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When we worry and fear, we are actually taking matters into our own hands because God has our solution, and instead of relying on Him and going to Him for our answers, we trust in ourselves by thinking what can and may not be. We have to hear from God to know what is to be, what His plan is. And in this, my fear gets resolved, my worry is nothing to worry about. Fear leads to control, worry leads to doubt, and doubt leads me to try and figure it out. 

Worry and fear lead us to give in to things that are of worry and fear. Where are worry and fear from? Satan. There is no worry and fear in the kingdom except the fear of the Lord and the burdens of God, and yet even that burden is light. 

To fear and worry about sinning makes you sin even more. These things keep us conscious of darkness, sin, Satan, and so on. The more we worry and fear those things that we focus on, and when we focus on those things, we become those things. What we behold is what we become.

Jesus said if your eye be single your whole body will be full of light. Who is the light? Jesus is the light! As we focus on Him, we are filled with Him. Let our eyes not be double-focused or else our minds will be double-minded. Going from faith to fear to fear to faith. Faith is from God, and as we focus on God, the source of our faith, faith fills us. Faith is imparted. To stay in that place of faith impartation, we must keep our eyes single on Him. Single means only, only on Him.

When fear and worry come, we have to divert them. We have to ignore them and focus the eyes of our heart and mind on Him! On His voice, on His word. On Him, on Him. He is our stability. He is our comfort. He is our way out. He is our comforter, He is our deliverer. He is our everything. He is! He said “I am.” So what is it that you need? What is it that you’re missing? What is that you want? What is it? It doesn’t matter what you’re going through.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a dark place, a good place, or a bad place. He is! He is the way! He said, “I am” “The way.” He’s the way out, He’s the way in, and He’s the way around. He is! And now He has filled us. You don’t have to climb a ladder. Just tune your ear to hear Him. Just turn your heart to the Kingdom of God inside of you.

Turn your mind to the mind of Christ, He will seak, He will move, He will do, what He said He would do. He will make you whole. Just bring your self low. Bring your mind low, bring your emotions low, bring your heart low. Shut it all off and let Him turn you on! 

Let your mind die, let your heart, let your emotions and everything die, and He will raise you to life. If we be dead with Him, we will be raised to life with Him, in Him, and by Him! 

He is! He said, “I am.” Whatever you need, want desire, have, or don’t have. He is it. Healer, deliverer, and savior. Come to Him. He will do it, and it will not be by your strength, or by your might, but by His spirit! Awaken to love, and let love do what love does. It raises the dead. It brings life to the leper’s body and it brings stability to the unstable! Awaken to love! Awaken to the provider of your need! Awaken to the filler of your desires! HE IS!

By Joe Pinto! 

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