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The Religious will always love the religious and the Kingdom kids will always be one with each other. These two cannot be one! The Bride cannot be one with a Harlot! Unless they repent, there will be no unity! This is the sword of division Jesus has brought! Between the religious and the true worshippers!!

Let them be and stay divided! The lukewarm will make the hot water cool. Stagnant waters is where the river ends. Religious people will put out your fire! This is why Paul said to separate yourselves from those that have a form of godliness but deny the power, because, in the end, they will make you powerless! They will cause the glory to cease from you because of their presence. They will tempt you to be like Eli.

Protect your fire, because they will put it out! Protect your oil! Because they will run it dry. Protect your living water, because they will make it diluted. Protect, protect, protect, or they will affect the parts of Christ inside of you.

They will make you sell out, they will make you give up your birthright. They will make you an unbeliever, they will make you cursed. They will make you prideful, they will make you walk in a false way. They will teach you to believe the lies of the enemy, they will show you the ways of leviathan. They will lead you in the example of Cain.

They will teach you how to eat things sacrificed to idols! They will teach you the ways of Baal. They will cause you to walk in the way of the Nicolaitans and lead you to traditions that make the gospel of no effect.

This is also why the Bible says not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Unbelievers are not just people in the world that don’t believe in the work of the cross, yet they are people that don’t believe the word. They believe what He did, yet they don’t believe in who He is. They believe in another Christ, and they will make you believe in their Christ who is the spirit of the anti-Christ. The same spirit that says it is Christ but radiates everything that is opposed to Christ with a biblical twist.

They will say love but mean compromise, they will say peace but it will mean fornication. They will say truth but they really mean lies. They will say Holy Spirit but they really are from an unholy spirit. Do you have eyes to see?

If we are really after Him, we will see Him. And when we see Him, we know nothing else but Him! And when we only know Him, we know everything that’s not Him. Yet they know many gods because they are after many lusts! What you’re after is who your God is. Children of God only do things in the world if God leads them. Yet these kind are led by the things of the world. Yet they say they are being led by God.

Don’t listen to their lips, don’t watch their body, because they will do all the right things. Yet they are seducing you to believe that they are from God and that their doctrine is from God, and in this, they lie and wait to deceive you. In their own mind thinking that they are leading you the right way, yet in reality, leading you to the path of destruction.

Everything they say lacks power, everything they do lacks power. And when power does come from them, it is lying signs and wonders. Don’t be deceived by them, Church! Or you will be made like them. The image of the beast is only to be worshipped so that you can become one with it. And these put out an image so that you can approve, so that you can worship it. That in the end, you would become one with it! Run away from this image! Run away from religion! Or you will be made like them.

By Joe Pinto

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