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Religion says we shouldn’t give to get. That’s false humility! This is a lie from the pit of hell to steal your blessing. It seems right to say that and think that but it actually doesn’t line up with God’s kingdom principle. Everything we give in the kingdom is a seed! We reap what we sow.

Every time a seed is planted, there is a harvest time for that seed, a time of reaping. 

Giving in the kingdom of God is seed planting. The Bible says you reap what you sow. It is a spiritual law that when you give, you will get. What you give is what you get. When I see the revelation of this, it makes me want to give like a mad man because I know that when I give in obedience, it’s not only blessing whoever it’s going to, it’s blessing me. 

Then I start to desire to give because I know that mammon is not my God, and when mammon is not my God, God starts pouring out of the windows of heaven. Giving is God’s money system in the kingdom. In the world, we save and store that we may have. Yet in the kingdom, we give that we may have. In the world, we work and toil to get, but in the kingdom, we rest, obey, and wait. Toiling brings the fruit of your labor. Resting in Him brings the fruit of His labor. How can we receive the work of His hands when we are too busy working? Not talking about working a 9-5 job. We’re talking about striving and toiling in our hearts to try and provide for ourselves.

If the birds of the air and the beasts of the field are provided for by God, and we are loved by God more than them, then why do we work more than animals? When we are regarded higher than them, we are placed higher than them. Yet when we don’t do things God’s way, we live like animals, living in the wild, in the desert. With no promise. Yet in God, there is a promise because there is a covenant. In covenant, He makes promises to us that He will hold up His hand in our life as long as we give up the work of our hands.

When we give to Him, He gives to us. What we give can’t even scratch the surface of what He gives to us. Gold and silver do man covet but in the kingdom of God, the streets are paved with gold. The ground Jesus treads on is the same gold we covet. How much greater are His riches? How much greater can God give than man? You cannot out-give God. Your giving has nothing to do with God's need. Yet it has everything to do with you being an extension of God’s hand. God doesn’t need man, yet God works through and with man. Righteous men work through God. The world says spend money to make money, but in the kingdom, we give it that we would get it abundantly. Pressed down, shaken together, running over.

Those with an entitlement spirit receive nothing from God because God can’t trust them. If God overflows them with the blessing, they will be like the rich man that stores. Even though he’s rich, he’s really poor because his riches are only based on what he has. Yet in the kingdom, our blessings are based on what He has, and all that He has is unlimited! 

My bank account is not based on what I have. His power is where what I have is based. His power can make anything that I need to appear. His power can provide all that I need in the flesh and in the spirit. It’s never-ending, and to get that never-ending power, I need to give up myself to Him without end. Give up what I have without end. This is the great exchange. This is the Kingdom of God. Give and you get. In the world, you give and you never get it back unless you work for it. In the world, you give to someone and you never know if they are going to give it back. 

Yet in the kingdom, we give and He gives back a hundredfold. He told the rich young ruler to sell all that you have and give it to the poor. And he wept because he had a lot, and seconds later He tells Peter He will give him a hundredfold in this life and in the life to come. Peter was probably filled with joy because he gave all that he had. How much more would that rich young ruler be blessed with if he had given all that he had? Maybe Jesus was not actually going to make him do that but was just testing his heart, and God is testing many of our hearts, telling us to give but we are failing the test because we are more focused on the little that we are giving rather than the abundance of His riches and glory.

It’s biblical for God to give a hundredfold of what we give. Jesus said it. That was a promise. He didn’t just say in heaven, He said: “in this present age.” When Peter said, “I’ve given all,” Jesus was saying now you get it all. Give all that you have that you may have all that He has. This is biblical. Yet no one wants to hear a message like this because many have an entitlement spirit because they want everything handed to them without cost. They want fruit without laying down seed. What you sow is what you reap, even Paul said this.

The true sons of God are supposed to be providers for nations. Joseph provided for all of Israel in the famine. We are called to be the Joseph of this land. Blessings are supposed to flow to us and flow out of us to the nations, and as that is happening, a hundredfold unto us in this life and the life to come! 

