The heart is a place where the issues of life come out of. The Bible says the heart is deceitful and wicked. If we rely on our hearts, our hearts will deceive us. A heart departs from God when a heart departs from His Word. But God is greater than our hearts. We must give all of it to Him.

It is our heart that defiles us. The only way to be happy, to have joy, is to give God all your heart! If we keep just a little part, that little leaven will make our entire heart wicked and leavened. I want God to have my whole heart! I will not hold back any bit of it. We must learn how to guard our hearts because out of it flows the issues of life, so if life is not flowing then the only other thing that will flow out of it is death. 

Read Jeremiah 17:5-12, Matthew 15:17-19, Mark 12:30-33. 

If we keep just a little bit of our heart, that little leaven (offense) will leaven the whole heart. Our actions cannot override what our heart does. When we hold back our hearts from Him, we hold back our life! 

Read Leviticus 17:11, John 6:51-58. 

Life is in His blood. We must drink it. Whatever is proceeding out of His heart must proceeds out of ours. If you eat of Him, you shall live by Him. It is the heart that transports all the blood throughout the body: body in the natural and in the Spirit – The Body of Christ! So if one bad apple spoils the whole bunch, what is possible that a bad heart could do? 

People who have a bad heart even in the natural cannot have a normal life. They will have circulation problems, numbness, swelling, and pain – the same thing that happens in the natural will happen in the spiritual realm as well. One bad heart in the Body will stop life from flowing throughout the Body of Christ. We see what Jesus said about it: if your left hand offends you, cut it off. It is better for a left hand to go into hell than the whole body. 

We constantly need our heart flowing with life! The Word says our hearts are deceitful and even wicked! What it means is that it will deceive us if we let it! God has given us control over our mind, our will, and our emotions! We must take control! 

Read Proverbs 4:20-27. 

God says that it is our job to protect our heart. With all diligence! A doer of the Word gets the benefits of what the Word is doing. We are the keepers of our hearts. 

Everyone at times is misunderstood or lonely. Everyone is attacked by something or someone! Everyone is persecuted at some level or mistreated directly or indirectly! Everyone is liked and disliked by people! Everyone faces people, places, and things that will hurt our heart! 

But if we give God our hearts, if we let God be the real owner of our hearts, He will protect it. He is the only one that can wash it all the time! He is the one…the redeemer, the restorer, the cleaner, the purifier. We are the ones that guard but He is the one that keeps our hearts. 

Life is in the blood. Only Jesus can give us a new heart! Only Jesus can make all things new! Life is in the blood of Jesus. His blood gives us eternal life. It has power to give us life now! 

Read Ezekiel 11:19-20 and Ezekiel 36:25-28. 

God said that He will give us ONE HEART, a new Spirit within us. He will take the heart of stone and give us a heart of flesh. Therefore, we need to give Him all our hearts! 

God does not force the cross on us. He does not force His power on us. It is all about surrendering our hearts. If our hearts condemn us, we have Jesus who is greater than our hearts. All is all! Some is some! God wants all our hearts! We just give some of our hearts. If we have allowed some things to get in, now we need to let these things come out. When we give Him just some parts of our hearts, we get religious and joy cannot flow. 

Jesus is the living water. We must put His water on that clay – our hearts. Therefore, we must hate religion that is not pure or motivated by love! Because in a religious system, we learn to give a portion! We hold back the parts we want! The Bible tells us those are the parts that iniquity can breed in! It just takes a little part for iniquity to breed in our hearts. Therefore, God tells us to love Him with all your heart, all your strength, and all your soul, and all that is within us! Do you realize that this is why they cleaned all the guts, all the parts of the sacrifice, and burned them all, even the guts? All is all! 

Read Mark 12:30-33. 

True worship means someone who guards their hearts. This is what blesses the Lord – this is what true worship is! True worship means loving the unlovable, loving your enemies! Today! We must give all our hearts. Some have a hard time even loving their friends! Why is that? Because they have not given Jesus all their hearts! Our love and our hearts are conditional but His is pure. 

