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God is using this crucial time to get our attention more than ever. Imagine the whole Bible is giving us an understanding, not about what will happen, but about what is happening now? Why did God have to tell us about Daniel? For the future, but for now as well. All points to NOW as well. In the book of 1 King 19:16-19, it points to a portion – the remnant – set aside for God. Some may not be bowing to Baal but many are kissing him.

Their knees may not be bowing down, and they think it is fine, but their lips are kissing Baal every day. Just because something has the name of God does not mean that this is the God we worship. Some are kissing the seven heads of the beast today. We have established these seven institutes and Satan uses it to deceive the whole World. All under money and power and greed and vanity.

Kissing the lips means committed, leaning on, intimacy. Baal is a master, a lord BY definition. This is an invisible thing. We see this invisible fornication through spiritual eyes. Those who are kissing Baal are the ones serving and following Baal. A thousand faces – he will change himself into anything that your flesh is attached to. In our message called “The Mark of Who” (On YouTube), we saw what the image of the beast is. The image of the beast looks like Satan: the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life.

In the New Testament, the beast is the representation of a type and shadow of Baal. Read Revelation 13. People are expecting to see a beast, a horrible figure, but who would not listen to that? But there are people already saying, “Peace, peace…” But if you see in the Spirit, you will see the beast. – The illusion, the immorality, and the lies, but the Baal kissers want to beat up the real prophets. They do that because they can’t make them kiss Baal or to serve Baal. What if you are kissing the beast in any of the seven heads? There is no way to come out of her – Babylon – unless we get all of Babylon out of us. The 7 heads are government, media and entertainment, science, education, healthcare, family, banking/business, and religion. See, even Jesus had to overcome Babylon, fully God and fully man. When Satan took Him up to the high mountain and said, “I give you all these kingdoms of the world if you bow down and worship me,” He was saying I will give these 7 mountains that the beast sits on. But what did Jesus say, “Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” No idols, you then see Jesus say satan you have nothing in me. Why? Jesus was not kissing or fornicating with Babylon (Baal). If he were, then he would be very weak to resist such a temptation.

Who is like the Beast? Who is like Pharaoh? Who is like the government? They are great, are they not Baal kissers? We need to put our trust in God but especially as we see the time is coming to a head. The Bible says, “Who is like the beast?” – It says beautiful, how powerful and extravagant and flashy. Lust of the eyes…..But says it’s a monster. We serve one head: Jesus Christ!

Whatever is written is already done. Everybody will bow down to Jesus later. If you bow down to Baal now, you will bow down to Jesus later no matter what. A simple question: Are you following the Holy Spirit or the spirit of this age? The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life: this is the image of the beast. Babylon says, “We can reach God, we can reach heaven. Man’s power and man’s ways are manipulation and witchcraft,” but Babylon is falling. To them who have been kissing Baal, that terrible day will be shocking. But to us, it will be glorious.

Who is the harlot? The one that was One with Him before. A harlot (in the spirit) is a spiritual condition. God called Israel a harlot because they broke covenant. God showed it in the natural so we can understand in the spirit. This is why He had the prophet marry a whore so they see in the carnal. This is why so many are blind in the church today because they are carnal!. People don’t see it in the spirit so they must analyze what they can’t understand. You become a harlot when you kiss Baal. You worship God on Sunday, and on Monday, you kiss Baal. This is a spiritual fornicator. Instead of relying on the real prophets, you are listening to the false prophets in the World (the News), and the false prophets in the church. Or religious devils of knowledge without spiritual revelation. We do not want to attack anyone. My goodness, if we are called to wake up the sleeping church, you don’t do it with a whisper. Look what God did with prophets. Ezekiel eats dung; Jeremiah comes to the king with a yoke on tells them they will be turned over to Babylon; Hosea marries the harlot, Gomer. God wants to make us aware of what is happening in the spiritual realm. All these types and shadows from the Ark of the Covenant to the Bread from heaven are to help us see in the Spirit for the now and end of the age.

There was a showdown during Elijah’s time and there is another one happening right now. Also a showdown in Moses's time. Do you think these are just cool stories? Think spiritually, see spiritually. We have so many altars made by the hands of man. There are so many Baal kissers among us. Who is the real harlot? Is it the Catholic church? Look around you – among many called “Christian.”

Fornication is a little bit on the side. A little of bit of God, a little or a lot of the World. Fornication even in the regular dictionary is called CARNAL KNOWLEDGE. If you are one that is connecting people to Baal, you are in big trouble. And knowledge has become a god in this age. Are you looking to the seven heads for knowledge, for comfort, and for security? American ambition sounds so good – fame, fortune, and money. This is the carnal church.

In Daniel 3, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refused to worship an idol.

Then in Daniel 6, they made another statue in King Darius’s reign. We see that Daniel did not bow down or kiss it or follow the statue that was made. Even we have rights, for now. But even religious people try to use the words of Paul as an excuse to overthrow the righteousness of Daniel, of the remnant, and of those who will not put the laws of the land above the words of God.

