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Today I will be bolder than ever! There are many gospels, many doctrines of the devil, and much confusion in the Body of Christ! But we will NOT let that touch us. We need to test the spirits all the time. God will use the five-fold ministries to help us increase in discernment, but He is the guide! Behold, He will send us as sheep among wolves! We must be wise as a serpent!

Read Matthew 10:7-42.

Beware of men. They shall deliver you up! He that endures to the end shall be saved. He that endures the fire, he that continues to make Jesus the Lord of their lives, he that continues to be faithful. You shall be hated! Jesus was walking love and they hated Him. The spirit of this world will hate the Spirit of God inside of you. We need to be prepared for what the Bible is telling us to be prepared for. One day all that will be available is what is of the devil! Take advantage, eat all truth you can find now. We need to be raised up and live in the garden. “When” and not “if” they persecute you, it says in Matthew 10. They will find more on us than they found on Jesus because He was perfect, and we are not. He said that no servant is greater than his master (John 15:20).

Fear not the one who can kill the body, but the one that can destroy both: soul and body! (Matthew 10:28). We must fear God. If we do not fear God, we will fear His enemies. We are His sons and daughters. God chose us to be here, to live through this season and time! He will give us the boldness to endure until the end. He handpicked you and me to be in these times. Wow! What a privilege! We would say in our heart and mind that He picked the wrong one. That’s a great attitude. He is a perfect God.

We must keep reminding ourselves of who He is. He is and has the final word! There is such a separation happening right now. Do not put your family first, above, or in front of you or God. If you receive Jesus Christ, you receive those who are sent by Him. You must recognize them. Jesus said that He did not come to bring peace (Matthew 10:34), a peace that comes from the flesh or the world. But He came to bring peace inside of you. So be wise.

Serpents are wise. We must consider what He is trying to tell us. We must be crafty, meaning skilled; subtle, meaning precise; and shrewd, meaning having sharp power of judgment and discernment. At the same time, harmless as a dove. But our swords must be sharpened. A serpent is precise in every movement. It is clever, alert, observant, and far-seeing. Serpents wait, plot, and move at the same time. There are millions of snakes out there. Why don’t you see them all the time? Because they hide themselves. But we, as the church of Jesus Christ, cannot hide. We must be the light of the world, harmless, and peacemakers. So how are we going be light and be wise as a serpent?

What is going on now is that a little at a time is being taken away. A little here, a little there, until one day we will see and have a New World that we know not of. The end game is God, Christians, and the kingdom of God. We need to stamp out all the elusive gospels and their spokesmen. We must see all the false teachers and all the empty clouds.

Read 2 Corinthians 11:1-19.

We must put our focus on eternity! God is spirit. It does not matter what color skin He came to the world in. He is God. All of these are end-time distractions. Religion always looks at the outward man. Now so badly many have gone from focusing on garments to skin color when we are all one in the Spirit with every tongue and tribe through His blood that has washed us clean. We are focusing on everything that can complicate things. We must stick to the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ. The preacher of grace, Paul, was rude in speech, but he was preaching the real Gospel of the kingdom. People think that being nice to people is to love people. It is not! We must get the right definition of it from Him who is pure love: Jesus Christ. Worldly perverted love has been brought into the churches so no man can tell you what love is. Only Christ has the definition. He owns it. If we look at His life today, people would say He is not kind and loving.

As we read Matthew 24, we find out why we are so adamant at exposing false teaching of peace-peace-prophets! Satan himself has sent his own ministers inside the churches for many years. That is why I want to be ready! We cannot preach any other gospel before the end of time. God winked at so many things but to be deceived by satan or doctrines of the devil is serious. The atrocity of such delusion! Persecution and tribulation have been here since the beginning of time! The enemy will come against us, they will rob us, they will put us into jail, they will try to kill us, that is called tribulation. To Christians, persecution has been here since the beginning.

What is the sign of His coming? Pay attention to what is happening around you. Some people will not even want to hear this message. They are foolish because we will go through some things, but He will be there with us.

