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What does a well have? Water. Who is the living water? Jesus Christ. He is our salvation. It is not a one-time prayer. It is Jesus. We are living in Christ, our living water is in us, but why sometimes do we feel dry? It is because we forget to draw water out of our salvation. In this well, there is peace and joy! “It was finished” for Jesus Christ, but now, we need to complete the work that is written in His book for us to do and that is going to take a lot of water. God is our strength and our shield. We must learn where our joy and peace come from. If we do not draw from His well, we are drawing from the wrong well. Therefore, we still feel dry and thirsty again. The well is inside of us because He is inside of us. 

“Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation. Therefore, with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.” Isaiah 12:2-3. 

Read Isaiah 12, the whole chapter! 

Just like with the woman at the well, if we only knew who He is, we would ask Him for a drink from His well! Jesus said He will be that drink, that well springing up inside of us. Some of us forget to pump the well. Do you know how to draw water out of it? Faith! If we do not have faith in it, it will not pump, and the well will get dry. Christ Jesus is an everlasting fountain. We must remind ourselves. Our identity is not what we see on our birth certificate anymore. In us, there is a well of water springing up to everlasting life! So many just take a sip from this foundation and they get religious. Are you drinking up from His foundation? 

Read John 4

I say this today, “Give me this water, Jesus Christ!” We must drink from this well of salvation every second, every minute, every day! We have the right to tap into this well more than ever! We must be a beneficiary of this well. Drinking the living water is an act of faith and believing and asking. It is having relationship in the secret place. 

Jesus exposed this woman’s heart with His gifts. So many secrets can be revealed by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And He made all dead things to become alive. We can freely drink of the well if we walk in the Spirit. When we start walking in the flesh, the well gets dry. No pumping, no faith. The veil has been torn and the river is always flowing from heaven. How many are drinking from it? Not many. We will be stoned, things will get darker, and they will try to stop the Truth, but our well should never stop running. Do not wait for a well after you die. Do not be waiting for things to get bad to start pumping. Out of our belly shall flow rivers! Not out of Jesus’ belly, but out of our belly! We are one with the well. The well is always available! Because He is in us – His Spirit – we have our own well. We will drink and taste that the Lord is good. We must tap into the benefits that He died for us to have. We have access to it by inheritance and faith, not by the works of the flesh but in the Spirit. 

What clogs the well? Offense, pride, false expectations, sin, hate, fear, looking for your own justice, condemnation, and rebellion. What pumps the well? Love, truth, faith, giving, mercy, obedience, trust, repentance, holiness, righteousness, boldness, humility, and picking up your cross. 

The more you deny yourself, the deeper your well will go. The deeper you go, the cleaner the water is. Deep is always calling to deep. 

It is important to know from which fountain you are drinking because there is a counterfeit well. How do I know where the water I am pumping comes from? Every time you drink, you are thirsty again. Nothing comes out of it. Man’s well is temporary and superficial. This is what the carnal church is producing. To pump from the right well, you must be doing His will. Stay in His will. Do not let the enemy cut your hair, Samson. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Leviathan will cut your well dry. If the joy is our strength, He is our joy. Isaiah spoke about the wells of our salvation. We know now Christ is that well! We must rejoice in the God of our salvation. 

Read Habakkuk 3:12-19

How deep do you want your well to go? The throne of grace is where the living water starts flowing. The lower you go, the more the water will flow. I want to be at the lowest place, a place of humility. Boldly, because of what He did. The fire we go through is to preserve us for the day of redemption, for the great and terrible day of the Lord. Why play around with evil thoughts, with the devil? Why kiss a harlot when the King is with us? 

Are you a well without water? Many look like Christians or say they are Christian, but their well is without water. In Jude, it talks about clouds without water. Why? Because deep clouds are supposed to have water! That is what they are made for, so are Christians, to carry His living waters wherever they go. 

So, we can be wells or broken cisterns. I choose a well springing up into life.

“For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.” Jeremiah 2:13.

“Create in me a clean well, God,” “Make your Spirit my guide,” not the spirit of this age, not my will. The only free spirit is the Holy Spirit. Any other free spirit is a false spirit! 

Read Isaiah 61. 

The enemy wants us to shut down our well. In the old times, it took a lot of pumping. In the Old Testament, it took a lot of work, but today we have electricity. We have pumps and all we need to do is flick the switch! Flick the switch and get your water flowing. Get the pump flowing. Faith is the switch. 

We are called oaks of righteousness. Oaks have deep roots that reach deep water. We are those oaks of righteousness. We are the planting of the Lord. I have seen some trees pulled out by storms, but an oak tree of righteousness will stand! We must stand firm. We cannot live only by John 3:6, but we must eat the whole book. When a storm comes and some trees with no roots are plucked up, they become flying missiles in the hands of the enemy, flying objects destroying things, instead of being the shade, the protection, during the storm. 

Everlasting joy shall be unto us! It does not matter what time we live in. We have an everlasting covenant. Now we are identified by the scars on His hands and wounds on His side. Our joy shall be full! This is our Father’s plan. If you love Jesus, the Father loves you! 

We come with communion with his blood and His body, not with crackers and grape juice in religious tradition but in communion. We have the joy of our salvation, again. This is not just the cup of sorrow but also of blessings. Jesus had His cup to drink. But if you do not pump the well, you will not be able to drink yours. Everybody has a cup to drink. Taste and see the goodness of the Lord. Satan will use his body – the world – to kill, steal, and destroy. But God will use His Body to give abundant life! 

Just like Noah prepared the ark, we must prepare our body for burial. Holy and acceptable unto God, oracles of God, not opinions but oracles of God. They killed the one that has more love that the entire world, do you think they will spare you? 

Read John 16: 22-33

Do you believe that He is the eternal living water? Do you believe you can pump the well? Do you believe that He is the only Way? Do you believe that you have free access to His always flowing well? Everything that you need is right inside of you. 

“Father, teach us to tap on this well. Teach us to live from the inside out.” We cannot live by what we see, but by Him. The Holy Spirit led Jesus to the well. He is leading us to the same well. Jesus is saying today, “Let it rip! Let that well pump!” Jesus is speaking these things to us so we can have peace. He wants to lead us to the example of that woman because she became a walking well. So shall we! 

“We bring our hearts to God as an offering, that blood right there was taken and put on the mercy seat. Father, deliver us from evil and restore in us a clean heart and a pure heart. Father, forgive us. Today, we have decided to pump the well of our salvation, that well that never runs dry. We, as your sheep, feed ourselves with your blood and body! You told us to share your blood and body. The freedom, the pureness, the joy, we drink it all up! We are buying with an exchange for Him, us for Him! We enter the benefits of the cross! By faith, clean hands, not looking for what is in the natural, we take it with faith. I will not let what you did go untapped and for nothing. Fill us right now, Father, fill our well! Let it flow! Like rivers of living water!” 

Shane W Roessiger

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