We must see behind. Jezebel works from behind. Ahab was a leader but who was the leader behind the leader? – Jezebel. We must see behind the officials. But besides all of that, Daniel did not bow or kiss Baal! Are you turning your brother over to Baal or are you listening to Elijah? When a prophet of God speaks, there are no If’s and or buts or conditions. Are you wrestling with God? Are you trying to build a following and to promote compromise? You will be deceived.

We must grow up and wake up. The beast is a system, not a person. Whoever has an affection with this World will kiss or bow. When God says, FLEE FROM BABYLON, then they will say: “ I can’t – I need it to get food.” People say, “Focus on souls,” and the real prophets are like, “We are – there are many souls going to Baal inside of the church – many are in error.” So that is very important. If we can’t keep the saved, why worry about the lost? We need all gifts working together. Stop fighting holiness and get in the game. Therefore, doctrine must be purified.

Daniel did not kiss the Baal of his time. Elijah did not kiss Baal. The remnant will not kiss Baal. The system could not find anything wrong in Daniel, the system can’t find anything wrong in the remnant, so they say, “Let’s change the laws.” The rules (laws) are is still the same but the spirit behind it has changed. Many are handmaidens of Baal. But many are like them, the world. God wants to stop this madness.

Daniel was fully aware of the law that was made and still stood for God’s laws. There were people trying to set up Daniel. We can’t stop what is to come because it will come. But we can stop it from being not understood by many.

What did Daniel do? What the remnant are supposed to be doing now! You have this delusion about America. American Christianity has baptized the mind of many. Other nations are better off because they know that the establishments of the beast are not their friend. They know their enemies. If you kiss the enemy of God, you become a harlot. We must set our affections on things above not on the things of the Earth.

You might be thrown in the prison, to be a lamb to the slaughter, to be persecuted, but they that come against you are the ones that will be thrown in the lion’s den (the everlasting furnace).

Disobedience brings in unclean spirits, seducing spirits, and all the paganism. Ahab married the one he was not supposed to. The church is sleeping with the one it is not supposed to. Just like Sampson – a man of God, kissing Delilah, the lust of the flesh.

Let’s look at Revelation 17 – there is a great harlot who sits upon the water. This sits upon the people – governs people. Harlot, prostitute of satan. Satan used them like a puppet. You are either a harlot or a bride. We are made to worship God – every soul was made for that. But satan's desire is to deceive and be our god.

If you are a bride and start fornicating with the beast, you become one with her. If you are a bride and start kissing Baal, you are fornicating. The beast has seven heads. The bride has only one head: Christ. Satan will look like Christ to them. Who cannot see it in the Spirit?

“Who is like this beast?” some marvel at the world’s delicacies. The beast will give you all that you desire. But God is saying: “You can’t be a Daniel during this time if you are kissing Baal. I can’t use you when you have this kind of attitude. I can’t use you if you are afraid at home.” God gives this horrible symbolic picture of the beast and what satan looks like behind the illusion and the lies. You can’t trust someone who is willing to have an affair with you. They will be in love with the creation and deny the creator.

Satan wants to turn many into his image – the image of that beast. God is giving us the book of Revelation so we can see what this beast really looks like. Some say, “I am called, chosen, and faithful!” We are all called. Not all will be chosen. Are you faithful? There are two callings: to the beast and to Jesus. Only one you can accept, if not, you will despise the other.

Out of every tribe and nation, they will have the beast coming out of them. Two kingdoms colliding at the end. You can’t make out with satan and say you are worshiping God. Elijah drew a line in the sand. You are kissing Baal all over. But if God is your God, worship Him!

Because of idolatry, God put it in their hearts to fulfill Satan’s plan, the beast’s will or God’s will? Pay attention! Be aware! Wake up! Was Daniel rebellious or obedient?

In 2 Thessalonians 2, it says that we should not be afraid, not by spirit, not by word, not by letter, not by news. Who is sitting upon your heart? The harlot or Christ? Stand fast with the truth that you have. You can’t be established in Babylon and in the kingdom of God. Good works mean obeying the word of God. Satan does a lot of “good” work but it does not obey the word of God, workers of iniquity, so these are not good works but dead works. Satan can be your supplier or God. God is a jealous God. He will not share you with the beast.

The time has been short since the beginning but how much shorter is it now. Father, help us to see behind the statues, behind the presidency, the banking system, behind the system of Babylon behind the kingdom of lies. Open our eyes to see what you see. A monster, a deceiving Baal worship, sacrificing innocent blood.

I pray over my mind, my body and my spirit. It all belongs to you. I want to flow with the words from heaven. I thank you that the blood of Jesus is my authority, the Holy Spirit is my guide, the Spirit of Truth is all I follow. It does not matter when and what because God is the king of all things – the creator of all things – the one who is and was and is to come. Nothing will make me stumble. I smash the altar of Baal, I smash the statues of the kingdom of darkness. We smash it right now. God, we smash the head of Jezebel. We cut off every affection, every tentacle that seduces my mind, will, and emotions. We will only eat the lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world. We will eat his flesh, drink his blood. We will live by every word and we will resist Babylon, the words of Baal, the words of Jezebel, and we will not be seduced. We are children of the light, and we are the light of the world. Greater is He that is in me than the one that is in Baal and the beast!

Shane Roessiger

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