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From the head – Christ Jesus – down to the whole Body - us: That is how the oil runs. But only through unity in the Body. Jealousy has been splitting us apart. If we are outside of the Body, we can never have the same anointing, the same blessing, and the same oil that comes from the head. If you don’t understand what I am saying, you are not understanding what the Spirit is saying.

Because what I am saying is what the Spirit is saying. Cain was comparing why God could not bless his offering. Because of his heart. The problem was not what he was doing but what he was not doing well. God said, “If you do well.” It wasn’t what he was doing, it was how he was doing it, what he was thinking as he was doing…God was judging if he was doing well. He was not doing well concerning his own heart toward his brother, Abel, and God.

Read Genesis 4:1-16.

Some people have the heart of Cain. Their jealousy separates them from the brethren and from God. He became a vagabond. What is that? No home, no presence of God. If you are not connected to the body, you are a vagabond. You don’t have a home. People don’t understand the community, the unity of the Body of Christ. Every joint supplies.

Here is another brother, Joseph. More jealousy after Joseph shared his dream with his brothers. His brother threw him in a pit and the rest of the story we all know. All of this because of his anointing or gift and favor from His father. He had to forgive them all anyhow. Read Genesis 37. The coat of Joseph was representing the anointing, the blessing, the oil – all because of that! They could take the coat but they could not take the blessings or the purpose or the eternal gift. He was a dreamer. Again, with both brothers, the root of all evil? Jealousy. If people would understand what comes with that coat, they would probably act differently. Usually if there is favor on them, they are there to help you because God is not a respecter of persons nor is He ignorant!


Here is another man – Judas, another heart of jealousy. Let’s study the heart of these passages: John 12:1-11, Luke 7:36-50, Mark 14:1-11, Matthew 26:1-33.

Mary anointed the feet of Jesus with her expensive perfume – and washed it with her hair. Judas' heart was like, “It is all about this guy.” – The anointing was on Jesus. It is more important about who we are connected to than what we are doing. Martha and Mary – what you do is not what makes you a disciple – what makes you a disciple is when you do what He does. Judas started attacking the giver of the gift. You see that the focus to all them became the gift, the expensive oil perfume. Judas leaves this moment of communion to start having fellowship with the brood of vipers, the religious system. See, when we get our eyes off Jesus, we get them on other things. They were also JEALOUS. People were leaving the temple to follow Him. Everyone was talking about Him and all the things He was doing, like miracles, signs, and wonders.

Judas’ heart was getting more and more wicked. That jealousy killed the blessing. Some saw what Mary did and said, “If this man was a prophet, he would know who this woman is.” They did not know what was going on (Jesus did). They call him “master” but surely He was not their master (the Pharisees). The world was their master, the system and their traditions. They hated it when she honored His anointing. In Mark 14:1-11 and Matthew 26:1-33, she poured the oil on HIS HEAD. They murmured and complained. But in one passage, we know that Judas was the one spearheading this slandering and accusations, and Jesus said to leave her alone.

They did not understand that she was preparing Him for His burial, even though He told them multiple times. They were walking with the letter only (The word made flesh). They did not have the Spirit yet at this time, the baptism in the HOLY SPIRIT – those who have it can recognize those who have it and who do not have it. Those without it try to figure it out by the letter only but judge carnally. This woman that did not even walk with Jesus as closely or at all like the others was more led by the Spirit than those who were handpicked (God can do anything). You can be walking with the Bible under your arms and never have it written on your heart or see it by the Spirit. Jesus makes a remark about them. None of them kissed him, none of the disciples washed His feet, none of the disciples poured their oil upon His head. They were walking with Him, but only that woman poured all she had at his feet. She covered His whole body with oil. Jesus knew what they were thinking!

