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God is asking me to ask you: “Who do you say that you are?” The devil does not want you to know who you are. Have you embraced who you are? Have you embraced who He says that you are?

Read 2 Corinthians 5:16-21.

When Jesus was crucified, you were crucified with Him – you are no longer who you thought you are. Religion will keep you stuck in your old identity. Behold! Behold your new identity.

Who are we? He said: WE ARE AMBASSADORS for Christ! But we really don’t believe that. We need to know who we are before people know us. Christ knew who He was. We need to know who we are before we can actually walk as He walked on the Earth. Even though His mother told him who He was, He had to see Him written in the pages and to take hold of His divine nature. He had see it, believe it, and embrace it.

“Who do you say that you are?” Do you say you are Baptist? Do you say Jew? Do you say Ukrainian? Do you say you are Brazilian? Do you say you are Russian? Do you say you are Republican? I have come to realize: the one who is asking this question is usually the way we answer it. If a Christian asks us, we usually state a denomination. If a political person asked, we may state that position. But who are we really? We are in this world but not of it, even when they want to force it on you!

If you identify yourself with anything else but your identity in Christ, you are deceiving yourself. The world is waiting for you to see who you are and manifest it.

When people see you, did they say, “This is my teacher,” or did they see Christ? When people see you, who do they see? Your earthly title or do they see something different?

Read Mark 6:3.

“Is this the carpenter’s son?” they asked about Jesus. Satan will try to identify you with anything else but Christ. Why do you need to be this and that? Until you know who you are, you will take any identity. Religion wants to take us back to the dust. Tell them: “Take your dust with you – I am the son and daughter of God. My Father is the creator and I am His son. He has created me and made me in His image.”

People back in the book of Acts knew who they were. Jesus was doing all great miracles but they were trying to take Him back to his earthly identity, “Is not he the son of Mary?” Is it not the nursing lady? Is that the drug addict? Is that not the guy who was divorced? Is not this the owner of the business? See, they did the same to Jesus. They want to do it to you because Satan knows if you really find out who you are and what you have, he is in trouble.

People should be astonished when they see your heavenly identity. They were all offended at Him because he did not take the title – He was no longer the son of Mary but the SON OF GOD. Luke – a doctor – after his calling was not the Doctor Luke but Apostle Luke (Luke put his hand to the plow)! Luke kept his heavenly identity and dropped his earthly identity. Luke knew, “This is who I am. No matter what the World says that I was, this is who I am.” Carnality is killing the church.

In Matthew 3:17, the voice coming down from heaven said, “THIS IS MY SON in WHOM I am well pleased.” And in Matthew 17:5, again, God said: “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.” Listen to Him. Peter was with him and God said, “Don’t listen to them, but listen to HIM.” He did not say, “This is the great apostle” but “this is my son.” He did even say this is the Christ at that time. Why? Jesus knew who He was and His high call was the Son of God! That statement had a specific reason.

You need to see yourself in the pages – see who you are – who God tells you that you are. Do you cry, “Abba Father,” or do you see God as so, so, so far and unreachable? This reality is what should connect you – stop being connected with earthly things. Yes, they will hate you when you refuse to conform to their religion and their world. It is impossible to be transforming and conforming at the same time.

Read John 1:10-14.

The world will not know who you are. If the church looks like the world, it is because the church has a worldly identity.

If Jesus did not know who He was, His mother could tell him all day long, but HE KNEW by the revelation given from His Father. Jesus saw himself in the Word of 

God. Do you see yourself in the Word of God today? Because that is who you are.

Some are saying they are this, some are saying they are that, but what about what your close friends are saying about you? That you are Christian? Not enough. The son of God? That is awesome! Do people still relate to you with an earthly identity? Are people offended at you?

Where are you from? I am a pilgrim here. Put your mind on your identity – your identity is from above – put your mind on things above.

“I have been walking with you for a while,” Jesus said to His disciples. Who you say that I am? I know what others say, but you know me. He says to us, “So who do you say that you are?”

Read Matthew 16:15-17.

“Who do men say that I am?” asked Jesus. Some say you are Christian, you are this and that, Elijah, one of the prophets... Jesus said, “You don’t know me.” When you know God, you know who you are! Only by revelation, you can know who you are. By God not by man!

They try to tell you who you are – only God can identify you through revelation. Simon Peter said blessed are you, Simon Barjona – that title came from heaven. When God reveals things to you, don’t let anybody take that from you. Religion will try to conform you and indoctrinate you.

People don’t see who you are. People don’t believe people who don't know who they are. People will not believe who you say you are either.

Who cares? Believe in what your Father said about you.

When the crucifixion took place, there was an earthquake. They feared greatly. Does the ground shake when you walk? Some said, “Truly, this is the SON OF GOD.” Truly, we are the sons of God! How many know that truly they are the sons of God?

There are lies all around. Even in a case of despair, a funeral for example, there are lies being spoken. How can ministers lie about where the person goes when they die? It is a lie! It is a facade. There is no witness because their words did not come from heavenly words. His Words are written in the pages. Their words are written in manmade books and rituals. We must die. When we do, people will boldly say that he or she is with Jesus. This needs to be done first on this side.

