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The Spirit of Life breeds life! The Bible says life and death is in the power of the tongue. Many people in religion think that means let’s declare good things and anything that fits the lust of our heart!

It didn’t say good and bad is in the tongue. It said life and death. There is a source to life and a source to death. Whatever source we come in agreement with in our heart is going to be what we speak on our tongue. The Bible says that out of the mouth the heart speaks.

Whatever is breeding on our heart is going to be breeding on our tongue. Our tongue can be declaring life but never see it because our heart is death. 

Most churches preach on the power of the tongue but never see any power because they don’t understand where the source of their power is. Our tongue is not powerful, God is powerful. Yet when we rely on God who is powerful, our tongue now becomes powerful. 

Nothing in the kingdom can be done without a pure heart. Our heart is connected to our tongue. Out of the heart flows the issues of life. So the issue is not our tongue, the issue is our heart. When we get our heart right, our tongue becomes right with God. Yet religion never wants to correct the heart and that’s why religion is dead, because life can only come out of our heart, but we try to speak life out of a dead heart.

The prosperity gospel has sold us the lie that we can declare whatever we want and we will have it. The Bible says “whatever you ask you shall have.” Yet then again it says, “You ask and do not have because you ask amiss, looking to spend it on your own lust.”  

The prosperity gospel teaches us to fulfill our lust. To fulfill whatever our heart desires. Well, in the kingdom, we no longer live for ourselves. We live for the King! And we seek to fulfill the desires of the King’s heart. 

Whenever a man or woman of God declared or decreed something in the word, it was already declared and decreed in heaven. It was already God’s will. Whatever comes out of the mouth of God is what we have access to. If God’s will is to go right, we will have all authority to go right. If God’s will is to tear down a principality with a shout, we have all authority now to use the power of our tongue. Access has now been granted. When someone opens their mouth and signs and wonders follow, it shows that what they have declared and decreed is from God.

When the Israelites shouted and took over Jericho after that. It was because God spoke it first. When Elijah won the showdown against the false prophets and fire following, it was because God opened His mouth for that event to exist. Before Moses separated the seas, God opened His mouth. Before Abraham stood and declared a baby would exist in Sarah’s womb, God had opened His mouth and declared it to happen. 

All these men were able to walk in power not only because they opened their mouth or moved their body, yet because they came in agreement with God. The power of the tongue is really the power of the agreements we make in our heart. When we agree with God, it’s life. When we agree with Satan, death. 

Just because God opens His mouth for something to exist in our life doesn’t mean it’s going to happen! That’s why now it’s our problem if we don’t walk in our destiny. If we don’t come in agreement, if we don’t open our mouth we will never see the power! God already has your destiny drawn out. It’s your job now. You have the power now to let that destiny come into existence! Many are called and few are chosen and the ones who become chosen are the ones who choose the will of God! 

What thought, what desires, what intentions are you coming in agreement with? This is what ultimately takes your tongue. When we eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, our end is death just like Adam and Eve.

Though when it’s the tree of life, which is Christ, we get life. We speak life. 

Which tree are you eating from? This will become the fruit of your tongue. You see, it doesn’t matter if you declare good things from the tree of the knowledge of GOOD and evil. Your end is still death because it’s not from the tree of life. So stop declaring and start coming in agreement with life and your tongue will speak life! 

The fruit of your tongue is in the roots of your heart. Declare the acceptable day of the Lord! Declare “what says the Spirit of God!” Do you have ears to hear? Yes? Then you will have a powerful tongue to speak! 

By Joe Pinto

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