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Many Christians get set free and go the rest of their walk talking how free they are. Getting set free from drugs, alcohol, adultery, fornication, and so on isn't the end of freedom. Freedom has just started. Now it’s time to kill the rest of the carnality in you. The thoughts, the mindsets, the desires, and the intentions that are of the world, that led you to all that. Many deceive themselves because they think freedom is finished. Then they go walking as they are holier than they actually are, thinking they are better than the world. Little do they know, their inside is still like the world.

The way you think is still like the world, and if you don't get free, your mind is going to slowly pull you back to your old man. This is why the Bible says we must be washed with the washing of the Word. The renewing of the mind. The changing and reforming of the mind. The actions may have changed but what goes on inside still exists. The only difference is that everything we say and think now we have labeled in Jesus’ name.

Do not deceive yourself, you must be born again, but now that you are born again, you must grow just as a baby becomes a child and a child who then becomes an adult. Yet if the baby never learns how to be a child, and the child never learns how to be an adult, life consumes that person. Just as the devil takes advantage of those who are born again he also deceive those who are still being fed by milk. He tries to lead them to perish for lack of knowledge.

Many have been set free from drugs but now their new drug is religion. Religion brings pride. God resists the proud. I’d rather be broken in need of deliverance than be put together with pride. Deliverance doesn’t stop at salvation. it has only just begun. That entitlement spirit you had in the world – it needs to go, that poverty mentality needs to go, that “every man for themselves” type of thinking needs to go, that chase your own dreams mentality needs to go, that love for money needs to go.

You still think like the world. Do not boast because there's still parts of you that are like that world. The same people you boast over, you still have similar ways to in comparison. You don’t see because you are focused on the actions of the body. Yet in the mind and heart, there's not much difference. Being born again is not the end. All be all.

Being born again is a brand, new start with God that you didn't get to have from being born in this world. Yet don’t be like Adam who squandered his fresh start with God by eating of the knowledge of the world. The knowledge of the world is the death of life in the kingdom.

Cool, you got saved. Now take the sword of the Spirit and start chopping down the branches, the fruit, and the base of the tree of knowledge of good and evil that has been planted in you since the day you were born. We must continually eat from the tree of life or our spiritual body will get weak. Just as our physical body needs food to survive, so does the spirit man. We need spiritual food from above to continue to live from above.

Some enter the garden where God is and because they never eat from the tree of life, God says I never knew you. In order to survive in this world, you need to eat, and in order to survive in the kingdom, you need to eat His flesh and drink His blood. This is the tree of life. That I would live off every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

Some eat from the tree of life but get tempted by seducing spirits to eat the knowledge of the flesh. Just like Adam, they spiritually perish from knowing God because they have allowed spirits and doctrines in unawares when God said don’t eat of it. We eat of it when we listen to the strange voice, when we listen to the voice of man.

Freedom is an everyday walk. He set me free but now I follow Him that He may keep me free. The voice of God sets me free and keeps me free. When He spoke, I forgive you, when He spoke and loosed me from my chains, He set me free. Yet tomorrow darkness is going to rise up seven times, and if I don’t fill the house, those seven spirits that tormented me all my life are on their way back. The things that I still think from before I was saved are going to try to rise up, and not only come to take over my mind, but it will spiritualize itself. Now the mindsets I had in the world are the same mindsets but with a godly twist on it. It’s called religion. God doesn’t mix with the way the world thinks. His thoughts are not our thoughts. We must continue to be set free.

That voice that said “be free” is available to me now. When that sin that so easily entangles me is near, that voice is also near. God has the way out of temptations. God has the way out of the things that still live in me that need to die. Freedom is not that one day that I changed. Freedom is where He is. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. You say you’re free, but the Spirit of God is over there and you’re over here. You say you are free but you’re saying XYZ and God is saying ABC. Yes, Jesus set you free but now your bound up again.

Now you’re doing your own will again. Your will was the problem in your life before you were even born again. Sin was your master because your will was your master. Yet just because you gave up your will for a day and He touched you, whose will are you going to pick tomorrow? Because if it’s your will, you’re back to square one again. Yet if it’s His, then you can really say who the Son sets free is free indeed, but to be set free by the Son you must follow the Son. “Any man that comes after Me must deny himself, pick up his cross, and FOLLOW ME.” This is a continual walk.

Deny himself and pick up his cross. What are you denying? What are you doing with that cross? You are slaughterer your old life. Your ways, your will, your thinking. Without doing this, you cannot follow Jesus. You will be double-minded. A double-minded man can receive nothing from God. How can two walk together lest they agree. The flesh wars against the Spirit, and here you are trying to obey God, but every time you try to obey, there's a war in your mind and heart. You can’t get it together. You keep basing your foundation on that one day that Jesus touched you but you don't understand you’re standing between two kingdoms. Your foundation isn't fully set yet because the way your mind thinks and the way your heart feels is still relying on the flesh.

God is saying, “Serve God or serve Baal.” Every day is a choice to follow and obey God. If it was just a one-day thing, then He would have NOT said “ if any man come after me, he must deny himself, pick up his cross, and FOLLOW ME.”

We have been renewed so that we would get a chance to follow Him, despite our faults, despite our wrongdoings. He paid it all that we MAY believe, that we MIGHT believe. Yes, you have been washed by the blood but now you must continue to believe and continue to be washed by the blood, and not just what He did at the cross but He said we must eat His flesh and drink His blood. Receive and believe on His words and sacrifice. These things keep us in Him and these two things make us free and keep us free. He said whoever does this will REMAIN in me.


REMAIN - read John 6:56. "He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him." So, if He is saying you have to do this to remain in Him, then what He is saying is nothing is for sure. He is saying it’s not once saved always saved. He is saying, freedom is not just a one-day thing. God is saying, “I am” freedom. He is freedom. We need to remain free. When you tell people that you are free, you don’t want to be counted as a hypocrite. Most people say I’ve been set free by Jesus. YEA! Five years ago, when you got saved, but now you’re even worse than before your salvation. Before you got saved, you admitted you were blind and you couldn’t see. Yet now your blind, yet you say you can see. The only people that are worse than the world are the religious people. The Pharisees were worse than the lost and it’s because they think they know Him but they are far from Him.

You may have been set free but are you free right now? Are you in Him right now? To be with Him is to be free. Who cares about yesterday? Yesterday was awesome but it’s all for nothing if He’s not in our today. Your past encounter may have been awesome with Him, but how come you never encountered Him now? Where is He? Where are you? What is He doing? What are you doing? Why are you two contrary to each other now?

Don’t talk about freedom when you’re bound up right now! When you were set free that was just the start. That amazing power and move of God when we got saved was only luring us closer. Was God wowing us that we would be His beloved? Yet will you abide with Him? Or will you just keep calling yourself Christian like the rest of the goats? You have received the power and have had godliness formed in you but are you now using that godliness without the power? Are you justifying yourself with your form of godliness so you can still feel like you’re one of His, so that you can feel like you got rid of that condemnation in your life?

There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus but are you still REMAINING in Christ. He said eat my flesh and drink my blood that you would REMAIN! What does remain mean? TO STAY. That one day that you got saved doesn’t account for all of your days. Don’t just use His name. Remain in Him and He will remain in you. This is not a one-day thing, this is an enduring until the end. This is about those that will finish the race, that will remain until He comes back. The Remnant that will remain away from the body of modern day Christianity, because many will fall away. The true believers, the true followers that go after Christ with all that is in them until the end. Remain in Him and He will remain in you.

By Joe Pinto

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