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Are you able to see people in the world as God sees them? And if you do, are you able to love them as God loves them? Are you able to tell them the Truth anyhow? Are you able to see Truth and avoid any type of judgmental or critical heart? Do you really want to see people as God sees them? Should we really see them as God sees them? Be ready because you will be accountable if you do see them as God sees them. People say, “See them as He sees them,” because it is an easy cop out to avoid the call of a living epistle.

Seeing the wickedness of this world and enduring it with a clean heart is something that will take a lot of God in us and a lot of GRACE. So deep down, we really do not want to see the wickedness that God sees in them because it may be in us. Are you sure you want to do that? Do you really want to “see them as He sees them?” But deep-down what people are trying to tell us is, “Judge not.” What is behind this statement is a view that has come from false love and false religion.

The Jezebel spirit is trying to shut down what we are standing for. We should not come against people but against the spirit behind them. The enemy is trying to bring division. Our war is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and wicked powers in high places, but there is always a face behind the principality.

I do know exactly what God sees. God Himself repented for creating man. Why? So, let us do this: let us see them through the cross – the death of Jesus. We do not have mercy on sin but the sinner. We have mercy on people bound by the devil, but we are not here to sympathize with their wickedness.

God wants us to love as He loves, but He wants us to expose every evil work. We must begin to see evil even when it looks so good. What is it really speaking? Nice quotes, nice sayings, and good words do not mean God’s Word! There are people in the church being stumbling blocks to righteousness and its preachers.

We must point them to the Gospel. We are not being raised up to be perfect but prepared. False narrative and false gospel should never come out of our mouth. Quotes made up that encourage us to tolerate evil and not to fight the war cause us to give over to the enemy. We FIGHT with words and actions, not just emotions.

If God had seen man so great and awesome, why did He repent about making us, why did He have to send His son to restart everything? God does not want us to be critical or judgmental. You do not want to see them as God sees them. He sees every hidden thing. That is why He sent His son to pour His wrath on.

God is the highest way there is. His Word can wash us from any other way. He was not critical but precise. But if He judges, His judgment is true and right. We shall know the Truth. We shall be made free, not through compassion or lies. If you die doing these wicked things, you may end up in hell. God will love you all the way to hell. God was moved with compassion, but compassion did not move His course. It did not move the will of the Father. The Word and the Spirit will be unmasking things. Jesus did nothing unless He saw the Father doing it. We shall know the Truth (Jesus) and the Truth (Jesus) shall set us free. If you don’t want to know Him, you will be bound for life and forever.

Read 1 Corinthians Chapter 2.

God will not let you be deceived if you stay humble and true to His Word. You can put honey on the Truth, but if people do not love Truth, they will reject it anyhow. We must be a lover of the Truth. Many Christians have not been raised in the Truth. Then they start judging you, saying, “You are not concerned about others.” “You are not kind,” when all you are doing is following the Holy Spirit. We must judge all things by His Word and by His Spirit. Thinking like Christ will get us into a fight with our carnality. Many are baptized into the world. The heavy things we carry, He carries for us. Cast all upon Him because He carries it for you. When God exposes people, it is because He wants us to have the love for His Truth. But we have received the Spirit of God. God has enemies. We cannot help His enemies but must expose them. What is behind their plan is to deceive the Godly.

You try to give spiritual things to a natural man. That will never work. The one that is of the Spirit judges all things and knows the mind of the Lord. If we do not want what God wants, the devil will give us what we want. And if we get what we want, we will see that it is not what we really wanted. There is constant conflict. Do not judge with your own carnality those who are having a right judgment.

Those who are called out from among them are the only ones that can see as He sees them. God is setting us free from the deceiver and those who want to entangle us. We do not want to see them as He does. We want to see them through the hope of the cross and the resurrection. That is the only thing that can change anyone! See them through the blood. We, who have been born again, have been bought, and we are now seen through His blood by Him. Now we are His. So, through this salvation He sees us. That is the hope for them, but without HIM is DEATH!

Read John 8:28-59.

We should do nothing of ourselves. We should not speak of ourselves. We can love on men and grieve the Holy Spirit at the same time. If you are led by your flesh, you may be doing exactly what the Holy Spirit is not doing. We can be in something and be not of it like we are in the world, but we are not of it.

When you know something, you know it. It is flesh in you. You just know it. The decrease and increase happen automatically. There is no questioning about it. Period. There is a way that seems right to man and there is a way that is right to God. You better not be seeing them as God sees. You do not want to do that.

