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There will be a time when many will be persecuted and ordained to martyrdom. Many say: “Well, can’t stop God. Well, I have faith that they won’t be able to kill me.”

Jesus had the power to call down legions of angels to stop them from killing Him, but even He submitted to His God-ordained death. There is time for all of us to pass on, and we can’t stop it. Not all of us are called to be martyred but all of us have a God-ordained time for this body to pass on to eternity. 

God won’t stop it because He has ordained it. We cannot stop what God has ordained. We’ve been so influenced by the prosperity gospel that we think we are untouchable. 

We are untouchable when we are in God’s will, but if God’s will is for you to move on, whether you be taken up or martyred, don’t start praying against it. Just pray that whatever may happen that it would be the will of God! Don’t pray against death because you are called to die! Now when the devil tries to take us out because we are out from the shadow of the almighty, we better be praying. Yet when we’re in Him, even death is a part of our cross to bear. 

Even Peter’s death was ordained. Jesus told him about his death before he even started his ministry. Was it God’s will to pray against that? No. It was God’s will for him to be a lamb led to the slaughter. To endure it. 

So, when the man comes to kill us all, are we going to pull out our weapons and fight them? What’s God’s will? We need to be instant in season and out of season in the Spirit of God and the will of God.

Some of us may be taken up and some of us will die. God’s not going to stop it when it’s your time. The problem is we have signed up for a Christianity where we’re never told about dying for Jesus. Dying for Jesus is a main part of the gospel! 

He said if you are hated remember that I was hated first. If you’re truly walking in Him, how can you not be hated? If they killed Him, what makes you think they won’t kill you?

If our Lord was killed, what makes you think that His servants won’t be? It is already prophesied that many will be martyred, and maybe some that are reading this post right now will be, and your death may already be prophesied in the book of Revelation. 

We are coming to a point in time when the persecution is reaching all four corners of the earth and people are saying, “They can’t touch us. They can’t stop God.” Tell that to Christians in the Middle East and China!

Jesus said to the king, you cannot kill me lest God gave you the authority to do so. And guess what, God did give them authority and they did kill Him. God is going to give authority to the beast. “And power will be given unto the beast.” 

“It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to conquer them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation.” Revelation 13:7

This was talking about the beast. Read the whole chapter. It’s was granted to him to make war with the saints and conquer them! You will have no choice. You can’t say, God, “but but…” No! Authority is going to be given to him to conquer the SAINTS. You won’t be able to stop it, but one thing you can count on is that your death will have purpose that it would be a testimony to the world. Jesus’ death had a purpose. We wouldn’t have life if Jesus didn’t die. 

People are praying against ordained things that are happening right now. You won’t be able to stop the mark from coming. You may be able to pray for more time but what’s prophesied is prophesied. What’s His will is His will. 

“Why, God, does it have to be this way?” Yet because of all this death real, Christians will be made and the false Christians will be revealed, and the world will know that because they hated Him, they will hate them also. It will be the ultimate test to see who really loves Him that they would put their life on the line. And those that are martyred for Him will reign with Him for a thousand years. His glory is now and our glory is later when we are with Him forever. This is His time now and then it will be our time later. To rule and reign with Christ forever. Kings and Priests.

Don’t try to possess this land, none of this land is yours. You are a foreigner here. Everything you have now is temporary. Your real riches are in heaven. Your reign and your glory are in another world that has no expiration but this body has an expiration date. When it’s time, don’t try to stop it because it is your cross to bear. It’s your time to be a witness to the true reality of Jesus to the world. If you can’t die for your faith, how can you live for it? How can anybody believe you if you can’t die for it?  How can you believe you? Yet because of the blood of the martyrs, many will believe.

By Joe Pinto

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