The word that comes with power, the word that comes from heaven, the Living Word!It will shake everything that can be shaken. Let the spirit of wisdom and revelation and the knowledge of you come and renew our minds from faith to faith. What is the Spirit saying to the church?

We are hungry! We are desperate! We know there is more than this, and only by you Lord can we walk in it. We thank you for every opportunity to break open your word! We don’t trust in our own ways. We trust in you and cannot do anything apart from you! You are our comforter and our guide.

Let us know all things! Clear the atmosphere! Flush out all lies and expose the works of darkness. Renew our minds and change us from glory to glory. Make us new in every area of our life because that is what you do! We Pray

What the apostolic does is it comes in and sets order. It is a forerunner anointing. It means sometimes you hear things you have never heard before, and sometimes, like in Jeremiah, things have to be pulled up. Don’t you know if you plant things with weeds what will happen? The weeds will try to overtake it. So a good farmer will pull up all the weeds and make the soil rich and ready. God is doing mighty things on the earth today.

The Church is not an industry. We have made the church like a business! We are a house of prayer. We are called to be fishers of men. How many know when you go out and go fishing, you use bait and you use instruments, things that attract the fish to bite. We use nets and fishing poles as well. And Jesus said we are to be fishers of men. The problem now is that God has the right bait, but we want to do it our way use are bait. God gives us all that we need! We have the right fishing poles and all we need to do is put it in the right direction! Remember: Peter thought it was over for him when he thought he was a failure. But that professional fisherman caught nothing all night. Because now that he was an apostle, he was not using his anointing for the purpose that he was called. But again, one word from Jesus: “Throw the net on the other side,” and then he caught so, so, so many fish.Gods way is the only way.Blueprints are in the book.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of who and what we are. “Peter, it is Me who will catch the fish. Just feed them. Do you love Me? Feed them. Do you love Me? Feed them. “Keep saying the same words Jesus said to Peter in your heart and mind. We need to submit to the Truth and the power. Striving, man’s agenda and wisdom are making us sick.Fake bait will create fake converts.Jesus is the bait of life.

We are the fishing pole and God is the one to be fishing. We are the instruments in His hand. The bait is the bread of truth! That is the bait we are supposed to be fishing with! The problem is man thinks they have a better way! A better way to catch fish. When you use fake bait, you will produce fake Christians. The only bait is the truth from heaven. It is the pages from the book. No man shall live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. You might catch the fish but all you will use is a shiny lure. Fake bait produces fake converts and fake converts will not produce but they will be joyful for a season but fall away. Fake produces nothing else but fake things!This Jesus preached raw and real..He said count the cost...

The Holy Spirit is the strongman! God is in such control! Peter fished all night after he ran from his calling. All Jesus said was one word, cast your net right here! What I say, just do it. Even at the wedding, Jesus’ mother said whatever He says just do it! When we do it the power manifests. When we do it, it doesn’t look attractive. We have to make it look better or to strong and we want to water it down. We want motivation, we want attraction, we want entertainment, we want flashing lights. We want methods, but Jesus is the bait (bread) of life. Even when God sent manna to the natural flesh, they looked at it and they said what is this? What is this? So you want to spice it up and use fake lures! God has just a net and all you have to do is to obey, throw it where He tells you. You want numbers; He wants hearts.

The kingdom of God is like a net and He catches all the different fishes! He throws out what He wants – the good and the bad. We have books on how to do it better than God! From generations to generations they have been trying methods, traditions. There are whole denominations built on methods! Nothing! Nothing will stand if it is not built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ. There are books on steps and knowledge! We have one step! Repent! We have the Word on the church and on how it is built. Man wants to do it their way. We have movements in the flesh, prayer movements.

Movements, soul-winning movements, school of ministries all over, but we are still missing something. We have also those who blaspheme saying that the Holy Spirit is not moving trying to freeze the church with the fear of man.

Then we have motivational speeches! All these different methods but God has a better way, a different way! Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Cast out demons! Heal the sick! Raise the dead! Preach the Gospel to the nations! Any other way will be burned up. Build, be, hear, speak. We are coming into persecution and the anti-Christ spirit is taking over the World. So many are living on the sand.