If you continue in His Word, in His Truth, and in His Spirit, He will continue working in you. Only if you continue in Him will we be His disciple indeed. We may start in continuing in His Word but we leave Him. Then we stop being His disciple. We met the Truth (Jesus), but we must become one with the Truth. Two shall become one! How much of Christ do you have inside of you? How much possessed by the Truth are you? That is the fruit!

We are still killing Jesus but in His people. We are still killing Jesus but in a different way. It takes submission to the Truth to become one with it. Whatever you are full of it, it will come out. You will always do the works of the One who sent you. If you do the works of the devil, you will try to kill Truth (Jesus). If God were your father, you would love Jesus, you would love Truth. Why is Truth not bearing witness in you? To understand the deep things of God, you will need revelation by the Spirit. Jesus Christ more than anybody else saw many as God sees them and He called them sons of the devil.

You only release the Truth that you know. You can feel who is resisting the Truth. If you don’t hear God, you are not of God. Those who are of God always hear His Word. The love of the Truth will get all the worldly things out of our lives.

People are protecting sin calling that love. When they are exposed, we look for the fig leaves. Jesus was speaking about sin. He was exposing it. Sin is death. He is life. He could not make any better. His Word is a sword! It is really sharp, and if you don’t want to be cut, you better get out of His way. When people say, “See them as God sees them,” what they and Satan are trying to do is to take your zeal, your boldness, and any inspiration for righteousness.

Read 2 Timothy 3.

Read 2 Corinthians 13:5-8.

You can be hearing the Truth all the time but never applying it to your own life. Doers apply it all the time. Continue in the things that you have learned, the holy scriptures that can make you wise unto salvation. We should be made perfect in Truth. If we resist the Truth, we will become a reprobate-minded person. We can do nothing against the Truth but for the Truth.

After Jesus’ resurrection, God still saw people and saw all their wickedness. But He always saw a way for them to be saved and restored. Jezebels in sheep’s clothes are trying to demonize those who are exposing sin, those who are preparing His bride to be ahead of Satan’s game. We must ask God for grace to stand, to not pay evil for evil, to love our enemies. How are we going to love them during this end time? How can we be able to love them all? Many are stoning prophets. How can we handle this? We cannot condemn sinners, nor this world. God already did that at the fall of man. That is why He sent His son. His blood, His flesh, and His Truth are for the salvation of all men who will receive it. Some will be seeking Him. Some will despise Him. Some will love Truth. Some will hate Truth. We need grace to not walk in the flesh. We cannot be consumed by the plots and plans of the beast. The Truth does the job of exposing. We will do it in love and in righteousness. Our plan is to seek and save what is lost but through Jesus' way. Total deliverance from one kingdom to another.

Read Ephesians 6:12-13.

Truth will always expose lies. We are right now fighting it all. Word Wars are going on all the time. We cannot fight in secret either. We must give all the chance to see Truth. God works with the Truth. They must hear it; they must receive it.

Read 2 Thessalonians 2:7-17.

They received not the love of the Truth. We must expose what is wickedness. You can’t separate love and Truth. That is a perverted gospel. The Truth will cost you your life. When Jesus told them about the cross, many left Him. Churches are packed when we talk about HIS cross, but they are emptied when we talk about THEIR cross!

“See them as He sees them?” He sees them as filled with a strong delusion. He sees it. He loves them. But because we see them as He sees them, we speak Truth. The sanctification of a person is done by the Truth.

Read 1 John 4.

Believe not everybody nor every spirit, believe not even a scripture spoken by the mouth of the liars, believe not what you see but test all by His Spirit. Many are speaking of the world, the opposite of the Word. The world hears them, but not the Truth. Even Truth becomes a lie if it is not spoken by the Spirit of God. “Get behind me, Satan.” Jesus must have felt so good in His flesh with what Peter was telling him. “What a loving guy!” But no! He rebuked him. But what the Spirit said to Jesus: “Jesus, you can do this! You are born for this: to die for your friends!”

Hear the Spirit of Truth or the spirit of error! See them with the eyes of the spirit and not with the eyes of the flesh. I don’t want to see them as God sees them. It will be way harder to love them. I must see them through the cross, with the eyes of mercy. I must ask God to help me see them through the cross! God sees them as wicked, but I must see them through the cross and through His blood! I was not made to handle seeing them as He sees. “God, touch my eyes to see them rightly. God would much rather give mercy over judgment. But you will judge us all. So in your judgment, help me to see them in a way that I can still love them all!” Amen.

Shane Roessiger

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