If you can’t give, how can God trust you to receive? God has called us to be sowers. Prosperity preachers teach you to receive from God that you would eat your seeds, but God says I give prosperity that you would be a Joseph to the nations. That you would be a source of prosperity for nations and for my kingdom. Those prosperity preachers that preach prosperity with covetousness are giving out defiled bread. God cannot bless covetous people. Covetous people make an idol out of money and can never be an extension of finances for God’s Kingdom because they are still about their own kingdom. Covetous people also become entitled people because they just want, want, want but never want to give, give, give.

Many are eating their seed but we are not supposed to eat our seed. We are supposed to plant our seed and eat the fruit of its growth. A farmer needs to buy seed and plant it instead of eating it. If he eats a seed, it will barely help his hunger and need. But if he sows it, it’s growth will be continual and substantial food. From that one seed, when it is in full growth, when you take the fruit off of it, another grows back. Still from the same seed. Same is it in the kingdom when it comes to finances. Now everything we give is a seed for our harvest. The Bible says sow sparingly, reap sparingly. Sow generously, reap generously. The reason why you only see finances here and there is because you only give some of your finances here and there.

Yet when we reap frequently, it’s because we give frequently. What you’ve done unto the least of these, you have done unto me, says the Lord. When we give to others by the Spirit, we are actually giving to God. It’s more than giving unto someone in need. If you could only see that behind that need is an altar from above.

When you overflow someone else’s cup, He will overflow yours. Just like the woman with Elijah, she gave all that she had and her cup was overflowing and never-ending. Elijah was her altar for God. When she sacrificed the little that she had, He gave back running over. That situation was God showing us His principle. She sowed and she reaped. Elijah was the ground.

We hold unto that dollar so much and so long that we are losing money because when that dollar is planted it will reap the overflow. Finance in the kingdom is like a river. If the river does not continue to flow through you and out of you unto other places, the river will be stopped and the water will run dry. So it is like in our life with prosperity when giving stops. The more we give, the more the river runs. In a sense, we have little control over how much we receive in the kingdom. It’s by how much we give, how much we sow. Like the parable of the sower, because the one who buried his talent, “his seed,” instead of sowing it, he never reaped, and because the others sowed, they reaped. Some double and some more.

The control that we have is the sowing that brings the reaping, but it’s God that gives the increase! It’s God that decides how much is given from that seed. Yet how much more will it be with the more seed we lay down? 

The world invests in stocks; in the kingdom, we invest in the kingdom and we reap the overflow of the kingdom. In the world, our stocks are controlled by a company’s success. Yet in the kingdom, God holds all prosperity and success in His hand. 

In religion, so many people grow cold about prosperity preaching because so many are preaching for their own gain. Yet in the kingdom, there is real reaping from sowing. It’s biblical in the Old Testament and the New. When we sow into the ground that God leads us to sow, the ground is always fertile. The ground is not fertile when we give in our flesh to please people or for the wrong reasons or religiously. Giving to someone because you have a soul tie with them or have false compassion for them is not fertile ground but when you give, when you sow because God is leading you, the ground is always fresh and fertile for you and for them. In the world, we give and we may never see it again. Yet in the kingdom when we give, we can count on return. Whether it be in one form or another. Whether the provision is money, food, material, or spiritual.

You don’t eat your seed, you eat your fruit, and after you eat your fruit, you leave the many seeds that were in the fruit for more sowing. Your harvest also reaps for seed to sow. Your seed sowing is a two-fold blessing. Not only does it bring fruit and harvest for you, but it brings seeds for a harvest for someone else, and the greatest part is it’s all for and from His Kingdom. One seed not only brings fruit but one seed brings many more seeds to sow. When you sow a seed, does that seed grow and yield seed? Yes, but even better, it grows fruit or vegetable that is substantial enough for you to eat. On top of that, that fruit or vegetable has more seeds for you for more sowing. We don't eat our seed. We eat of the fruit of the labor of our seed, and we take the seeds of our fruit and sow more. Many are eating their seed and struggling to live, but they don’t understand that the seed is not the blessing – the reaping of that seed is. What God gave you to give is not the blessing, its the hundredfold return. Not only does the one seed yield fruit but it also reaps many seeds. That the sowing would be abundant, and when the sowing is abundant, the reaping is abundant.

By Joe Pinto


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