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Every spirit that believes the Word of God is of God! The spirit of the anti-Christ has been in the World since the beginning. Those who are not of the Faith, of the Truth, hear the World and follow the World. They speak of the World and the World hears them. They that are not of God do not hear us because they don’t believe that Jesus came in the flesh – meaning Jesus was the Word made flesh. We must believe the Word or we are not of faith. Simple Gospel you would think.

Read 1 John 4.

Some are hiding in the darkness. Are they children of the light or of fear? Jesus never hid and He will not hide. So, we will not as well. We are the hope of the World. Jesus in us, us in Him, one hope.

We live by the Word of God and not of men. And God hears us and we hear Him and follow Him. We will not follow the voice of compromise and the lying tongues, because greater is He that is in us than those who are in the World.

Many voices among us are of the World, they preach of the World, they bow down to the World and they obey the World. What killed Jesus was His obedience to the voice of God, not of men.

As He is so are we! How is He? He is light, He is Truth, He has no fear. Are you like Him?

There is no fear in love. I am talking about the spirit of fear, the fear that torments. The Jezebel spirit teaches and seduces many to stay away from the Word of God. Cowards conform to Jezebel. But we – who believe –can recognize them all.

Let your mind be renewed by the washing of the water of the Word. Only then will we become a living epistle, the light of the World. I will come out from among them! Touch not any unclean! I will flee Babylon and resist her prophets. The seven mountains of the beast is the foundation that many so-called Christians are drinking from, but there will be a showdown. We have the seal of God, His name is written on our foreheads and His Word on our hearts.

Salvation is not faith in what He did for us, but also on what He gave to us. It does not matter what kind of wind of doctrines blow before our faces, we stand on the Word of God! We must stand in TRUTH, even when we are persecuted, blessed are we because the kingdom of heaven is ours! Quit telling me about the kingdoms of this world, because what I am interested in is the kingdom of heaven! We want the living bread, fresh bread. As we eat Him – eat His flesh – He becomes flesh in us! That is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! This is my meat! To do the will of the One who sent me – to the One who saved me and redeemed me. This is the real church! This is the real apostolic church! Be conformed with him that is greater than the spirit of the world. 

God has dealt every man a measure of faith. Everybody has at least one measure of faith. Why do some people seem to increase theirs and some don’t? Because they have not watered it and put it to work. Religion bows to Baal and loves to kiss Baal’s worldly affections! But we will see the glory of God. This is the commandment of Jesus Christ: to feast on Him

We are supposed to be like firemen who run into hell and rescue people. We are branches plucked out of the fire. We should do the same for people right now. How can we do that when we are in quarantine? Many have more faith in the carnal system. There is faith all over the World. But what kind of faith do you have? In pills? In vaccines? In doctors? In science? But what about the One who can heal and raise the dead and cast out darkness? Call on the great physician: Jesus!

Anti-Christ, anti-righteousness, anti-you, and anti-me. If they hate Him, they must hate you, too. If you want to be effective you must be hated. Jesus said,, “If they hate me they will hate you, too.” And also said, “No servant is greater than His master.”

Falling away from what? From Truth, from power, from anointing, from the great commission.

But God has a remnant! Paul would never have conformed to anything that was not of God. Paul would say, “Don’t take your freedom and use it in vain.” One day the anti-Christ will rule this world. Be prepared! They changed the laws to catch Daniel, and the day is coming and I believe soon. Our rights are still protecting us, so what is going on? God is exposing the fake church, the carnal church, the church that has been conformed to this World. This is what happened in the time of Constantine. There is always a remnant but some, not all, rather follow Baal’s and Jezebel’s prophets instead of God’s real voices. So what government are you bowing to?

Bowing down to Jezebel to eat from the table of Jezebel. There is no IF, no clauses, no BUT’s in the Word of God. It is all IN or OUT! Truth or lie, righteous or unrighteous, it is black & white.

Many have a form of godliness but deny the power of God. When the Gospel of Christ is preached there is a manifestation of power! The Nicolaitan type of church has no unction, no Glory, no boldness, because Jezebel is the one teaching and prophesying, meaning serving things consecrated to other gods – to the world and its delicacies. Jezebel’s doctrine is based on self-preservation and selfishness and is very much anti-Christ.

