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One thing is knowing; the other thing is believing. You can know something and never believe in it.
Believing is the proof of what you know. You can know that God’s Word is true but if you don’t
believe in it, you will never have the benefit and the power thereof. So many have knowledge of the
Word but never believe, and because of that, they live in fear, and because of that, they are
tormented. But the Word of God says that perfect love casts out fear because fear has torment!
He who lives in fear does not live in belief. He who lives in fear is tossed to and fro.

If you let fear guide you, you will never have faith and boldness. The faith we have shuts down the
fear. Two masters: fear and faith. Which one are you being led by? Which one are you serving? You
will never be able to see the fruits of your faith if you are walking in fear. The devil is always throwing
out seeds of fear. Satan rules the world by fear. The “WHAT IF” does not belong in the kingdom of
God. We do not live in a bubble, but we do live in Christ. No “what if this” or “what if that.” If the Word
be true, then let man be a liar or the spirit behind those words that do not agree with God’s Word!

Read 1 John 4:16-18.

Faith moves God’s power. Faith pleases God. Fear moves Satan’s power. Terror is of Satan. Satan
uses demons to bring terrorism over God’s people. Many Christians are living in terror when we are
supposed to live in faith. Satan is a spiritual terrorist. Fear helps the terrorist to have its way. Fear is
used to control people. Worry brings fear, fear goes to doubt, doubt goes to unbelief, unbelief is sin,
and then we start denying Him. Then we start being in torment.

Matthew 6:24-34

Fear or faith. Which one will you serve? You can’t serve two masters. Some people who are afraid,
fear is their master. Their whole world lives under the power of fear. To serve God, you must have
faith; to serve Mammon, you must have fear and wants. Mammon is their provider and they will
follow his rules and regulations. You will become a slave of fear, then who is god?

Take no thought and worry not. Do not let your thoughts torment you. Because this is what the world
does. God knows what you need. Do not seek anything but Him. Take no thought for tomorrow. Do
not doubt tomorrow or the next year, or you will be living in fear, and you will be led by the tormenter.
Don’t take in any doubts of fear.

Read Psalm 23.

Death is our shadow since the day we are born. Death is the shadow of our life. It always is going to
be next to you. Even when we die, we live. Jesus took the keys and overcame the grave. Though we
walk in this world, we shall not fear any evil. David was facing death every day, but he did not fear
death. He knew God was with him all the time.

The Holy Spirit will always comfort us – He is that rod! Here we have the table of the Lord. But if we
are out there meditating most of the time on worry, we will be tormented when we are supposed to
be at the table of the Lord. Stay at the table of the Lord. Eat faith, peace, and joy at His table.
Remember the twelve spies sent to spy out the land. God said, “Go take the land.” He did not ask if
they could do it. He told them just to see what is there. Did He ask their opinion if they thought they
could do it? He already told them it was theirs and to go and take the land. It took obedience and
boldness to take the land. Whatever the Lord is giving us for the battle, it will work. We will win this
thing. We will be able to overcome and He will not say, “We won’t be able.” Many are believing in an
evil report. He said, “Go and take it,” but we must have tenacity and boldness! We must have the
faith to do it. What He says is true no matter what things look like in the natural.

“How can we do this?” “What if…” “We don’t have enough people.” “We do not have the resources.”
Blah, blah, blah. This is our problem. The what-ifs! What we have does not matter if we have Him.
We can’t do it but He can do it! We just must have faith. They that were spying the land saw a lot of
things, but worse than that, they saw themselves as grasshoppers. But the spirit of faith was inside
two of them: Caleb and Joshua. The others had fear and that was counted as unbelief and sin!

Faith proves your belief! Everyone says I believe in Jesus. No, you don’t because you don’t believe
in His Word. Fear is the evidence of unbelief. Worry is the evidence of fear. You can say words all
the time but when you face what you are fearing and you overcome it, that means you have real
faith. If you confess with your tongue but your heart is not in agreement, that confession is
powerless. You can confess that you believe, but without really believing, you can become one of
the ten spies. Do not use man’s laws to cover your fake faith. What they saw in the natural, they
confessed with their mouths. We do not plead with God out of fear. We possess what has already
been given to us with authority. What if they did not confess their weakness as they looked at the
land? God still would have seen their hearts. The result is up to Him, but faith is up to us. God will
not judge us on the effects of this world but on our faith in Him.

Read Ephesians 3:10-21.

When bad things happen, God’s people should not be in torment. Torment is the absence of faith
and the evidence of fear. We must be strengthened in the Lord. There is no strength if you are in
fear. Fear in your mind, torment in your heart. There is no joy in fear. You must be rooted and
grounded in love. In perfect love, there is no fear, no torment.

Read Ephesians 6:18-24.

There is no way to open your mouth boldly when you live in fear. If the devil sees your weakness, he
will see your fear. When he sees fear, he torments your mind. But when he sees boldness, he runs.
Read Philippians 1:10-17.

Confidence is a sign of boldness. If you are not confident, you are in fear. You may be speaking the
Word of God all day long but in fear. Authority has nothing to do with the volume of your Word but
how secure you are in His power, His blood, and His ways. You can’t be in love and in fear because
in perfect love there is no fear.

Read Psalm 91.

Who is your refuge?

The Lord. Who is the one that snares you? The enemy. Who is under His wings? You. So, you shall
not be afraid by the terror by night, by the news reports, or by social media. You shall not be afraid of
any kind of pestilence. It does not say that pestilence won’t happen, but it does say, WE SHALL

We can’t just take Psalm 91 and think that nothing bad will happen to us, but we can take it to
increase our faith that there is no reason to fear! He has set His love upon you, and in your heart will
be no fear. Even if we are in trouble, He will be with us! WE SHALL NOT BE TORMENTED.

“Father, we thank you because you are our shield and buckler. Our fortress. And in you, we have no
fear, no torment, and no lack! We will not fear death because you overcame death. Your blood
causes me not to fear death. We love you, God, and we trust you with our lives. We don’t want to
take our lives back when things get darker. Your Word is our sword of God. We shall not fear! What
can man do? Nothing. This suffering is not to be compared to the glory that will be revealed in us!
This world will not touch me. The lies of the enemy shall not torment me! Our mansion is in another
place. My roof in heaven is eternity. My walls will never come down. My grass will never get brown in
heaven. The glory of the Lord is my strength. No matter what I face in this life is not the Truth!

Reality is not in this world. It is in heaven. Father, we thank you for spiritual minds. Father, we will
believe in your Word. Great things will come because they are written! In the mighty name of Jesus!
At the table of the Lord are slices of peace, joy, and the overflowing cup of blood that washes my
sins away, that wiped my fear away! Amen.”

Shane Roessiger

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