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Name it and Claim it


If God names it, you can claim it!

Let’s break this wide open. Let’s unmask a doctrine that has been rampant in the church for years and has affected generations, and let’s reveal what God’s version is.

They say “name it and claim it” but they are really saying be your own God. They say “name it and claim it” but they are saying fulfill your own lust. They say “name it and claim it” but you receive just dust. 

James said ask and you shall receive, but if you ask amiss to spend it on your lust, you receive not. In other words, if you ask out of your own will, you will have not. Our own will is our own lusts. Our will wants opposite of what God wants. For the flesh is at enmity with the spirit.

For years people have been teaching that whatever they see they can have. Whatever they want they can have. If you want a million dollars, claim it. If you want a better life, name it. This is all a doctrine of devils. Any doctrine that gets you focused on you is of the devil. The devil’s desire is for you to have what you want because in it he gets what he wants which is destruction of self and rebellion against God. When we live for ourselves, we live against God.

We need to redefine the context of this “name it and claim it” teaching to understand what God really means by this. We need to break every last strand of this “name it and claim it prosperity gospel movement” and bring the unadulterated Word movement. Without spot or blemish. Let’s get real, most of us have been a part of this movement and have seen nothing.

Slowly but surely, we have or were becoming more lukewarm and colder as we went on with this, being drawn away by our own lust. This type of doctrine gets us to focus on the world and on the things of the world.

Oh, God says name it and claim it? Let me look around at what I can have! Let’s look around at the things that I want! Let me look at myself and see how I can please myself. You see how demonic it is? Look who has become the God again, it’s you.

Then you say thank you Jesus for all the THINGS I have, yet all the things you have, have now become idols. All the THINGS you have are now destroying the best thing you had which was Jesus. Our focus on Him is the most precious thing we have, and this type of thinking destroys our focus on Jesus. Yet after these things are fulfilled in us, we thank Jesus, but really, little do we know, we’re not thanking Jesus – we’re thanking Baal.

When we entertain these doctrines, we are entertaining Baal, the god of self. The god of pleasure. Now the devil is so attached to this doctrine that he literally becomes the people’s god and just calls himself Jesus. Then the devil starts actually blessing people to deceive people.

Blessings doesn’t mean it is God. The devil can bless you! If the devil can bless you and prosper you to claim you and name you as his, he will do it! And here you are claiming and naming it as he’s claiming you and naming you as his.

Let’s not get too far out of this because there is a kingdom version of claiming and naming. 

“And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” Matthew 17:20

Did that say if you name it and claim it, the mountain will fall? No! It said if you have FAITH! What is faith? Faith is the assurance or the absolute proof of something that exists invisibly. Faith is a knowing of something that is real in the Spirit. So, when authority is actually released in the Spirit to someone to cast down a mountain, faith makes it known that authority is there. As the person moves on that faith, the authority that was unseen now becomes seen. 

Yet the authority was not released or existed when something seen or visible named it. It was when God, the invisible, released the word and it was so as the person, the visible one, claimed it. If God names it, you can claim it! 

If He names it and says you have all power and authority, you can claim it. If He names it and says take the land, then you can claim that land! What is it that God is naming! Whatever it is, you can have it! Yet this requires you to hear Him and to know Him. How can I know what He has for me if I don’t know Him and hear His voice?

Abraham heard God say his barren wife would have a baby and he claimed it and stood in faith! Moses heard God say I will deliver the Israelites and he went into the land and claimed their deliverance. He heard God say He would part the seas and rain the quail. Moses claimed it as God reigned it! It was never Moses that decided and said, “Hey, I want to part the Red Sea. Let’s go command them to open.”

No! Moses heard God and then declared them open! We need to hear God and the devils will flee! The mountains will fall and the lepers will be healed! According to HIS WORD, it shall be done! Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God!

Real faith is not something we can come up with in and of ourselves but it is when God speaks rhema out of His mouth and activation comes. Faith is activation of something spiritual turned physical. Yet God can speak but if we don’t hear and come in agreement with that faith, with that word, it never comes to pass. When two or more come in agreement it shall be done and one of those two is God. We must come in agreement with Him!

There’s God’s part in which He speaks as a creator and our part to agree and then comes manifestation of that creation. His Word and our agreement are what makes up faith.

It’s time for a new generation to start claiming things and start seeing it come to pass as other people watch in awe! People are trying to call down fire from heaven and looking foolish because no manifestation follows. Yet now is the day for people to claim their faith, to bind and loose things, and to actually see them bound and loosed. 

God is the only one that has the power to bind and loose anything but now we are coheirs! And now when the Father says for something to be released, we can echo His voice and command it to be released. When God says be loosed, we can say be loosed! When God says be bound, we can declare and decree it to be bound! That is faith! That is what it looks like to name it and claim it. A father and son(s) partnership that is going to turn the earth upside down!

Are you His son today? Are you his daughter? The spirit of Elijah is here to restore you to the Father! Don’t be a prodigal and waste your inheritance naming and claiming worldly things to waste on your lust! If God wants you to have it, you will have it. We need to trust Him.

Have an ear to hear what He is saying, have a spirit to discern His plans! As you hear and see in the spirit, it shall be yours. Adam was eating from the tree of life. To eat from the tree of life is to eat of His words. As God saw a name for each living thing, Adam declared each living creature their name. Adam had manifest dominion and power because his ear was inclined to the ongoing Rhema word of God, and whenever he moved on that Rhema word, he moved in faith.

Faith was the segue and still is the segue for the spiritual to turn physical. As God has dominion and power over the whole earth, we have dominion and power with Him, and as He speaks, we do and have and eat of the fruit thereof. 

If God names it, you can claim it. If He decrees it, you can declare it. As He releases authority, we walk in that authority, and as He has dominion, we take dominion. Father, you name it and we will claim it! 

By Joe Pinto


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