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People were trying to find things in Jesus and could not find anything – then they brought false accusations against Him – which is one of the abominations in the Bible. These people that I am talking about were not even people in the world, but those who were supposed to be men of God, those who were supposed to know the “Bible” – the Torah, the scriptures. Jesus called them all a “brood of vipers” because they were venomous.

Venom paralyzes you and takes over your organs, little by little. Python chokes the life out of you. Spiders spin their webs to trap you, and they will catch you and then entangle you. These venomous people speak evil of holy people. They are anti-cross. When this thing bites you, you can feel the poison. Words that try to make you question yourself when freely received.

Does anyone know how that bite feels? Jesus did. Real prophets of God do.

Jesus said if they know the Father, they will know Him. So because He said that, you also can say, “If they know the Holy Spirit, they would know you.” Jesus did not have time to go deep into these statements – and explain them – it was not the time. But now He has His Spirit – for over 2,000 years – with His Body, generation to generation, bringing everything to light. Some are of the Body, some are not. Some are just goats. You must know Him. If you do, you are confident. They hated Him without a cause. They will hate you the same way. Jesus said it.

The Pharisees could not shake the words of Jesus. They were Truth. They could not make them silent! His words drove them nuts. Jesus was dismantling the system that they used to manipulate people and feed and promote their own idolatry. Some now are making the letter an idol. Their own knowledge is their god.

The same spirit that was stoning Stephen is stoning many prophets today, just plain anointed vessels of God, but with their words. Especially when the prophets begin to speak truth to them: They start to say you are a cult, you are in error, you are too heavenly minded, you are too radical, or you don’t know what you are doing. Steven brought forth words that were birthed from the Holy Spirit. The last thing he said to them was that they always resist the Holy Spirit. He was speaking about a religious spirit. He was speaking about the religious poisonous folks, those who are rebelling against the Spirit of God and hiding behind their own knowledge of the word like fig leaves. He talked about the Holy Spirit and Jesus and brought to memory all the other prophets that they killed because they did not want to follow God rightly. The prophet killers use scriptures to bring heavy burdens on men’s shoulders. They use scriptures to make people just like them.

We must try to keep ourselves in the peace of God. Do you fear the unknown or do you fear God? If we fear God, He will make known all that is unknown. When you feel connected and you feel someone trying to disconnect you, be careful. That is a spirit of python, of religion.

Who stoned the prophets of Israel? It was Pharisees and Sadducees! Men of the cloth, men of the scribes, men of different sects of Jewish traditions! We have them today – they are the modern Bereans! They are the ones who try to find eternal life in their knowledge and works.

They hate boldness. They hate confidence. They are poisonous asps!

God will use His prophets to expose what is false, and He will not use or work with religious spirits. But He does it in a non-abusive way! He will not use hypocrites!

So I looked up venomous and these are the three that popped up, in this order: snake, spider, and lizard. These are the three types that Jesus and the Bible use to show something with the natural eye that has a spiritual meaning.

Snake venom paralyzes us. It stops different organs from functioning! The spider uses manipulation. It waits to entrap you – it holds things over you! It catches its prey in a net. They want to catch your words so they can get you to make a little mistake, then you are a false prophet. They are demonic messengers. Some of them are very poisonous.

Lizard represents leviathan - argumentative, prideful, and arrogant. Quick to attack, leviathan comes from brothers and sisters who are filled with jealousy, the spirit of Cain, and religion. Judas had a leviathan spirit. Sowing discord among brethren is how leviathan works. Its foundation is pride, and it wants to exalt itself above the Spirit of God.

The religious spirit is a python spirit! It will choke the life out of you! It will choke the Holy Spirit out! It will choke the freedom out! It will indirectly give glory to man!

The Bible even speaks about a poisonous asp being like people’s lips. They are all like poisonous asps. They are all caterpillars that have venom. All of these are spoken about in the New Testament and all have venom. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. They turn boldness into pride and humility into being afraid to argue with them so you must be wrong.

Psalm 58:3-4 says, “They go astray as soon as they are born, speaking lies. Their poison is like the poison of a serpent, They are like the deaf cobra that stops its ear.” Words that spread poison stop ears from hearing. Many infants in the faith are playing by the cobra’s den. They are toddlers in the faith who are reaching into the cage or into the nest of snakes. Therefore, we want to protect the sheep.