When you leave the city, they should say about you: TRULY THIS IS THE SON OF GOD. But many have been deceived to be conformed to this world. Satan does not care that you claim to be Christian. When you really know who you are, it gets him terrified.

Read Romans 8: 5-21.

When some who claim to be Christian die today, we don’t even know if they went to heaven. What a shame! Don’t go back to your old identity. If you identify here as heavenly, you will in no doubt be with Him.

Carnality minded means death. Why are you losing the joy? Because you have lost your identity. If you do not renew your mind, if you do not know your heavenly identity, you will miss out on your purpose.

The peacemakers are the children of God. Why is there so much strife in the Body of Christ? If you don’t have the Spirit of Christ, Christ is not in you. I want to live in my true identity! You need to get disgusted at religion’s false humility. I call it out as the worst of all pride!

Sons are led by the Spirit and not by the flesh. In the world of Christianity, we must know what kind of Christian they are. What kind? How sad is that! There is only one kind of believer and that is a son and daughter of God. Some say, “I am of Apollos, I am of Cephas.” But we are not of any type of denomination. We are of Christ.

We must live in the Spirit and if walking in the flesh happens that will grieve us. If we walk in the flesh all the time and then we walk in the Spirit, we feel relief. BUT the sons of God ALWAYS walk in the Spirit! That is their goal and aim! If they step in the flesh, they hate it. Where we live is what we must become.

When you start feeling fear you know you are in the flesh. When we know who we are and what we are doing, we should have peace.

Is your spirit bearing witness with the Holy Spirit that we are sons? There is no way to get around suffering. If you are living with Him, you will suffer with Him.

Satan tries to corrupt our minds and entangle us with the affairs of this life. Babylon is attractive, but you can never become one with it. How do you get free from rejection? Know who you are!

Does your culture dictate you? Or the Kingdom’s culture? Does your old identity dictate you?

I no longer live but Christ. Can you say that? How do we frustrate the grace of God? By not taking our heavenly identity. Religion, tradition, and culture: is this who you are?

Paul was a believer. Believing in what? What kind of Christian was he? The kind that was being manifested throughout the Bible. What was manifesting through Paul was what he was preaching. What he preached, he lived. Who He preached about was backed with the power!

Before the foundation of the World, He was and we were. Why can’t we wrap our mind around it? Because our minds are carnal. Peter was not a fisherman any more? NO. He was a royal priesthood. A holy nation. A peculiar person.

Read 1 Peter 2:9-12.

We are supposed to go to dark places – but we better not have darkness in us. Because we have been extracted from the world, from darkness. We are an ambassador from heaven! We are a representative of heaven. We must not carry a title of the world but of heaven. We must carry the attribute as sons of God. We are heavenly. So this what religious devils hate you because you will no longer depend on their knowledge and their wisdom but on the Holy Spirit that they know not of. They read about Him but they are not of Him, so they want to bring confusion to you and bring you down to their low level, pretending to be so high in their own knowledge and wisdom.

Read Galatians 3:25-19.

Paul was talking about him being an heir of Abraham. God is raising us up so we can handle our heavenly heritage. Because it comes with a lot of responsibility. Can we handle the true riches of heaven? NO more earthly identity. He is talking about spiritual thinking. Don’t identify yourself in the flesh but in the Spirit. As you live in this flesh/body, walk in the Spirit. Absent in the flesh, is to be present in the Spirit.

Religion hands you the fig leaves for you to put on before you go to His presence. To be one, to be in relationship with Him: this is His desire. God desires relationship with man. There is no other religion that can make you a son but the Spirit of God. You did not have to die first to be one with Him. Jesus died first so God could be one with Him and us.

Read Galatians 4:1-10.

Why go back to beggarly elements? This is all the world has for you! Why do we desire those things?

The world is in bondage. Why are you in bondage with it? Seek the kingdom of God first.

Solomon’s glory can’t compare to being a son of God. Once you know who you are, Satan cannot stop you!

Read 1 John 4:4-8.

Little children, get revelation of your identity. He that is in you, take over you and you will look like Him. You must overcome the world as a son and do not let the world overcome you.

Your mind needs to be renewed. The world has trained us since we were little – now we must forget all of that. We must go towards this high calling: SON and (for the feminists) DAUGHTER. Even when a woman fights for her place, it is because this woman does not know who she is in God.

People don’t want to hear you because you are of God. The spirit of error speaks volumes! But when you know who you are, the spirit of truth will speak louder! No longer sinners, but saints. No longer slaves, but sons. No longer carnal, but spiritual.

Peter identified himself with Christ and what did he do? He walked on the water. But the moment he had his eyes on his humanity and his earthly identity, he started to sink. We are just like that: One day we are sinking, another day we are walking on the water. But I want to run on the water!

It is time to confess and to believe again. Believe it, confess it, and live it. You will be the one who destroys the works of darkness. The devil has blinded your true identity for too long. It is not who he says I am but who the Father says I am. I am a stranger and a pilgrim on this Earth! In Him, I move, I have my being. I am the word of my testimony. I speak. God has given me authority to step on snakes and trample scorpions. I am rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus. My life is not my own. I am hidden in Christ. I am seated with Him. I am an ambassador from heaven. I am a pilgrim in this world – This world is not my home! This is who I am If your born again this is who you really are believe it! Shane Roessiger

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