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There’s always an agenda when we do something by the Flesh. The only way to rid all of our agendas for good is to walk in the Spirit!

The Flesh glorifies the flesh, and Spirit does the same for spirit. Our fleshy deeds get glory when we work through our own hands. The scars of the heart get revealed when the heart labors. The mindsets get exposed when the mind starts to work. The body does all its inheritance of wrong when it moves on its own. 

The laboring of our flesh, the laboring of our own being brings death. Cain was a representation of fleshy laboring. He was a hard worker, in the fields producing little. While his brother Abel walked in the easy yoke and fed the sheep. We have two workers in the end. The workers of Cain and the workers of Abel. The ones who work the earth, and the ones who work heaven. 

The ones who strive, and the ones who thrive. Cain progressed by hard work and Abel barely broke a sweat and completed all that he had to do. Abel did more with less work, and Cain did less with more work. Religion is always pounding the ground, pounding on the earth to get what it needs to receive. Heavenly vessels receive impartation. Heavenly vessels are freely given.

Everything in the Kingdom is freely given, everything in man’s kingdom is earned with hard work. Which laborer are you? The one with earthly works? Or the one who’s works cannot be burned by fire because their works are invisible. Fire cannot touch invisible things. The fire can only burn physical things. 

When we stand before the judgment, our works will be tested by fire. The fire is God. Some labor by physicality by flesh, and some labor invisibly by Spirit. The flesh labors for the physical and Spirit for the invisible. In the end, the Spirit will burn up the flesh, but if you are spirit; how can you be burned? 

When God sees the work of His own hands inside of a vessel, He approves of that vessel. He is the only one righteous and He can only approve of Himself. That’s why we have to get as much of Him inside of us. 

When He looks inside of us, He is going to be looking for a mirror. And that vessel will show themselves true because they lived by the one who is true. That vessel proved that they lived by the word, the word that proceeded out of His mouth. If the earth was spoken into existence without labor, if the light was spoken into existence without striving, why must our life be any different. 

Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. This is the destiny of every believer. That you would learn and begin to live by every word that comes out of God’s mouth. Every word that comes out of God’s mouth is living. Every word that comes out of God’s mouth is released without striving. It releases impartation and manifestation. Everything not spoken by God is labored and strived for. 

He’s is the author and the finisher of our faith. Except, this author doesn’t write. He speaks, and when He speaks, it’s finished. Jesus was able to say it was finished only because it was written. And it was only written because it was spoken. And when it was spoken it was finished, but it wasn’t actually finished until He said “it is finished”. It wasn’t finished until He said yes to what was finished. And as Jesus saw what was finished in heaven, He finished it on earth. And He could only finish it on earth because the mouth spoke in heaven and it was finished.

Jesus was only able to complete the finished work of the cross because He was completing the finished work of the mouth of God. Before Jesus walked out His whole life and fulfilled the work of the cross, it was spoken to happen. And when it happened, it only happened because it was spoken. 

When God spoke it years and years before., He released grace and ability without labor for Jesus to do it. Before the foundations of the earth was grace given to the Son of Man to walk out His destiny. And so, it is time to come to pass for those who have been seen and foremade before the foundations to walk in their destiny without labor. 

He says, “Before you were born I knew you, I formed you in your mother’s womb.” That means your destiny was already made before you were flesh. Before your flesh, your spirit was. And before the fulfillment of your life’s destiny is the grace released to walk in your life’s destiny. 

Grace comes by the word, and manifestation of that grace by power. The root of these three elements: Grace, power, and manifestation, is the Mouth of God. The Mouth of God is The Word of God. It was the mouth of God that spoke years before Jesus faced Satan in the wilderness that saved His life. Grace released before the foundations. Before He could overcome, it was written. And it was written because it was spoken. 

And it was written as a testimony to prove that grace was available. The written was not needed because the mouth spoke, yet the written only proved what the mouth spoke. The written is a testimony of the mouth of God. Now it is time for our bodies to be the testimony. 

Now it is time for our body to be the proof of the words spoken by the mouth of God. Epistles read by men. This is the last and third testament, your body. In the Old Testament, it was Jesus, and in the New Testament, it’s you. In the old covenant, it was the book, yet in the new covenant, you are now the walking talking book prophesied from the new and the old book. “I will write my words on the tablet of their hearts.” The Old Testament was spoken for Him ahead of time, and the New ahead of time for you. And now you, the new book ahead of time for His pleasure for eternity. 

