines of men, or governments of this world, and take our eyes off where Your eyes are upon. We trust you, all the way! Father, shake us, until all that lasts is of You!” 

We do not want to lean on our own understanding. We must have the fulness of His gospel and doctrine. Anything without light is dead. This Word must be the breath of God, or it is dead. We must ask God to remove any hardness and any selfishness. Let us not become dark with anything that is of darkness. We are so busy with our own issues of life that we forget to pay attention to His. We are so busy trying to fix ourselves when He is busy about saving somebody else. We must be busy healing the broken, keeping our eyes on Jesus, getting oil. If we keep our eyes on Him, we will be like Him. If we keep abiding in Him, we will become more like Him. If we keep obeying Him, we will see Him more and more. If we keep His issues of life our focus, He will deal with ours. 

May the issue of life that flows out of the heart of Jesus also flow out of ours. Whatever He is mostly concerned about, let it be our concern. Let us guard our hearts so it will not be filled with the issues of this temporal life, but with what is in the heart of Jesus Christ even before the beginning of time. Let Jesus be flowing, doing all the works or righteousness in sincerity and in Truth. Let us guard it diligently! Let us pay attention to it! This way, out of our heart will flow whatever issue of life is flowing out of His! Be filled with the issues of life that He is filled with! In the name of Jesus, amen. 

“Above anything else guard thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” Proverbs 4:23

Shane Roessiger

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