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Do men gather grapes or thistles? Figs or thistles? Fruits or thorns? What are we gathering? A good tree cannot bring forth bad fruit, nor a bad tree brings forth good fruit. From what tree are you gathering? You must know what you are gathering by the fruits. These are fruits that manifest out of our inner man. The only way to bear fruits is to be rooted in Christ through His death, not from the old but the new man. The fruit is the essence of the tree. The fruit is what shows us what kind of tree we are. God is high minded about what kind of fruit we are producing. Good fruits or bad fruits? You will be known by the fruits you produce. This does not come from striving at the Word but allowing the Word to grow in you! When you fight God’s Word, you will not have good fruit.

Read Matthew 7 and Matthew 13.

We must allow His Word to go deep inside of us. The wicked one is always trying to steal the seed of His Word. The deceitfulness of our own ambition kills the seed of God – The Word. And we become unfruitful! Because the things around you begin to choke out the seed. Then you start gathering only thistles! No one wants to get close to prickles. But you must do the Word, follow the Word, obey the Word, and bear the fruits of the Word of God. You must hear it, plant it secondly, and water it, and God gives the increase. The increase comes from the bearing His Word and not letting that Word die. If you water the lies of the enemy or the words of man, or bad thoughts, or offenses, or any other thing contrary to what Word says, you will not manifest fruits but thorns and thistles.

The Bible says that the enemy comes while man sleeps, while we do not pray, while we don’t fast, while we don’t resist him, the enemy comes and sow tares among the wheat. The enemy has done the sowing. When we stop tilling the garden of our hearts and minds, the tares are being sown.

Read Jeremiah Chapter 24.

The dream of Jeremiah shows two baskets of figs – those figs represent us - that were set before the temple of the Lord. God wants the world to eat the fruits of His Spirit that manifest in us. We are not the vine – we are the branch. We cannot abide alone, outside the vine. We must be abiding in Him. In Jeremiah’s dream, God was talking about us, being good figs, pleasant figs. We do not want to be naughty figs, which cannot be eaten. Jeremiah called the good figs, incredibly good, and the evil figs, very evil figs! The naughty figs, God cannot have His way with them. They are proud. God has set His eyes upon the good figs. He will not pull them down, nor will he pluck them up! He will give them a heart to know Him! We must be good, exceptionally good figs.

When discernment starts turning into judgment, you are not loving God. Jesus did not allow any rejection to spoil His own fruits, but many let their fruits become spoiled by criticism, finding fault all the time, and entrapment. They keep walking in the flesh and are being led by their flesh. Because of that, they keep looking at a person’s speck! The more we know, the more fruits we should have, the more obedience we should walk.

We need to understand that everything that He tells us to do is for us to be able to bear fruits! Nothing will profit you if all you carry are thorns and thistles!

Love suffers but love does not want us to make others suffer as we suffer because of our own unrighteousness. We should not suffer at the hands of believers! We are to love one another. This is a command, not a suggestion.

Read James 3.

Out of the same mouth cannot come bitterness and sweetness. If it does, the love of Christ is not abiding in you. That is not the fruit that should be coming out of your tree. The atmosphere should not dictate the type of fruit you produce but the root of the tree! Can a fig tree bear olive? Out of good conversation, let a wise man speak. If you have bitterness, your tree will have only thistles and thorns! Envy and strife mean the devil is around. Thorns and thistles are around. We must be full of fruits, good fruits, good figs. We cannot judge anything with partiality, through hypocrisy, through pain or hurts. Everything Jesus said, He was doing it. Anyone can preach what Jesus preached, but if you don’t live it, there is no power in it! You will not speak as a man of authority but just a preacher!

Love is not pity. It is not inordinate affection; it is not soulish. Love is spirit and not flesh! We keep looking for love in earthly flesh. We look for it in man and not in the spirit of man. If you are failing, it is because you are not loving, because love never fails. Love without the cross is not love, but vanity. Because it becomes all about yourself. If you deny self, you will be able to live as your new man in Christ.

God said to me, “I can help you. But I cannot help you to repent.” If God could force us to repent, we would be repenting all the time. Repentance is all about choice. Only Godly sorrow leads us to repent but it does not make us repent. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Repentance is the manifestation of a humble person. Resisting the cross is the manifestation of a prideful person. The absence of darkness is in the light, and light is on the cross! The moment you go to the cross, light breaks forth. God cannot repent for us, but we still cry out for help when in sin. And He says: “What else can I do for you? My son died for you on the cross. You do your part!” If you have been purchased and born again, then Satan cannot touch you unless you let him. Period.

It is worth it to me that He showed me love right there on the cross. It is a saying of old, “eye for an eye,” but NOW, He says LOVE YOUR ENEMIES. BLESS THOSE THAT CURSE YOU. We are even having a hard time loving people who like and love us! People are trying to maneuver the devil without facing repentance and the cross. It will not work. There is a false gospel saying that you do not need to repent, but it is false! Pick up your cross every day and in every situation that your flesh wants to rule over your spirit.

Read John 13.

In this – IN LOVE – all men will see HIS FRUITS in us! Fruits are not produced in striving but in abiding! It is natural! We should be desperate for the fruits just as we are desperate for air! The fruits are in the presence of God, but we must die to self or the fruits will not be manifested. That corn of wheat must die. Until you die, you will always abide alone! So, die to self and be fruitful! When we know what is good and right and we do not do it, we sin! Satan is the one that produces thorns and thistles.

Read John 15.

Many people are having many branches taken away. People are jealous of the fruits of others but all that the fruitful ones are doing is abiding in Him! Fake fruits, fake smiles, fake love. It is like a plastic tree in the church. No real fruits. We are born to breathe heavenly air around us. We keep doing things without Him and all that we gather is thistles and thorns! How do you abide in Him? By letting His Words abide in you. Jesus said He is the Word. God is Spirit, the power of the Holy Spirit!

We are His friends IF we do what He commands, whatever His Word says. What His Word says: Love one another. He ordained us to love one another. He ordained us to bear fruits and fruits that remain! When you have the fruit that means you are getting from the root. Love always lays down its own life, its own right, and its own way. Love is not about its own! If you want to be first, you must be the last. Love because this is who we are!

Read Galatians 5.

Those who gather thorns and thistles are under the law. They try to produce fruits by their own strength. What are you gathering today? As you so loved God, you must give yourself because of love. If there is division among you, there must be heresies among you. There is no division in love. I pray that we hold tight to the cross. The cross means nothing for us that do not love, but to us it is the power, the breakthrough of God. We lift up the cross today. The only way to produce the fruits that remain is through remaining in Him, on His cross. “Father, I ask for more fruits in the season to come! Father, help me to love more than ever! Do a great and mighty work in us. If there is any resistance towards the Truth, Father, release special grace to bear the fruits. We seek fruits. We want to gather fruits that remain until the return of Jesus Christ! So help us all to be fruitful and to multiply! Amen.” Shane Roessiger

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