Read 2 Timothy look Paul says to timothy.Preach the Word! Be instant in season and out of season! Be ready! Have your feet shod! Put on Christ and preach Christ crucified! Reprove, rebuke for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine! Teachers having itching ears!

It will be and have been the people that decide what the man will be saying in the pulpit. It will be for the people in the pews to decide what is God and what is not! It will be the people that choose who is in the pulpit. This is how it is in the counterfeit mega-church and religious sects. No man will pick who God is going to speak for Him! The only ones God picks are the ones that preach the Gospel, the Gospel with power. Why is that not good enough? Why? Because it is not pleasing to our souls and flesh? If I said tonight we would give you 7 steps and it will make you prosperous, there would be many people here. Today, people are speaking to fill their pockets up. In John 6:66, even the miracles weren’t good enough because Jesus was preaching about denying themselves! This is not popular! But this is what they want: “I want you to tell me how great and popular I am”, “ I want you to tell me how rich I am going to be”, “ I want you to tell me how to go to the 7 mountains of influence to suck on the breast of the harlot of Babylon.” Those that want Him are being attacked by Hell. They are being kicked by the goats. They are being afflicted in every area. He says, they will turn their ears from the truth unto fables. Jesus is speaking. He is the Spirit of Truth! If God had not shortens the times even the elect would be deceived. They even start to question what they see in the natural. People are eating artificial worms marketing the next new thing like this new spinner bait lets use this the fish are biting this NO THE BREAD OF LIFE IS THE BAIT.

Paul talks about he knew when he was ready to be killed. When you are walking close to God, you will know when you are going to be with Him. I have fought a good fight. I have kept the faith. Henceforth is laid up for me a crown of righteousness. If we have itchy ears, we will not love His appearing! He will come like a thief in the night. Timothy, stay the course through to the mark of the high calling to which I have called you. Stir up the gift, Timothy! Timothy had a few letters! Timothy had a few writings! He had the Holy Spirit! Rely on the Holy Spirit! Timothy had the book of Timothy. He did have all the other letters. But obviously the letter to Paul from timothy must been heart felt and a lot apathy and hardship. He (Paul) told Timothy, “Remember the gift you have received, stir that up. It is in you.” This is the treasure in you stir up the HOLY SPIRIT.

Paul also was expressing His heart in his walk was talking about one Demas about forsaking Him because He loved the world more than Him! Consecration, prayer, truth, anointing, gifts, devotion. This is how we build the church. This is how we catch souls! The church is not an industry. The church is not a system. The church must eat the bread of life or you will die in the wilderness! The Israelite's ate the bread but they lusted after the onions! Right now we have the bread of life and all the onions all around us. That’s why only the Holy Spirit will lead us. They were led by fire by night and cloud by day (Holy Spirit). They were led by Moses (Gods government), and it was raining manna(Jesus) which is the the bread of life.

We know God is the Holy Spirit and following the voice of God. Then He says we will give the Gospel and we will disguise it. We will mix this and that in it! But if they don’t come for the truth! If they don’t come for Jesus! They are coming for other reasons and they will not be wearing the garments. They will be cast out. Stop making ministry about you and numbers but about the real Jesus. Yes, it may be just a few, It may be humbling but it will last. The church is designed for the Glory of God! The church is for God's glory, not man's. This is the Church of God that He is coming back for! The Church of Jesus Christ.

The woman at the well was so thirsty that Jesus began to tell her all she ever did! He didn’t give her anything fake! He didn’t use a shiny lure! He gave her life. Bread from heaven! Truth with conviction then God was able to move He will not move on lies or motivation or flattery or man pleasing! Then she ate it and she was no longer thirsty for the water from man! It says she left her water pot! And she ran to tell everybody – she began to use her bait! The same way Jesus did! She didn’t use a method. She didn’t mix things in it! He told me all I ever did. It changed my heart! We need the raw to see the real.

