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Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior is not a one-day thing! It’s an everyday thing! When He is leading you, convicting, correcting, chastising you, encouraging, and confronting you. This is what it looks like to accept Him and then He gives grace and saves. We are constantly accepting Him every day. It’s a constant thing. Isn’t this supposed to be a relationship! We talk about this walk being like a father and son or daughter. Yet we still stand on that one day. He didn’t say stand on that one day He touched you. He said stand on the rock, Jesus Christ the chief cornerstone. 

This WALK isn’t a salvation prayer, “Jesus I accept you as Lord and Savior,” but then tomorrow I’ll deny you with my actions. You can accept Him one day and deny Him another!!! If you accept Him one day and deny Him for the rest of your life, that one day is rubbish. That salvation prayer is no longer salvation. Salvation is an act of God! He SEES the heart He’s looking for and He saves it, and there’s power and fruit! 

This is hard to hear but it’s the Truth and the Truth sets free. It’s pretty hard to hear when religion has been lying to you all this time, giving you false presentations of salvation, when salvation is actually a lifestyle. 

If you deny his Words or His ways, you deny him! 

To accept Jesus into your life is to ask God's Holy Fiery Word to burn up who you are and what you want in exchange for becoming like Him and doing the Father's will daily! It says, “Baptism of the Holy Spirit and FIRE.” What is the fire? It’s the part of God that comes and purges the carnality and flesh, that separates the ungodly parts from the godly parts inside of us, as we continue bending to His Will. 

This is salvation, to be made into His image. We lost the sense of His image in the garden and He's saving us to bring us back to that. Not saving us to say a prayer and say I’ll be with Him one day. No, He's saving us to be with Him TODAY! Not, "God, one day I’ll be with you in a magical place." No! Right now! Your Spirit in me!

Don’t just say a prayer and accept Jesus into your heart one day. Consume His Word and Blood. Let it create in you a new heart and then you are accepting Jesus into your life!

"He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, remain in me, and I in him." John 6:56

Remains in me! So we have to remain in Him every day through an action. Drink His blood which is His forgiveness and sacrifice and to eat His flesh which is His Word! So if we don’t constantly keep these things flowing in our life, we will not be able to remain in Him. And if we deny His word and we deny His blood and forgiveness, we are denying Him, and that one day you accepted Him now means nothing because it was an everyday thing from the beginning. Salvation is ongoing! Don’t sell yourself short on one day. Add value to that one day by living for Him every day. Yes, salvation was free but to keep it is going to cost you. He will touch you and set you free but now you have to remain in Him.

It’s like if I give someone a free car. It’s a free gift but it’s still going to cost them to keep it. They are going to have to get insurance and pay for that monthly. Gas is going to cost them weekly. They are going to have to pay for a carwash or cleaning products to maintain the look and every now and then take it to the mechanic shop to get it fixed. 

This is just like salvation! We must remain in Him. We drink His blood and eat His flesh. We must worship Him in spirit and in truth! We must be baptized in the Holy Spirit and Fire! There is so much more than one day! Remain in Him! 

The more you live for Him the more that one day becomes even more memorable and praiseworthy. Those people that keep the date of their salvation but don’t live for Him now are wasting their breath because it won’t matter anymore on judgment day if they don’t repent. Blessed are those that keep the date of their salvation but are still living it! 

Jesus did not save you one day. He is saving you every day, renewing your mind and delivering you from the flesh over the process of time. Regenerating you into the new creation you are supposed to be. Transforming into the image of Christ. 

He is your savior every day not just on that special day when you met Him!!!

You say Jesus is your Lord and savior but still have a heart and mind like the world. So then what did He save you from if you're still the same? To be a friend of the world is to be an enemy of God.

If we’re not aiming to think like Him and have a heart made of flesh, you will stay condemned with the world proclaiming a savior you never knew and were never saved by.

It’s not just a prayer! You want to say a prayer? Then say it every day! Live it with your heart! And accept every time He speaks, every time He acts, every time He moves! Accept Him, receive Him, and let Him save you over and over. And then and only then will you justifiably and confidently be able to say, “Jesus, my Lord and Savior!”  

By Joe Pinto


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