The old book was written for the living, but the new book (you) is written for the dead. The old book was written that those that were living would not become dead. And the new book is written that those dead would become living. 

Both were and are a written testimony, written proof for the things passed and the things to come. They are proof of things spoken. You are the testimony, you are now the proof of things spoken. Now you are the manifestation of things to come, you are the book of revelation. You are what those prophesies are all about, who and what they are centered around. 

Now is the time for you to say it is written. Now it is time for you to be the manifestation of things written. Now it is time for you to say it is finished. That what was spoken and what was written about what was spoken can now become manifest in flesh. The grace has been released ahead of time, and we read so that we would now allow what is in our destiny to come to pass. We read so that we can know what we are going to be a manifestation of. Jesus learned for 30 years who He was before He walked in 3 years of the manifestation of who He was. That when opposition would come, He would not question His identity. 

God loved His son so much, He made His own word written and plain as day that He would complete the mission. And just like with Jesus, the book was not needed because the mouth spoke. Yet the book was there anyway, to prove and bring remembrance of what the mouth spoke. It was not written for the devil, not for the world, yet for the mind that is called to face the world and the devil. The word spoken about Jesus was like a wall of fire around His mind. 

It kept the devil from penetration. The words written were already set up to be the protecting walls around Jesus’ mind when the devil was to come attack. It was spoken, but it was written for His remembrance. It was His study guide for His test. It was written at a time for a purpose, yet it was fulfilled when the one it was purposed to was manifest. The written never had any power, but the written testified of what did and does have power. 

And now the words that were spoken for us, are written. They were purposed for certain things when written. Yet now the ones it was purposed to will see and remember and have proof of what is to be manifested to them. The Sons of God. When they see their manifestation written, it will remind them of what the mouth spoke. 

It is written to remind them, “The mouth has spoken!” Thousands of years ago, that who it was meant for would see it. Do you see it? Do you see your life written in the pages? It was all about Him and it was all about Him so that He could now make it all about you. Do you see the love? Do you see the love letter yet? 

It was never ONLY an instruction manual. It is a testament to what He has spoken and meant for us before the foundations of the earth. He put it in the form of a book just to remind us. Yet whether the book or no book, the mouth still speaks and has spoken. When the world takes our bibles away; the Word will still be there, because the Mouth of God will never perish. 

And just as that mouth spoke, it still speaks today, and as you live in this day, the mouth is still available. And you have everything it says you have available. Not only what the mouth spoke yesterday, yet what the mouth is going to speak is ready to be spoken and make things available. That you would have grace to complete this race. Just as He spoke into life the Lord your salvation, He will speak into life the completion and fulfillment of your salvation, He will speak into existence those who overcome.

The formula in the end for those who overcame will be the same as it’s always been. The mouth that spoke. It was for Jesus in the wilderness, it was for Jesus for His whole life. And it will be for them that are His. He will speak you into the Kingdom. He will write your story. 

In the days of judgment, it will not really be about what we did. It will be how much we kept His word, in other words, if we lived by the mouth of God. You can know the written, yet if you don’t know the mouth of God, you don’t know the Word. The power of a believer is in the Mouth of God. The power is in the mouth, and the ones that didn’t live by the mouth, are the workers of iniquity; because they lived by their own mouth.

Their own tongue was their creator and keeper, iniquity is done when any part of our being is worked without God. What it means to be in the flesh is to do something without God. This is what God is at enmity with, when man is apart from God in any way. 

He is our maker, He is the source of everything we do. And when a substance loses its source, that substance stops being produced. The same is for us when we live and do things apart from God. The mouth of God releases a life without heavy labor, the mouth of God keeps us without striving. Those who overcame the world are going to be those who lived by the mouth. The mouth created the earth and can easily overcome the earth. And anything the mouth says has power, has power. 

The power of prophecy is the power of the mouth. The power of God is the power from the Mouth. The power is in the Mouth of God. The power in your mouth is a manifestation of the power that’s in His mouth. Before you can speak anything powerful, it was spoken by the mouth of God. 

Our mouth is an echo of His mouth, and our body is now called to be the manifestation of His mouth. This is the Tree of Life, this is the releasing of the Holy Spirit, the mouth of God.

And this is the fulfillment of your destiny, the Mouth of God. The book doesn’t speak, the mouth speaks, and in the end, it will be the Mouth that says, “Well done good and faithful servant.” 

By. Joe Pinto

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