We get so motivated that we begin to worship the cross and not pick it up. He didn’t say worship the cross. Worship me and pick up your cross!!! Anyone who preaches another doctrine will be accursed! A church without sound doctrine is an industry! It is called religion! It will not stand.

But you want to cater to your itching ears. If you want to learn about the Jewish roots and not get to know the one who created the roots! He is the alpha and omega before the foundations of the world. Before there was the nation of Israel, He was! He is and He will come and nothing shall come between Him and us – no idols. He made all thing and we were made for Him, not for the creation!

He is not coming like baby! He is not coming like a lamb! He is coming like a King!

You are supposed to identify with Christ! Jesus said, “Father, as you and I are one, make them one!” Paul didn’t say I am a Jewish Christian! He said I am a believer! He came to get what the enemy stole. After His resurrection, Jesus took the keys of hell and death. We will all be glorious by the blood of the lamb. The fire of God will consume us! This isn’t popular, right? Let’s find a minister to tell me how popular I can be! The devil is still deceiving people! There are two fathers now! One is Satan, the father of lies,pride and lust. And we cry ABBA Father – the Father of light and holiness! He has a great design for the Church. So He has given us the keys! Whatsoever we bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. Whatsoever we loose on earth becomes loosed in heaven! But we would rather know how to get rich fast but Jesus said, “Come and buy gold from Me.” The other type of gold is fool’s gold.

Let me find a minister that picks the sweet stuff! But there is a people that will not raise up a golden calf, not raise up their idols…

Give me living water! He said this: I fed you with milk, not meat because you are not able to bear it. Why do you say I am this and that: “I am Baptist, I am Presbyterian, I am Lutheran, I am Pentecostal, I am a Methodist?”

Are we not carnal? That’s carnal!! That is built on man, not on the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the rock is one! And there is no division in One. Neither is the one that plants anything! It’s God that gives the increase. Every man that labors together is God’s husbandman! According to the grace of God be unto a wise Master Builder! Let every man take account of how he builds. There is no other foundation that can stand but Jesus Christ! It can’t be built on grace alone. It can’t be built correctly. It can’t be on just evangelism. It can’t be built on pastoring alone! It has to be built upon the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God in us! The hope of glory! Not mixtures but the Gospel. Let us become a fool that we might be wise that no glory in man! He gave gifts to men. His way – not man’s fake ways.

Read Matthew 16:18 - I say unto thee, Peter, upon this rock I will build the Church! Not on sand when the floods and the storms come. Anyone anchored on Christ! Who did He say! would build He said "I" will..HIM!!

He said I will build my church. The bread from heaven! And all hell is trying to stop it. The gates of hell will not prevail. Satan won’t be preaching from the pulpit. Religion will not be preaching from the pulpit! Jesus is coming! The false church is coming down for the Kingdom of God is at hand. The resurrection is for the lost. Wake up! Revival is for you. God, I thank you that I cannot get my eyes off the word! This is the final minute because 2000 years ago in the final hour He said the antichrist is here and there is many antichrist have began to deceive many. If you have offenses with someone, throw it out. Get your heart right. Satan is a thief and you only have protection in Christ. The spirit of Balaam is rampant. Marketing and merchandisers are everywhere – selling Christ, selling fool’s gold. Jesus is saying “I cannot be sold, you must come and buy gold from Me.”

This is the vision: the Church of Jesus! Put on Christ and reach for the high calling. Baptize us with the Holy Spirit. Just like with Paul the whole city was in an uproar! If everyone likes you and goes in droves and loves to hear you, so did they to the false prophets. All the Prophets get stoned, persecuted, and rejected. That’s not the Gospel I like! I want to be like Paul. I want to finish my course. Why are you doing what you are doing? We have people afraid of the Gospel! The real Gospel of Jesus Christ will get you thrown out of your earthly family. It will get you rejected from mainstream industry. They will shun you in silence. They will say all evil things against you. The fake news. Jezebel’s list with all soothsayers will say, “You are too extreme. Let me help you to be liked.” But heavenly vision will be my daily bread. Whether they like you or not. But He always will be with you, the real Church of Jesus Christ! Shane W Roessiger





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