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The anointing is the touch of God, something He puts on His people for special assignments and to destroy the works of darkness. We all have some measure of it. But to have it to the fullest, we all must pay the price for it. We have all authority over the devil but with the anointing, it is a whole other level. Fear of man and man-pleasing and disobedience will kill the anointing.

Saul had the anointing removed and people did not even realize it, but for a while even as he stayed in his position physically, spiritually he lost the touch of God. This is serious and I pray all God’s anointed fear Him.

Buy oil – we must find it again if we have lost it. When you know it and when you know you lost it or it’s just not like it was, you better find it back. We see this a lot with musicians and singers when they want to be big or want to be commercialized. Living with it every day is something that we should live for. Samson had it and abused it – took it for granted – Don’t take it for granted. Don’t play with Delilah. We thank God for his precious grace.

You may have a gift and never pay the price for the anointing. You must be anointed for your purpose and your purpose should be God’s purpose. The devil tries to put a yoke on you and the anointing breaks it. Anointing will give you more faith, more power, more favor but also more persecution, more jealousy, and more persecution even from the false brethren. It says in Hebrews 1:9 that even Jesus was anointed above his brethren, so there are measures. Go buy oil!

Promotion does not come from man neither does the anointing. The devil can smell the endowment of God. The enemy wants us to wish we could be just an ordinary Christian causing us to give up on the anointing. We look for favor with man, but God wants you to have favor with Him. This is not about love. He loves us all but favor is special. Look at Joseph, look at David.

Hebrews 1:9

The anointing can rest upon you. But the Holy Spirit does not fall on everybody just because He is falling. He chooses who He wants to give it to. Many Christians are without the anointing of full horn. His ministers are flames of fire. Not everyone is called into the fivefold ministry but everyone is called to the ministry of reconciliation. Whatever purpose you do for God, with the anointing there is no striving.

Those who love righteousness and hate iniquity are the ones that will keep His anointing. There is no one more anointed than Jesus. Imagine the anointing that is in you, plus the one that comes on you – that means an explosion. The religious will fight about it (they will call it the devil) but those of us who know and feel it when the blanket falls and you are taken over by it will not accept their theology and their mind only teaching. They criticize and judge and in that they will never ever get a anything because God only anoints the humble.

The love of this world will suck the anointing out of us. The love for Him will cause it to remain. We impart gifts all the time but the gifts don’t come with the anointing. You better seek for it. It does not come from man but from God. Gifts without it can never accomplish what they can with it. If they say to you, "We have the anointing," tell them, “How much do you have?” Religion will be satisfied with any little of it, but those who have tasted and seen cannot live without it.

If we want to minister properly, we must seek the anointing. Or it will become works. Ministers with the gifts only produce little. The anointing can be for every purpose, not just straight up ministry, but to advance the kingdom of God.

Luke 4:17- 19

Jesus talked about Himself when he opened the book of Isaiah. People preach without the anointing – the Spirit of the Lord must be upon you to preach, to set the captive free, to heal, to heal the broken heart! We can’t do anything without the anointing. It is God on human vessels, endowment that can’t be seen by the human eye, only the effects can be!

The anointing breaks the yoke. If yokes are not being broken then there is no anointing. They try to impress you with the gifts, but gifts with the anointing, well, that is when holy trouble starts. That’s when the devil begins to know who you are.

Psalms 45:6-8

Jesus was anointed above all. The only thing that can stop the anointing from flowing is us. The lack of desire to pay the price. A young man fell as dead after convulsion and seizures, Jesus rebuked the foul spirit and as the boy was lying as dead, Jesus picked him up and said, “He is not dead” (Mark 9:6). Today if people start manifesting because of the anointing then you cast them out. The religious will say you have a demon or a kundalini spirit. Don't worry, the religious of Jesus time said the same thing, that He cast out demons from the devil. We know what Jesus said about that but the devil doesn't have the anointing of God. In another passage (John 18:6), Jesus was taken by the Roman soldier. He said, “I am,” and they all fell back. That was God saying, “I am in charge. This is my will.” Then Peter cut off the soldier’s ear and Jesus put it back on. The anointing! The religious hate anything if it’s not them doing it or approving it.

Guess what? There is more anointing. There is more. The anointing must be more precious than gold and silver. Become what you serve. The anointing falls on the meek – the servant hearts. David still served Saul – even when he was already anointed. Samuel served Eli even as he was called and anointed. We know Jesus was the servant of all.

Some people have more anointing than others. Sometimes God removes His anointing away so we can search for it, so we can pay the price for it. The anointing brings exposure – brings position – brings establishment. Also, it brings a lot of opposition and resistance.

The anointing comes for those who are least likely. The one in the back is more anointed than the one in the front that was pointed by man but never anointed for the task by God. Man cannot anoint you. Man can confirm the anointing from God. Man can put oil on you but the anointing is from God.

The anointing makes the vision come to pass. The anointing brings freedom. The anointing brings light to hidden things. The anointing comes to the servant of all. Religion has abused the anointing. Religion becomes the modern-day “Sauls” and the “Elis”. David cut off the head of the giant. He did not hide it. He showed it off to bring glory to God Himself. From the secret place is where the anointing comes out. The anointing is for those who are relentless until they get it. The more obedient you are, the more anointing you will have.

Eli and Saul could have repented. But they never did. Saul did not obey God fully – Some disobedience is full disobedience. All lost the anointing and lost out with God. These stories are there to keep us on our post and on our best behavior.

David did so many wrong things but God did not remove His anointing. Why? His heart was right. Today is still the same. David could not stand to be apart from God. He cried out, “Do not remove your presence from me.”

People use so many excuses for not having the anointing. Most of the time, we lose the anointing because of idolatry. Saul became his own god. Saul rejected the word of the Lord.

Saul still wanted to look good in front of people. He wanted Samuel to walk with him to look good in front of the people. But God had to use Samuel to kill what Saul did not kill.

We need to get the anointing back in our lives like never before. My main concern is not to be everybody’s friends but to be a friend of God. Men pleasing is an anointing killer.

Saul wanted to have Samuel next to him to get the approval of people, but Samuel denied his request. If Samuel had done it Saul’s way, Samuel as well would have disobeyed the Lord. Saul hated what happened but never repented. Prophets after prophets, and people are still disobeying the Word of the Lord. We all can have as much anointing as God can give. What do you burn for?

I do not want God ever to repent for calling you and me. Do you? No! The anointing will bring you confidence when people talk badly about you, when persecution comes, and when the stone comes. We will not be ashamed when He comes back! God, we want it more than we ever have!

We want more now, not later! Not next year! I don’t care if I end my course all alone. Just as long as I’m anointed as much I can be.

The anointing is and must be the most precious treasure we have. Why? Because it is. It is God resting on a human vessel causing people to be touched by our very shadow. Come on! What can't possibly be better than God! Five wise virgins will always ask: FILL MY LAMP WITH OIL. They are always seeking for more oil! Go and get it! I can’t give you my anointing. It does not work that way. You go and buy oil for yourself, by yourself! Go and get the anointing back at all cost! Pay the price and die for it you can't live without it!

Shane Roessiger

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