Possibly they loan it all to Him but when they get mad or want to take control, they take it back! The minute things do not go their way, they take it back from God! God does not want a heart on loan. He wants to be the owner of it. 

Some people cannot even love themselves. Why is that? Because they have not given Jesus all their heart! We must love the good part, the bad part, and give it all to God. 

When you give all your heart to Christ, this is what you can do: You can trust; You can live; You can love; You can laugh; You can cry; You can dance; You can sing; You can play, even when you are mistreated, misunderstand, misused, abused, and hated. 

We came out of debt! But when we start looking for our debtors, we are putting ourselves in debt again! Do not put your hand to the plow and look back. If you want to look back at all the things you left behind will be right in front of you again. 

We must learn to guard our hearts - If we have given Jesus all our hearts, then even if the worse thing happens to us, we will still be able to walk in peace and joy. 

The kingdom of God is not a conditional kingdom that moves by our environments and our surroundings but by the heart! We must get what the kingdom of God promises by having a pure heart! You remove the promises away from you when you do not give your whole heart. Your heart is where life flows! We must have a heart that is unconditional! The world can love those that love them, but only God can help us love all people! That is the power of Grace: A yielded vessel. 

When we keep parts of our hearts, we live in a conditional world where our hearts are only moved by what we feel, what we encounter, and what we like! A heart not fully submitted and given to Jesus makes us conditional creatures! So, our day is good or bad based on people, places, and things – conditional! That is not the kingdom of God. But the kingdom of God is unconditional, steady, unshakable, unmovable… 

Read Luke 6:45-49. 

When we take our hearts back from God, our mouth will start speaking something different than our spirits. We start reacting and acting to people, places, and things! We are never happy, why? Because everything is based on what we hear, what we see, what we feel, and what we do when the kingdom is not by observation. In these last days, we must seek a pure heart. Jesus did not stop loving Judas. Or Peter. He says that He wants us to be like Him. 

If we take back part of our hearts, we start getting blind. We just see good and bad. We never see the treasures in earthly vessels when we do not give Jesus our heart. When we do, He will keep it clean! We will live in a different state of mind! We will obey what He says instead of obeying when we feel like it or when it is best for us. We need to obey just because He is! 

What we do is for Him. He died for you! So everything we do is for the kingdom of God! Our expectations about people will mess us up. If we do it for God, our expectancy is always on Him. I do not love you because of you or me, I love you because of Him. 

I owe Christ to love you. We owe man nothing but to love them. This is Christ’s will. 

So, everything we do is for Him. When we do anything for any other reason, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. The world is full of faults, failures, and frustration. Jesus shed His blood so He can have all of these yokes! If you have a hard yoke, it is because you are carrying yours, not His. You are holding it in your heart. 

Read Matthew 11:28-30. 

This is our promise: to find rest for our soul. But only if we are meek and simple. Those things I mentioned above can be part of our life! Out of our hearts flow the issues of life! So anything we hold back from Jesus is holding back life from ourselves. Jesus is the purifier, the filter! He is like the dialysis machine! To get a clean heart, we must go through Jesus’ dialysis machine. The heart pumps blood but the kidneys filter that blood. We must go through Jesus’ dialysis machine: His Word, His way, and His power! 

If not, we keep contaminating the Body. We keep contaminating ourselves, our whole body! But He does not force the hookup to His dialysis machine. He does not force His love! He does not make us surrender all! He does not make us give Him all our heart – That is the beauty of the dance! It is fully our surrender! When we say things like “He stole my heart,” it is no actually true. Because He does not take anything by His force or power. It means He captivated our hearts! He rescued it! He is transforming it! He is reviving it! 

Out of our heart flows the issues of life. What are your issues in life? What are the issues in your life that are issues? What issues have you not given to Him? Are the issues flowing out His life? Are your issues still controlling your life?  

