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During this perilous time, many will be denying the power that will protect them – the power that comes with the preaching of the Word of God, the power that the cross brings in our life, and many will stop preaching the cross. Jesus always preached as someone with authority. We have people preaching assumptions and what they think, but Jesus knew that the Truth was the Truth and was hated because of the TRUTH. It was never “this could be, this might be.” He knew what was going on. He knew what He was talking about and believed it. You feel it. Once we are born again, we must have and walk and speak with the same authority. Unless we are born again, we will never understand what is really going on during these perilous times. It is not about a godly form but of the power of God being manifested – the power to be changed, to pray, to preach, and the power to stand! But the ungodly form always denies the power. They have something that looks like God but they deny by word and deed. God does not want a form. He wants the real deal.The blind are leading the blind. Whatever the devil tells them to do, they do without questioning. They can even find scripture to back what they are doing.

Read 2 Timothy chapter 3.

Read 2 Timothy chapter 4:1-4.

People are really believing that things will be great. How can it be great when there will be a great persecution? Many are working with the beast and the beast is working with them. When the wolf comes, the real shepherd goes and protects the sheep. But the hireling says, “I’ve got 99 already. You can keep one. I will send postcards all over the city and I will attract other sheep.” I will just give them what they want. Vanity is a popular message. They are not in it for real. They are just merchandisers.

The word says that everyone that lives godly will suffer persecution. Many are being deceived and have been deceived! Remember: abundant life is not the absence of suffering! Abundant life will remember that we are living for another age, it will know that we live from the inside out! Many are leaving a lot of stuff out, stuff that we need to know for the end times. This is not good. Selfish preachers! They preach and say what will attract people but will not attract disciples.

That is a big difference. Few people will endure sound doctrine at the end. We need a deep relationship with the Spirit and the Word every day. We must continue in the things that we have learned and heard! Many demonic doctrines are wooing many. Many preachers of Satan are ministers of lies. They shut down the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that shut down discernment. They take out Godly dreams and make you despise prophecy or words of wisdom and words of knowledge.

When we turn the Gospel to be about self or race, culture or creed, we have selfish motives. It is all about HIM, not me, you, color, race, or politics. Satan wants to pull sheep out of the fold by using their own wounds. The only cause we must follow is to lay down our lives. We cannot be involved in any other cause but His! Any other, any carnal cause, will keep you separate from God. Do not forget: There will be two churches: one led by the laws of the land and the other led by the laws of God. Do not be overtaken by your own righteousness! One will be led by His righteousness; one will be led by man’s righteousness.

I had a dream. That’s why I preached this message. There were young kids screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs in the faces of people who did not agree with them. I could see spit coming out as well. I knew it was rebellion and chaos. Then I saw a group of men like in Colonial times, ones with drum straps but all naked. Then one had on long john underwear, red ones. They were marching naked, so it was like our past was being stripped and the youth were all disorderly and lawless! I knew they were trying to and were stripping away America history, all that made the USA.  These youth were doing everything that scriptures pointed out would happen in perilous times. I am being careful how I am wording this. If you know what I mean, I leave it at that – insubordination.

Demas loved this present world and left Paul. Paul was a great preacher and apostle, preaching pure truth, and Demas left him. How many in this perilous time are already leaving, turning their backs on those who preach the Truth, just like Paul? People will not focus on the Truth that you preach but on anything else that you do not do. Just join the crowd and you will be fine. No. We are not of this world but are only in it for a season of time as pilgrims. Every man has been deceived by the devil since the beginning of the world. Let us be against the devil and not man! We do not fight against flesh and blood but principalities, not people. A corrupt institution will try to govern the church of Christ Jesus. Which law will you be ruled by? God’s law or man’s law? Many are exalting themselves above God’s Word, just like Satan, while they promise you liberty when there will be no real freedom.

"While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage." 2 Peter 2:19

Read Romans 1.

If you do not preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you should be ashamed. We are supposed to worship God, not the creation but the Creator, but many will and already are worshipping themselves. Many are shaking their fists at God and His ways. These are perilous times. That is why they turn the Truth to lies and lies into the Truth. You become the enemy when you are for the Truth. Those who follow the way of Cain and Balaam are trees whose fruits withered! They walk in their own lust and desires! If we don’t begin to love the Word, we will begin to love ourselves more than the Word and the Word is God. End-time messengers have heads of flint, harder than rocks. The truth haters are turning the grace of God into lasciviousness, preachers of man not of God. They are all around us, selling out to Babylon. This is a clear sign of the end time! People are coming against what they know not of because they do not have the Spirit of Truth but have the spirit of this age.

Read 2 Peter chapter 2.

Read the book of Jude.

Forerunners go to places where nobody has been before. They say things nobody is talking about. They are always misunderstood, rejected, cursed, stoned, and reviled.

Romans 16:1-20.

Mark them who cause division. Who causes division? Those who are contrary to His doctrine. Doctrines will always cause division. We must recognize these and avoid them. They love their own belly. They deceive the heart of the simple.

Read Philippians 3:13-21.

Press towards the mark more than ever! God will reveal them unto you. You cannot change people’s minds. Many will not believe that those even in your own family will turn you over. They love you when you are helping them, but they will not love you when they come to get you. If they do not hate you, you are not the one living the Gospel of Christ Jesus. If everybody likes you and do not hate you, something is wrong. Do you think you are better than the master? If they hate Him, they will hate you. We must constantly be in the Gospel! We must walk in the Truth! These cherry-pickers are making their own winds of doctrine for their own safety and popularity. Many love these nice guys, but blind leaders use scripture for their own needs and perversion. I am telling you with weeping that many are the enemy of the cross! To us, the power of the cross is the access to God. To us, the veil is being torn. To us is the power over darkness! They are constantly ever reading the Bible but never getting any revelation. Always reading but never coming to the knowledge of the present-day truth.

“Father, we know that we need you.” Woe unto me if I do not preach the full Gospel! It is not exciting when you preach the Truth because people will come against you. Perilous times are here. People are loving themselves, changing the image of Christ and creating their own image. We do not want an American Jesus, a watered-down Jesus, or a glamorous Jesus. We want the real Jesus! We want to die for the things of the flesh, even in the middle of our struggle! Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake! All these present days God has numbered. We are not going to change the Gospel to please man’s ears. “Father, do not let us be deceived! Do not forget our labors of love! Protect us for not compromising the Word of God.” 

It is so tempting to say what people want to hear it. Grow the church, they say. Grow the church means to grow into Christ. If the Word is not the head, it is not the Church. Jesus preached the cross and the multitude left Him. Are you ready to be reviled for the One you love and serve? Are you ready to follow him during this perilous time?

Shane Roessiger

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