What is your life? A vapor that appears for a little while and disappears. How many vapors have come and gone? Billions of vapors. Billions have been born; billions have died. Here today and gone tomorrow. We have about 8 billion souls on Earth today and over 100 billion have vanished. All vapor. That is why we must consider eternity!

Our hope, our trust, must be in Him. Not in this country, not in a man, not in any executive branch, or in the constitution, not in science, not in horses or chariots, not in a system of religion, but in Him – in Christ. The world will put their hope in all man’s agendas and in their schemes, but these are all hopeless. If we hope for things that the world hopes for, we will become hopeless. We must put our hope where hope needs to be – in Him! Put your hope in Him and that will account as a righteous act. Hope is in Him, in His Word, in His kingdom, and in His ways.

Read James 4, Romans 4:18-22, Psalm 20, Isaiah 12.

We must draw our water out of the wells of salvation, in Christ’s foundation. We must draw our joy out of Him. We put our eyes on our hope in Christ. Our faith is not in our own work. Our faith is in the Word of God. The world thinks it is right all the time. Everything that looks right, or we think is right in the world, will bring forth death. I don’t care how good it looks; you will become hopeless. We should have hope! We should have that firm foundation in Christ. This is not a gamble. So many people are so afraid to be all in because they do not really believe. Our hope will sustain us and will help us to get through. Lack of hope will cause us to be weak in our natural body and in the spiritual body!

Read 2 Corinthians 4:1-9.

God should not be hidden from us if we are born again, but only for the world that is lost. God loves justice but you will never get justice outside of Him. We must stand and stand for God. We cannot put our hope in anything but Jesus. God cannot help the world because the world hates God. We were lost but God found us. Everybody that wants to find God,

God finds them. If anybody is not found by God, there is a reason: they may not love the Truth. So how lost can you be? Only as lost as you choose to be. Loving the world, loving the ways of the world, and resisting the Truth are how we stay blind, lost, and hidden. The world is like a lost and found bucket that God has. He is digging in this gigantic bucket to find those who are believing, repenting, and seeking Truth. Then He finds them. Desperation is needed for God to find someone because that is a sign that we believe that He will come, and we are in need of a savior.

Read 2 Thessalonians 2:1-13.

The Truth is available for them, but many don’t want it. They push it away! If you want justice, you already got it: JESUS CHRIST on the cross! So put your hope in Jesus – the author and finisher of our faith. The world will never be right! Every culture and every color will face the unrighteousness of this world. So, run to Jesus. Trust Him. Nobody ever got more injustice than Jesus! History always repeats itself. Why? Because Satan – the god of this world – is a liar, a thief, and a deceiver working the same way since the beginning of time through media, false prophets, and half-truths – through rebellion and pride. So, when things get so dark, man will say, “It’s just too bad – let’s reform it.” Then things look like they are getting better but Satan, selfishness, and sin are always in the mixture. Deception, greed, hate, and every evil work will be at play. Therefore, if we eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we will always be going up and down like a seesaw.

If we are the temple of God, those in the world are the synagogue of Satan. The good news is that before we had a death sentence, but now we have the sentence of life! Before we were saved, we were vessels of the devil no matter how good you think you are. God is the creator and Satan is the perverter. The Earth is on loan. It is God’s footstool. So, all is under His feet. When I make my petition, I will go before the throne of grace full of faith, boldness, and hope! In this world, we need to stand for some things or to be against some things - like all injustices of the world. But we cannot put our hope in them.

Read Ephesians 2:1-5.

Our hope must be in His Word. The only hope for the world is in us! It is in those who have the blood of Jesus. If we put our hope or our trust in anything else, we will be tossed to and fro, hopeless. We must know that He is with us! The disciples were walking with God when Jesus was walking with them. They walked in confidence! Jesus was right there. The minute Jesus was taken away, they lost hope. This is our problem: we forget Him when we cannot see Him! We must, by faith, see Him right next to us all the time. Remember what He did before. Put your hope back in Him. When Jesus disappeared in the flesh, the disciples lost hope, because they had put their hope on the results. That hope will not go anywhere if you put it in Him. The kingdom of God is not by observation. So, do not put your hope in what you can see and don’t lose your hope because you cannot see.

The disciples had to wait for the promise. Your hope is in His promises. Emmanuel, God with us! Emmanuel, hope with us! When they were filled with the Holy Spirit, people started noticing them as they had noticed Jesus. This nation is not under God. It is under the god of this world. There will be no pure justice until He comes! That is a fact. We can see through history that we are always on the seesaw: better against worse, worse against better. Up and down and down and up since the beginning and it is getting darker and darker. But we have this hope of eternal life.

Read Romans 8: 24-39.

You want hope to rise in you? Pray in the Spirit. Do what you can in the natural, but our hope should not be put in anything that is tangible. He is perfect. We must put our hope on His scales! If not, we will be bitter and have a hardened heart. When we put our hope in His justice, His mercy, and His scale, the scales on our eyes will fall off more and more. Do not love the world or the things of the world. Love God because you cannot love both according to God Himself.

Read Ephesians 4:1-6, Proverbs 13:1-12.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick. So, let hope come alive today!

“Father, fill us with the hope, with the treasure that only you can put in these vessels. Let this temple be full of hope – our hope is only in you, Jesus. You are the One that wants mercy over judgment. Father, let our hope arise inside our being, our inward parts, the deep parts of us. Our God is You, not our belly. Our hope is in You, not in chariots and horses, not in anything we can see with the natural eyes. Our hope is in You and You in us. Christ in us the hope of glory. We are the hope of the World. In Christ, we have our hope. All provision in heaven comes from our hope in You!" Shane Roessiger





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