In Matthew 26:1-33, we see the oil going all over His whole body! UNITY IN THE BODY BRINGS THE ANOINTING, THE BLESSING, THE OIL. Read Psalm 133. Remember: The whole body of Jesus was soaked up with the oil and ran over the whole body. What, we need to be connected to receive the oil? To the work of religion? To the work of man? Or to be connected to the Body of Jesus? Unity is like oil that runs down the high priest’s head, down his beard, down his garments. God loves real unity.

If jealousy cuts you out of the Body of Christ, we will never get the anointing that runs over His head and down His whole body. – That woman anointing Jesus represented His own burial! Do you realize that God will bring “Mary encounters” to test those around you and see where your heart is! Light exposes! That’s when Judas's hide! You see, Jesus was the word made flesh, and they still did not realize what was going on because they did not have the baptism of the Holy Spirit! 

I tell you: This is exactly what’s going on now – People relying only on the letter – their Bibles. And not on the Holy Spirit! But even Peter and this woman were moved to realms! God blesses – God anoints – even if you are the feet – or that tiny toe – even if this is the part, the member of the Body that you are, you will get the whole oil as well. Mary took care of his feet and washed it with her hair.

Peter got the revelation of who Jesus was. Now we are His body. – We must get this revelation. – The comforter will guide us into all truth. We must know who is who and what is what. Our lives have been hidden in Christ. It is time for us to shine. It is not time to hide! We must shine! What makes you so comfortable? Holy Spirit. Why don’t you know? What if you were wrong? – That's what snakes will say! It cannot be because He is never wrong. This confidence is not pride – it is boldness from the Holy Spirit! The religious cannot be bold about what they know not of, so they bring confusion.

Now let’s go to the New Testament, and let’s see how we are supposed to deal with our hearts concerning our brothers and sisters: If we hate our brother without a cause, we are in danger of judgment. The Bible says if you have ought against your brother to leave your gift, get restored, and then come to the altar.

Read Matthew 5:20-25.

Who was the altar when Mary came into the house? Jesus. Who is the altar now? God. Remember when you bring your gift before the altar and get your heart right concerning your brother and with your sister, what is more important? – the gift or the one that sanctifies the gift? God is. Your gift may perish with you if your heart is not clean. As the body is one with many members, so also is Christ. We all should be connected. This is not for everyone that reads the Bible but for those who have been BAPTIZED INTO THE SAME SPIRIT, who have been washed by the pure water and been anointed by the OIL THAT RAN DOWN JESUS’ HEAD! That woman anointed His head – if we stay connected to the body we will be connected to the head. We will be anointed as well. How pleasant it is for brothers to live in unity.

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon 6 the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life forevermore.” Psalm 133

It does not matter what part you are. Be part of the Body and that should be enough. No member of the Body is less honorable. There is why there is so much jealousy among us. They don’t understand it. The same care, the same oil, the same anointing, the same blessing, if you are connected to the Body. Find the Body of Christ – we can’t make alone. Fitly joined together. Don’t be jealous. Don’t treat Jesus like Judas did or His body, don’t treat Joseph like Joseph’s brother did, don’t treat Abel like Cain did. Did Cain and Abel bring his gift? Was not the gift in all these stories and scriptures? That began to be the focus instead of the One we are bringing the gift to. Who sanctifies the gift? God. This is deep!!

Read 1 Corinthians 12.

We are all the Body – the gifts are spread all over the Body! The anointing, the blessing, and the oil are for us all. Not even one part of the Body will be missing it if we are all connected to the head – Christ Jesus. The unity of the Spirit, let us walk this way. Laying down our lives for one another. The anointing will come on you and through you. If you are not prepared to die, you don’t need the anointing because the anointing is to prepare you for burial. Only fear the Lord. We will not look for the dead among the dead. We will look for the living among the living. That woman anointed His head. – If we stay connected to the body, we will be anointed as well. How pleasant is for brothers to live in unity. Don’t be Judas. Don’t be jealous. Find your place in the Body and get the full horn of anointing that runs from the head of the Body, Jesus, to us, His Body! Shane Roessiger

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