I don’t come to you aligned up with Jezebel today! I come to you with the sword of the Word of God. I come to you with demonstration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Spirit of Truth should be guiding us into all truth, into the narrow way! Few find the narrow way.

Our power should be stronger than the power of the anti-Christ. Moses was representing the church full of power with that rod. We are representing a power church with the Holy Spirit. Even though the anti-Christ was doing the same signs and wonders but suddenly a snake ate Satan’s snake. This is the church that will raise up today! There is no power above God’s power. Who is willing to have a showdown? Who is willing to lead God’s people in the face of opposition?

Many are of worldly ambition, corrupted mind, and reprobate concerning faith, meaning once believed, but now they don’t believe anymore.

We can’t be anti-persecution because it is all about our testimony! Yes, I got sick! But the Lord healed me! Let them call the church for help! We are the deliverers! We are the healers! We are the light! We are the light of the World, Jesus said it.

Read Mark 16:15-20.

Only those who believe shall be saved! Many go to the church and they think they are believers! By their faith, works, and actions, they deny Him. Many are denying Him right now. Because they really don’t believe! The more righteousness that comes in, the more unrighteousness is manifested!

These signs SHALL follow! It does not say MIGHT! These signs SHALL follow those who believe! The apostolic church equips people. You can teach people all the time. But if you don’t do what you preach, that’s how you teach! I believe in healing, but I am hiding myself at home. So you really don’t believe! Social distancing! Not Biblical! The Bible says, “Lay hands on people so they can be healed.” You better shut your Bible and get in line for the mark of the beast. Jesus did not run away from the leper, He ran to them to heal them – being led by the Father and the Spirit. They were lepers so they were supposed to yell, “Unclean,” so people around them would keep their distance – social distancing. But Jesus went to them and they were healed. Jesus and the Father of Glory and many believed after that! Why? Because greater was He that was in Him! Greater was HE than all sickness, disease, and lies. The kingdom of heaven is in you! It is not by physical observation! Look inside of you! The same kingdom is within you! If you operated in the kingdom, all the other kingdoms must bow down! Belief manifested in you produces your faith in others. Taking up serpents, taking up any evil, venomous thing is for those who believe. The religious will take this out of context say, “Don’t test the Lord thy God.” Man, God is really getting tired of that spirit. He is sifting them, sending them away, letting them be deceived. Tempting and testing  the Lord is when you listen to Satan or you show you do not follow by faith. So in the book of James when it said if any are sick among you, call the elders and pray – that’s testing God... O MY, I just can’t believe we need this milk.

Fear is unbelief and that is sin. Sinning “saints” do not please God. But Faith in Him, not what we can beg Him to do, but Him in you. Walking out and doing greater things as He said. The world laughing at the church because she is kissing Baal. Not the remnant but so many!

Go into all the World preaching the Gospel! Signs and wonders should be following you. Who is confirming you? The works that follow you. It is the power of God that saves us! Something is going on. Because when God speaks everybody keeps silent! That’s the Gospel! Is God dead? No! You are! Why are you going back to traditions looking for power? The power is right within you! What confirms you? Your title? Your doctor degree, your worldly degrees? What confirms you is the apostolic commissioning. These signs shall follow you who believe: healing the sick, salvation, cleansing lepers, manifesting the power of the cross, the authority from heaven. Nothing is more essential today than you! God confirms you. I believe our biggest problem is still seeking affirmation from man more than God. That’s a killer. It’s killing man. Time to gird your sword.

The World does not see the church as essential anymore. Why? Because the church is being hidden, afraid, a light under a bushel. Whatever your leader told you, if they told you to stay home, your Ahab has no right to lead any sheep! Hirelings flee when the devil comes when darkness is all around, not real Elijah’s, when the wolf shows up. Stay home and listen to what the world says and quit your pastoral job.

You know what makes us safe? The blood of Jesus makes us safe and the power of the Gospel makes us safe! Don’t use the word of God to try to come against God’s word.

We must be heavenly-minded right now more than ever! Store your treasure in heaven. Live for eternity because that is forever. Once you don’t worry about tomorrow, about getting sick, about this and that, God can really use you. It is time to rise! Beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, praise for heaviness! But we will praise not to get rid of heaviness but because there is someone to praise, there is something to praise. We have been praising for sacrifice way too long. It is time to praise because He is worthy, and He is doing miracles and showing proof of His Gospel and power.