All three of these are symbolically used to refer to Satan! Religion and perversion, pride, and even a bad poisonous asp! All of this will affect your freedom. It will affect your life in Christ. We are the body of Christ. We are all certain parts of the body. Every joint supplies to the other parts, so they want to shut that part (the prophet) down. So venom will shut down and paralyze your gift.

Some ponder why God has made such horrible creatures! Do you ever think maybe this was done to be able to see a picture, to have things come to life! Think about it! Words coming to life! Just like He uses swine.

I was feeling the poison of some venom, and as I sat, I pondered and thought, “If anyone knew what it was like to be bitten by these human vipers, it was Jesus!”

I am not perfect, but He was! He had a right. I have none! He took all that the devil had to throw at Him and had it all nailed to the cross with Him. Words are the most powerful tools the devil uses to put witchcraft on you! When you add “God said” into what the devil is saying, it’s divination, and it causes real Christians to be afraid to be wrong with God. They are never wrong.

He did that for me! I need to do it for Him and for them. That’s our cross! If I hate religion and self-righteousness, He must hate it even more! You can tell when someone is not about building you up but breaking you down, even if you preach hard like I do, but it’s hard against the devil or deception.

His precious words were: if they hate you, they hated Me first! If they keep His words, they will keep yours, also! 

It’s so hard to deal with modern-day Bereans or scribes (theologians) because their source is taking passages from the written word to justify their perverted doctrine of scripture mixed with carnality! But with no Holy Spirit, they will still be blind.

Jesus also said, “Beware when all men speak well of you; so did they to the false prophets.” Why is this?Because if you are of God, Satan will use many poisonous people to try to stop you, paralyze you, and shut you down! But God’s people try not to fight against the flesh and blood but against the spirits and principalities, in prayer. Even when we see a brethren in error, we have the heart to restore them in a spirit of meekness. We try to expose with light, not with slandering and accusing. We will set an example. For example, we do not sell books, we give them away for free. Forerunners lead by example, just like Jesus led us to the cross by example!

Prophet killers are always trying to warn you about what is not God instead of showing you the Holy Spirit, the manifest presence of God! These signs shall follow you, but they will accuse your signs as works of Satan. Because their sign is an accusation and because God does not back them up, there are no signs and wonders. So, they must demonize you. They must give a reason why they have no signs just strife. So it must be the devil. The brood of vipers did the same to Jesus.

They do not even realize they are moving in forms of blasphemy! Because their god is fear-based! Their god uses venom, but our God uses the power of the cross and TRUTH in love.

Religious people are always fearing the unknown! But if we fear God, He will make all things known! Sheep trust God and, in that, will always trust people. That is if they have the faith of a child. That’s what satan wants to do, to kill our childlike faith.

The horrible reality is that most of these haters mask themselves as holy, righteous, and of God! Inwardly, they are ravishing wolves! This is the difference: light exposes; darkness slanders. Light loves. Darkness divides. In the religious and in the eyes of humanity, things look amazing! But for sons and daughters of God, it does not! Do my works make me great, or is He great?

The spirit of the age is all around, holding hands with religion! But greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world! False love is being exposed! No one can fake love for too long! Fruit must be seen sooner or later! Therefore, Peter had a hard time seeing how God could save people outside of his culture.

Can you imagine being so close to Jesus like Mary was, and she was not even one of the twelve? But she was such a friend! So loyal! So close!

Do you think Mary was ever shaken after seeing Him crucified? Besides the friendship they had and her loyalty, she knew Him! Imagine the confidence she had! Imagine the boldness! You know they hated her for that very reason.

Mary must have been one of the most confident women ever! She knew Him so closely that nothing could shake her! She saw His love and His mercy and His passion, and His righteous anger! But He did everything He said He was going to do! I wish I was her in that time. Imagine the hope she had!

This is how God wants us to live with the Holy Spirit. No matter what bites us, we must just shake it off in the fire and keep on walking. This is what Jesus said in Mark 16:18, “They will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them.” By no means shall hurt us! Where there is a real prophet, there is always a fire pit with many poisonous things thrown in. So I prophecy long life to the real prophets of God. We may be persecuted but are still alive! We may be cast down, but still blessed! We may be bitten, but we are NOT HARMED, by NO MEANS, at all! Shane Roessiger

MORE IN THE WORD: Matthew 23, Luke 11:42-54, Acts 7:35-60, Luke 9:48-56

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