All that I am saying, watch! Be alert! Be wise as a serpent! False brotherhood! It is already happening. Choose to know nothing but Christ crucified! A friend knows what his friend is doing. A servant does not know all the master is doing. He just follows orders. But He has called you “friend” (John 15:15)!

Take heed that no man deceives you. Do not let them tell you that the warning was just for back then, it is for now more than ever! Everybody is following winds of doctrines. All are distractions that have been used to get us out of focus. Doctrines of devils trying to enforce the religiosity on us.

If you are blessed right now, thank Him! Because your blessings are not promised tomorrow!

Persecution will come from every color, every nation, and every culture. So be ready! Do not sugarcoat what you are seeing. I am having dreams and more dreams of the end time. There are so many things God is showing me right now. But I have to be wise as a serpent as well, I must only share what He tells me to. I will not prostitute His gift. We must and need to be ready to die for Christ. You cannot die for Christ when the time comes if you don’t live for Him right now.

What is the sign of His coming? Read the Word. It is there! It shows to us when it is time to run for our lives. Woe unto you that gives suck! They may kill your baby if you do not deny Christ. Are you ready for it? I can see a strong spirit of religion on those who believe that we will be kept from these warnings from Christ. Wow! What ignorance! I have to say what He tells me because one day I will stand before God. Truth will push lies out of our midst. Every time we preach Truth, we are stamping out lies. That is my job.

Psalm 91 is for us, forever. If they did it to the master, don’t you think they will do it to you? Do you think you are better than Jesus? If you are the elect, if possible, they will deceive you. To be able to deceive the very elect shows how strong the delusion will be. But for the elect sake, God is shortening the days for us so we will not be deceived. He loves us!

God will gather His elect from all the four corners of Earth. When you see these things, He is at the door! As in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the man be! Who cares when and how, let us just be ready! Let us just meet Him! Let us be wise as a serpent! If we fear death, we are fearing the author of death: the devil! Let us all fear the Lord only!

Which watch is Jesus coming? Nobody knows but He is coming. Coming Just like a thief in the night, nobody knows when. A faithful and wise servant will always be found doing: Doing whatever He told you to do. He will come in the day that some people are not aware of. So, we must be watching and waiting for His coming.

Read 2 Thessalonians 2.

The man of perdition will be revealed – the one that was spoken of in the book of Daniel – will come as God, showing, and presenting himself as God. We have some time left but it is so little time. What are you doing with that time? A lot of lying wonders will begin. Pay attention! Many have not love for the Truth. Evil turned into good, good to evil, lie turned into truth, truth into lie! This is the time we are living in. God will gather together those who He has chosen unto Him, unto salvation, those who have believed in the Truth. They tell you that He is coming, but they do not tell you to be prepared. They will tell you to flee from those who will make you ready! They are peace-peace perverts.

Read Revelation 17.

The blood of the saints has been shed since the beginning. So many have been in persecution for a long time. A harlot is drinking the blood of the saints. Some people want to stay a baby in Christ. We must seek maturity to be able to face this time and season. Everything connected to the anti-Christ we must avoid. If you try to save your life, you will lose it. The war with the saints is already happening but it will be intensified. But the war of the saints also is already happening at the same time. When we preach the truth, when we go after the lost, when we confront lies: This is the war of the saints standing for Christ!

God never promised us that we will not suffer! He promised to be with us! When they crucify us, they are crucifying Him again and again, but it is going to be worth it all! Well done, good and faithful servant!

I cannot even pray a prayer out of my own self. All I can say over you and me is this: “Father, lead us right where we are supposed to be! Your kingdom come; your will be done on Earth. Every day, give us our daily bread, deliver us from evil every day of our lives, fill us with all righteousness, change us from glory to glory, increase our faith, send us to the nations, give us boldness even when we are afraid to speak for you. You have all the power! You have proved your love for us, and we want to prove our love for You. Not by works, but by faith in you we will walk this narrow way! Thank you, Jesus, you are so good! We want to trust you even more! Help us to take up our cross, O Father! Teach us how to be wise as a serpent, every day and all day long! Amen.” Shane Roessiger  

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