A church that hides is good for nothing. We need wisdom, you said? Yes, my wisdom tells me to stay away from you so I won’t be contaminated with your fear.

Say it: I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! If you can’t say it, there is something in your heart!

A CITY ON A HILL THAT CANNOT BE HIDDEN! If you are hidden, something wrong is going on! We must give light to all the World. Let your light shine before all men! God said that the glory will cover the Earth: That hope and that glory are in you!

We must stop listening to Jezebel and start listening to the voice of Elijah!

Read John 17.

Jesus prayed for us so God could keep us from evil. He did not pray for Him to take us out of the World. Not to be connected to the World is a good thing. Are you seated in heavenly places? There is no fear, no diseases, up there! Your faith should be stirred up today. Burn up all the gray!

Where is the World? All around you. Jesus Christ prayed for those who believed in Him through their word! Through their word! What are you testifying of today? Let the Spirit of Truth be contagious. Let Faith be contagious. Let the Gospel be contagious. We must preach and believe the Gospel. And then the Gospel will be manifested.

God is dividing. God is exposing. And bringing them as one! God sent us into the World not to be like the World or be afraid of it, but to bring His kingdom of light, truth, and power. By what? The power of Jesus. And the power of God is on the cross!

Whatever you bind and loose, it is bound and loosed! This is the church of God declaring the kingdom, using her faith, this is the word of her testimony!

The world will only believe in the church when the church becomes ONE with the Truth, ONE with the Word, ONE with the Spirit! When they see proof of what she believes, they will start believing as well. The signs and wonders must be done through the righteousness of the Holy Spirit!

How will the World see the Church? When the church becomes one! But first, we must believe, receive, and act on what we believe – then signs and wonders will be manifested. The World will behold Jesus’ glory! Christ in us, the Word in us, the Spirit in us, the hope of the nations. GREATER than anything in this world IS HE THAT IS IN US!

There is no greater essential need than Jesus. He is power, truth, miracle maker, healer, deliverer, life. He is all in all!

Read Job 3:23-26.

“The thing that I greatly fear” came upon Job. This is what is happening with many. That of which they are afraid is coming upon them. They did not believe that greater is He that is in THEM is greater than what is in the World right now. What made the early church so different than today’s church is this: the same Spirit, the same Word, the same God. Today, we have mixture and carnality, doctrines of devils and spirits creeping in. That is the difference. The pure Word has been contaminated as Jezebel chews Ahab.

We must get our spiritual minds on, to put on the mind of Christ to really understand Matthew 25:31-46.

When I was spiritually sick, you brought the living water to me.

When I was naked, you clothed me with the Word of God.

When I was hungry, you gave me His bread.

When I was in prison, you told me the Truth that set me free.

Clauses, if’s, social distancing are stopping you? Nothing will stop us from building His church!

There is a famine in the land among those who call themselves Christians. People that don’t look like Christ should not be called Christians but be called unbelievers. God has sent us all into the dark world to be light and not to hide. Out of YOUR BELLY shall flow living water! People need you. Don’t hold it back! Give them a drink of living water! Get your mind off the natural!

Read Mathew 10.

God wants us to do greater works for His glory. He is sending us out for the kingdom of God is at hand! Cleanse the leper. Cast out devils.

Be aware of men, be aware of leaders, that will deliver you up to fear. Fear them not! There is nothing covered that the light cannot expose. What you hear in secret speak from the rooftop. If you hide yourself before men, God will hide yourself before you. If you deny Him, His Word, His Truth, He will deny you!

Read Peter 3:12-22.

Be not afraid of terror! Peter was leaving a heritage for the church for such a time as this. The hope that is in us must shine! What is more essential than what you have inside of you? What is more essential than your faith for the lost? What is more essential than we are? More essential than scientists, than medicine? Jesus is the cure and the hospital is the World. It is time to shine! I refuse to walk with any cowards! We must pray for boldness! Bold preachers! Bold message!

Father, O King Agrippa, I was obedient to preach the vision from heaven! O King Agrippa, I am obedient to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don’t care what the World says. I must believe the same power that raised Christ from dead lives inside of me. Greater is He! Greater is He! Greater is He that is in His church, is He not greater?

By Shane Roessiger

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