It’s one thing to be saved and have eternal life, but another is having life right now! Being in a conditional world but living with a loving unconditional heart that belongs to Him makes the light shine! A prideful heart is a heart that cannot see! Ask Him: “Jesus, we want to see you and be seen by you! Give us clean hands and a pure heart!” 

Read James 4:1-11. 

Anything asked upon your lust you will not have because your heart is not pure. When God has your heart, you are humble. When you take your heart back, you are prideful. 

Read Psalm 24:3-5. 

We must have submission, surrendering, and acceptance towards things only He can change. Do not try to change someone when your heart is the very thing that needs to be changed. 

What is happening all around in these last days is that Satan is masquerading! Finding someone he can devour! If you hold back your heart, Satan will find a place in your heart, in that place that you have not given to Christ.  Who shall stand in His presence? Only those with clean hands and a pure heart. When God has your heart, you do not look for justice, but mercy, we are always seek restoration in the spirit of meekness, always  clothed with humility! The one taking the offense is the one Satan will devour. The only beautiful bloody mess was on the cross, not a sword fight among brethren. 

Read 1 Peter 5:5-11. 

If Satan can get past in your heart, He will not get past Jesus. God said to me: "Some people have become and are becoming a professional offense carrier!"  Meaning they are learning how to look normal and to act normal but deep down they are carrying all the offenses that they will not bury! So that offense is burying them, killing them spirituality, and hardening their hearts! 

Satan twists and convinces them that they have a right to carry offense and, in that, they are becoming deceived! They are being tormented by their own demons and have become friends with them. – They would rather keep their wicked heart instead of giving all their hearts up to God. The Word says: “If today you hear His voice, harden not your heart in the day of provocation!” In that day your heart is tested! During a bad day, harden not your heart, during a misunderstanding, harden not your heart, during a betrayal, harden not your heart. 

Read Hebrews 3. 

Today! Harden not your heart! What happens in real life with “hardening of the arteries?” Real life physical “hardening of the arteries" occurs when substances build up in the walls of arteries. These deposits are called plaques. Over time, these plaques can narrow or completely block the arteries and cause problems throughout the body. 

These plaques are like little offenses, regrets, unforgiveness, hurts, strife, and turmoil. These plaques are blocking out relationship. Blocking out life! Blocking out the flow throughout the whole Body! Like what happens in the natural, some of you are about to have a heart attack or a stroke in the Spirit! God is bound by His Word. Let the blood flow! Let the life flow! God wants to revive us today! We repent for holding back life. We are called to have the issues of life flowing throughout the whole Body again! When we are not flowing Jesus out, when we are not flowing life out, we are dead, and we need to be revived! Revival is for the living (people in the church), not for the dead. The dead in the world need to be resurrected! You can only revive what was once alive or about to die! 

Wherever you are, let us bring our hearts fully, completely before God. This is communion time. We are drinking His blood. We are eating His flesh. Communion done by the Spirit! Not a religious act, not a traditional act, but a spiritual dialysis! His life for ours. Our hearts for His. 

Right now, we would like to encourage you to take the elements of communion and take communion with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit! 

“Father, we take communion with you today (if you want to, get the elements and take it). We repent for giving you just a little bit of our hearts. We repent for giving the other parts of our hearts to the enemy. We trade our hearts for yours. We believe there is life in your blood. Father, pour your water over us today. Wash us! Father, revive our hearts and relationships and our burning desire for you! We cannot rely on our own hearts. We break our hearts like an alabaster box. We do not want a heart that is sick! We want to hope again. We bless and do not curse. We want a great aroma, the fragrance of Christ.” 

We are in agreement with your Body that was broken on the cross. Give us the joy of our salvation, our happy feet back, we want to dance with you! We want to move you! We give back to you all the parts of our hearts that we were holding back! We give all our hearts to you! Forgive us of all iniquity and sins! We take your blood for life today! We believe that there will be a spiritual exchange as we drink your blood! Freedom! A heart full of Jesus! We cast Satan out of our hearts. Thank you for your blood that makes us clean, that makes us white as snow! In Jesus’ name.” Shane Roessiger 





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