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 What saves me? Faith, but Jesus. What heals me? Faith, but Jesus. What delivers me? Faith, but Jesus. Our faith activates Jesus. Our actions are the door to Jesus. It was faith that Jesus heard. It was faith that Jesus felt. It was not the need, or He would go around doing miracles by the storms. But Jesus was only moving where He could find faith. Jesus was only moving to where the Father led Him because faith was at that place.

What pleases God is faith. What moves God is faith. Never only the need. Every one of us has a measure of faith, and it is our job to increase our faith day by day.

In Luke 7:48-50, Jesus said, “Thy faith saved thee.” In Matthew 9:28-30, He said, “Your faith made you whole.” Faith in His righteousness, in His Truth, in His Word. Faith in Him is our testimony. We must have on the full armor of God to fight this battle of faith. There is an invisible enemy. Our invisible enemy is principalities in high places and the enemy uses flesh and blood to fulfill his plan. We cannot war in the flesh. We must see that the battle we are in is in the Spirit.

In Ephesians 6:10-18, it talks about the armor of God. That is the Word of God. We must submit any fear to the Word of God. The world is using a visible filter (like a mask) to stop an invisible enemy. But we need to use an invisible filter to fight the enemy. It is called faith. We do not fight against flesh and blood but Paul gives us a flesh and blood example as a gladiator, a warrior and a soldier in the natural, to help us to understand the war of faith we all are in. We must believe in Christ. He is the armor: His Word, His righteousness, and His Truth. Faith shields darts coming from the invisible enemy – satan and demons. If I live in fear, I will start eating from fear. The filter needs to be working on our minds. I cannot stop people from giving me bad reports, or bad news, but I can filter what I hear with the Word of God, with the Gospel. We fight back with the Word of Truth since we do not fight against flesh and blood. Faith must be our filter to everything we hear. We can’t let lies and negative reports enter in our minds and hearts.

My filter is my faith! Whatever comes to my mind, I need to filter through faith in the Word of God. Filter it out! Filter all the time! We must be filtering all the time or we will receive it as truth. Even if it is a fact in the world, that won’t affect you. Facts in the world are lies in the kingdom. Statistics only operate in the earthly realm. We must not meditate on things below.

We cannot agree with what is going on if it is outside the Word of God. Whatever imagination comes in, cast it down! Filter it through faith! If it does line up with the Word of God, keep it! If it does not, filter it! Never allow in your mind the things that you hear in the natural or what the enemy makes you believe. Always filter it all with faith.

Philippians 4:6-13 shows us how to filter things through faith. Be careful for nothing but make your request known unto God. If you lose your peace, you did not filter a thought by faith! If I am walking in the Spirit, I am walking in peace, in the will of God. That is the kingdom. Whatever comes at us, every dart, block it with faith.

Faith is a filter that will help you focus on whatsoever is Truth, on whatsoever is good, on whatsoever is pure, on whatsoever is from above. Meditation on anything else will cause you to fear. Hope deferred makes one’s heart sick. Our hope is in Jesus. That hope is in us.

We, the real Church, are the manifestation of real faith. We are the proof of who He is. The Church should be the greatest sign and wonder. The Gospel does not have to be proven; it has to be lived. Religion always tries to prove Jesus. But Jesus’ proof is the resurrection. Now we are the proof. I am the proof. The light is the proof in the middle of darkness.

Our peace is in our divine place in God. Paul said that things that we have learned and received and heard in Him are what we must meditate on. Anything else has to be filtered by faith. We can do it by faith. Only by faith. Faith was His filter. Faith must be our filter. What do we need to filter? Lies, unbelief, witchcraft, accusations, and so on.

In the letter of Paul to Timothy, we see how human they both were. He was teaching him to focus on something not from this age. Peter stepped out on the water and faith was activated. But what did people in the boat say about Peter? “You are crazy.” “You are all going to drown.” “Who do you think you are?” Only imagine what he had to filter out to step out!

Faith activates pure wisdom. Without faith, you cannot get the wisdom of God. Some people keep blocking faith and calling that wisdom, but that is not how it works. Wisdom that comes from above never exalts itself above the Word of God. This is not a faith movement. It is a relationship movement. Without faith, there is no relationship with God and no communion.

The Word of God is not bound. We should never exalt this earthly reality above the heavenly reality. Many pray for healing out of panic, out of suffering, out of their desperation or out of their soul ties, but not out of faith.

Read Hebrews 11:6 – How do I come to God? Boldly. You cannot be bold without faith. You will crawl back as a dirty sinner. If you don’t have faith, you have fear, why? Because you have not filtered it by faith. Believe the Word and you will be rewarded. Believe the devil and you will be tormented. Filter out all the time.

Noah heard God and feared God, and he did a tremendous work. What if he had not filtered out the mockers through his faith in the Word of God? Imagine all of the marks outside the boat of people trying to getting in. It never rained before but it did on that day, and it rained because Noah believed His Word. Jesus will not sit at the table of the devil or of fear. There are two tables. There are two doors, faith or fear. Just like there were two trees – there will always be two choices to make. What we eat will be the evidence of what we filter out.

We are called to be preachers of the Gospel. We must keep the Word of God above everything. When the Word of God is in your heart, you filter all you listen to automatically. Ephesians 2:8-10 says that by grace we are saved through faith. What we do does not save us, but faith in Him

saves us. People will say that you are testing God when you are walking in faith. Let them say whatever they want. We are not jumping out of a building skyscraper. We are doing what the Word says in faith. That is the proof that we believe.

Read James 2:14-26. People have a lot of faith, but it’s faith in the government, in themselves, or in their bank account. I have never met so many people with so much faith but with faith in the wrong things. What you filter will be seen by what you do. People will know those who are filtering and when they are not. Your faith will be made perfect by what you filter out! We are fearless gladiators made for an invisible war. The only thing that pleases our Father is faith.

Faith activates everything that was released after the cross. Start filtering today and make sure that only faith will please Him.

“Lord Jesus, I thank you because I believe in your Word. And I have faith in you and what you did for me on the cross. I believe that you love Me, and you will protect me. It does not matter whatever fiery dart comes, you preserve me. Jesus, you are the author and finisher of my faith. It is not me, not my works, but my faith in you. I filter, I cast down every lie of the devil, every thought of bad reports, by faith in your Word. We believe that He rose, and we will rise in faith, also! Faith is a filter, and we will start filtering everything today! In Jesus name!”

Shane Roessiger

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