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Anti means against. To be anti-Christ is to come against God. Christ is the image of God. He represents God’s ways and God’s appearance of what God looks like. How God thinks, what God wants, and so on were all seen in Jesus. He said I am in Him and He is in me.

Anti-Christ is anti-God because as we said, Christ represents all of what God looks like, His ways and His words. Jesus said that He was the word made flesh. He is the mind and heart of God made flesh. To come against Christ is to come against God’s ways and words, and to come against His ways and words is to come against Christ. 

“And that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God.” 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

Who opposeth all and exalteth all that is called God. This is the antichrist spirit, the kind of person that comes against things that are from God, words that are from God, righteousness and holiness that is from God. Anything that God establishes or puts in the spirit or world, these types of people oppose. These are those that are antichrist and there are Christian antichrists. 

Anti-truth is anti-Christ. All truth comes from God, and when I oppose it, I oppose God. He is the Spirit of Truth and all truth comes from Him. Many will be turned over because they love not the Truth because they love not God. They love not righteousness, they love not holiness, they do not love the reality that God intends for us. They don’t love how God created us and what He created us for. 

It doesn’t matter how much you say Christ’s name or profess Christianity. If you don’t love His Word, you don’t love Him. He said He was the Word. He said if you love me you will obey me. To obey His Word and do what He says is to love Him. That’s the only way to love Him. Even if you “say” you love His Word, if you don’t do it, you show that you don’t really love it.

Then there were those that received the word with gladness but the thorn and thistles, the worries, the riches and lusts of this life choked them out. If you care and worry and love the things of this life more than you love the truth, it shows your anti-Him. He called you into existence and created you for a purpose and you choose to live your own life. That’s rebellion. How can the clay say to its potter, “What are you making me?”

You may know the truth but what do you love more? Many know the truth but they pretend not to know because they don’t want to accept it, and they believe and give into illusions. 

Many want to live in a fake reality. They love liberalism because they think being liberal is free. No control. Yet it’s free for those who want to love ungodliness and live a life full of wickedness but it’s not free because it’s a world where God and the truth are non-existent. Is that really free? To be free is to be in Him. 

The anti-Christ is all over the church today and it’s every so-called believer that praises Him but their hearts are far from Him. The nearer we are to His Word, the more we show we’re really for Him. 

“Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son.” 1 John 2:22

This is the one that denies that Jesus is the savior, the one that doesn't find their hope and trust in Jesus, the one that denies the truth that comes from the Father and the Son. 2 Thessalonians 2:10-11 says that many will be given over to a strong delusion because they love not the Truth. 

I had a dream and God spoke to me in the dream and said, “Everything that’s going on in the world right now is judgment on those that do not love the truth.”

On those that are anti-Christ. That want to live in an unrighteous, self-willed world without God. This dream brought relief to me that I should not worry about what’s happening in the world because God is in the lie. When Ahab repented, because he still didn’t want to hear the truth from the prophet, God put lying spirits in the mouth of Ahab's other prophets.

Just like Ahab, because many don’t want to hear the truth and want to hear good words that entertain the lusts of their hearts and the reality that they want. God is putting the lying spirit all over the place so that those that are blind can be led by the blind because they say they can see. 

People don’t want to know about the ungodliness. They don’t want to know about the sins of their nations. Therefore, judgment has come to them and they are proving even more that when the anti-Christ is put in power, they will serve him because the antichrist spirit is already at work in them. 

People are worried about the antichrist son of perdition to come but really, you’re already serving him if you have that antichrist spirit, if you’re full of the spirit of this age. When the antichrist comes, he will embrace his followers. His followers are all those who love not Christ and the Truth.

It says those that worship me will worship me in spirit and in truth. If you don’t love the Truth, if you don’t love His Spirit and what His Spirit is saying and doing, you don’t love Him! Simple as that! He is the Spirit and the Word - that’s what makes up God’s DNA. So stop with your lip service of Christ because if you’re out there getting angry and taking part in the issues of the world, you are deceived. 

We’re called to call people out of it, not enrage people more about it. The world will always be evil and will always have problems because the devil is still the little god of this world, and until he is thrown into the furnace, evil will always exist. The world’s problems will still exist. Christ is the hope of the nations.

The mark of the beast may be a physical thing one day, but you may already have the marks of the beast if you’re worshiping the image of the beast. Christ is the image of God, God’s ways and Word. The beast is the devil’s ways and words. So, when you live in the devil’s way of life and truth, you’re marked. You’re already in line to receive the physical mark. 

The mark of the beast and the antichrist are all going to be a judgment on the wicked that believe a lie. Christians that take the mark will prove and show that they were anti-Christ all along. God says don’t take the mark and you take the mark, you’re anti-Christ! You just showed it by not obeying Him!

You don’t obey His Word? Then you don’t love Him, and if you don’t love Him, you love a lie. And if you love a lie, all lies are antichrist. Everybody is serving a christ. It’s either the anti-Christ or Jesus Christ. One day atheism will be eradicated forever. All will serve a god. It’s either the one who calls himself god in the end or God, and you will have to bow and worship him says Revelation if you want to be able buy and sell and live. 

All those who are really for Christ will reject the beast and its image and they will be like Daniel and his friends and not bow to worship. Yet you may be bowing to its image now. 501c3 church? You’re already bowing! Compromised gospel? You’re bowing! Lukewarm? You’re bowing. If we’re not 100% for God then we’re 100% for the antichrist.

They will call him God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha. It’s called one-world religion and the nations will bow and worship him. Who do you serve today? What lifestyle are you living? This already shows if you are for him or not and shows if you will bow to the one-world leader.

All those who love not Truth. Those that are really for Him are the ones that love what He loves and hate what He hates. Anyone else living less than that, this is the anti-Christ spirit amongst you. 

“Children, it is the last hour, and as you have heard that antichrist is coming, so now many antichrists have come. Therefore we know that it is the last hour.” 1 John 2:18

In John’s day, years and years and years ago, they were saying it was “the last day,” “the last hour.” We need to get a grip and stop waiting to the last second to buy oil. Before any of us in this decade were born, it was the last hour, the last day. People think they will buy oil when the “NWO” and the antichrist come on the scene but don’t realize that the antichrist is already on the scene.

It’s the spirit that lives in vessels that are not filled with the Holy Spirit. It’s been working on you and preparing you for years to get you worship and bow down to the beast. The antichrist is here, he’s already your god. Repent those who are asleep and awaken to love.

Awaken to Truth! Awaken to the love of the Truth, and you will be counted worthy and stand with and for Christ in the end. Just remember, if they are anti-you, it’s because they are anti-Christ. 

By Joe Pinto 

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