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It’s what you do on the inside where no one can see what you’re doing. What you’re saying. What you’re receiving from. 

This is the place where you produce oil in your life.

The inner chamber. The deep part of your heart that can never be seen by the eyes of men. That can never be heard. The place where you talk to yourself. The place where the tongue actually has the most influence. It’s the place where you make agreements and alliances. It’s the place where Judas was birthed. It’s the place where Samuel was birthed. It’s the place where Jesus chose to deny His will when the devil was on His back. It’s the place where Sampson let in Delilah and lost the power. Where Eliashib let in the enemies of Israel. 

This is the place we need to guard the most! 

It’s not what goes in our ears. The Bible says it’s what comes out of us that defiles us. It’s what is going on in the most secret place in us that is seen before all. It’s what we end up believing at the end of the day, and what we truly end up believing is what is decided in this place. Not what you do on the outside, but what’s coming out of you. What voice is erupting out of you?

What word are you receiving? The word that you heard from an anointed vessel in the body? Or the word that you heard from that strange voice inside? This is the place that matters most. This is the place that makes you or breaks you, where things are birthed into your heart.

Life and death dwell in this place. This is the place where your will stands in the middle and darkness and light are on either side. This is the place where you make your choices. This is the place where the devil or God is chosen to be the king of the heart. 

This is the most important place inside of you. It doesn’t matter how much you pray. It matters what’s happening deep down in you. It matters more than what you do on the outside because this place governs the outside! This place allows or closes the door to resurrection power to your mortal body. The place where only you and God know about.

Where you accept Him or deny Him. Where you cast down the enemy or listen to his lies. This is the place that everything you hear enters before it’s authorized to manifest something in your life.

This is the place of manifestation. This is where true men of God produce oil. This is the place where pride or humility is seen. This is the place where confidence is born. Where sons are born. Religion always tries to focus and fix the outward, but they never succeed because they never dealt with themselves to the deepest measure. The measure of a man is the measure of His heart, and whoever has the keys to this place has power over the heart. 

What comes out of a man’s mouth is what’s in His heart. What comes out of that chamber is what will control your tongue, your mind, heart, and body. 

Deep calls to deep. When you deal with the deep parts of yourself, you deal with your outward self. The surface level. What are you hearing when you’re all alone? What conversations are going on inside of you when no one is looking? What are you thinking and feeling? And what are you doing with what you’re thinking and feeling? 

What you do with these things matters most. This is the place where the word of God has to reach its deepest or it will never manifest Christ in us truly, it can’t be just head knowledge. This is the place of understanding, and when the 7 spirits of God invade in this place, the word of God goes deep.  

This is what matters most. When everything is quiet, your insides will still make noise. What are you coming in agreement with? When two or more come in agreement, God shows up. And when you and God agree, power breaks out. Oil seeps out from within and the whole world witnesses the manifestation of a son or a daughter. Who has the keys to your inner chamber where the secrets of a man dwell? Give it to God, and He will give you the keys to His kingdom. 

By Joe Pinto


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