This is the Truth: the devil has no other choice but to flee. There is nothing wrong with the blood, with the cross. The problem is us. We have the power to set the captive free. Sometimes we are so worried about setting others free but we end up being the captive.

The devil has no new tricks and the Word has not changed. He is persistent and relentless. He is not going to sleep. The devil does not get tired. God does not get tired. We are the ones that get tired. We must believe. If we don’t, the enemy knows.

Read James 4:1-12.

It is always this battle between the word of lies and the Word of God. Who is the God of this World? Satan. When you begin fellowship with Satan and not with the Truth, you are setting yourself up for demonic battle. Satan will start making you focus on yourself. This is the key to overcome the Father of lies. It is the Word of Truth.

It is His grace given to the humble, only to the humble. So submit yourselves to God. Everybody wants the devil to flee without submitting to God. That is the first step. Then you resist the devil and he WILL flee, not he might, but he WILL. Nothing that you don’t believe will benefit your life.

To resist means to oppose something. Some people are being beaten by the devil because they are not submitted to God. When we know what is right and we don’t do it, that is sin! So our own will is the root of our own sin. I don’t care what they say or think if the blood washed and saved. If you are bound, the problem is you, not the devil. Satan was defeated but he was not.  He hasn’t been fired from his job yet.

We get tired of resisting the devil. Guilt brings torment and righteousness brings peace. The only way for you to walk in freedom is this:

Don’t be offended.

Do not doubt.

Do what He told you to do.

Do not go by your emotions.

Take authority over every situation and bring it all to the cross.

Walk in the Spirit and do not look to be right but to be righteous.

Ephesians 4 says we must grow up into all things. Draw near to God. Cleanse your heart. Do not be doubled minded. When we go lower, He will go higher, not MIGHT, but HE WILL lift us up. Don’t speak evil of your brother. When you take offense, you judge your brother. Be renewed in your mind and check where that thought comes from. Put away lies. What is the Truth? The Word of God. Speak the Word without hypocrisy but with power, knowing that you know it! It says in Ephesians 4:27-30, “Do not give place to the devil.” In verse 27, it tells us what not to do. So that also tells us what? That we could give place to the devil. This proves that we have a major part in what the enemy can or cannot do. Then it goes on to say in verse 30, “Do not grieve the Holy Spirit,” meaning that giving place to the devil is grieving the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit wants and desires to live and to be set apart in and with you. If you do give place to the devil, you will feel grieved as well because you and the Holy Spirit are one. We must put away anything that is not of God. Forgive and forget all the trespasses. You are not perfect. The devil makes you think that way. You are not right but the Word does not lie.

One of the biggest tricks of the devil is to make believers victims of their own past. With that double-mindedness, you cannot be a victorious person and a victim at the same time. You start a party called pity but nobody wants to come, so you go to the highways and byways compelling all who will listen to your victim mind but nobody wants to. If you could see in the spirit, a legion of demons will sure show up to your pity party. These demons will come in negative agreement with you and empower the darkness. We only become a believer when we submit to God and pick up our cross, only then the devil will flee. The Word does not say, “he might” but “he WILL flee.” This is the mighty power of the cross.

You are the only one that has the power to stop him from hanging out around you. People have not learned how to submit to God. Vengeance is His, not yours. We must be in agreement with one thing: to love and not to be offended. Or every day they will be in the boxing ring being beaten up by Satan. Unforgiveness is an invitation to become a punching bag.

Victim mentality will make you choose justice over mercy. In that, you will be judged by God. Instead of living for Jesus, we are living for ourselves, always pleading our own case. Every morning Satan will not rest his case. But until we submit, the trial will never end. The prosecutor is Satan and you. You are saying something about somebody but Jesus is saying about that person that is on the cross, “Not guilty.” Outside the cross, we are all guilty, we all need mercy, so the trial goes on and on and on.

There is no way to love if you cannot submit to God. There is no way to love without the cross. Turn the other cheek, and lay down your will, your way, and your life for the sake of others. There is not one person that has not been a victim to Satan. On one level or measure, we can be a victim or a victor. You look at the flesh and Satan uses the flesh of man to do his work, but we must remember – we do not fight against flesh. What he uses is not what we should war against. He uses people but we should not fight people. It's not against flesh and blood but against spirits and principalities in the high places. Love keeps NO record of wrong. Love is the cross. Love has no list of mistakes. We do not have our own righteousness. If you want justice, you are self-righteous and an enemy of the cross. Satan is clever to get us in his game of guilt, shame, and abuse.

It is a GUARANTEE – if we follow the Word of God, the devil will flee. We know the Word of God is Truth. So why do we let Satan convince us of the contrary? TRUTH. You must believe it. Honor it. Apply it. Do it. Or your speech will end up like this

“I don’t want to do it.” “I can’t do it.” “I won’t do it.”

There is no special case concerning being a victim of Satan. Every single person since Eve has been on his hit list. There is always a worse abuse than yours. This is why Jesus came. Do you want to measure your justice to what? Do you want to measure your “suffering” to whose? I don’t care if someone somewhere has been abused and suffered. There is always someone who has been abused more than you. The Word of God applies to them and to you just the same. He is no respecter of persons. His Word stands above any hurt. The cross is not for everybody but to those who believe on it.

You have replaced your words for His word, your will for His will, your blood for His blood.

You are not humble because it is all about you. You are crying out to God because they hurt you. It is all about your hurt. Change your focus. You are self-righteous. A snare set by the devil.

There is no way to resist the devil without submitting to God. We all need God. We all need Jesus. But the self-righteous person is a blind person. When we submit to Him, we show that He is God.

It is not your sin that will keep you in bondage because Jesus took our sins away. It is not applying the Word and the cross, but by first submitting to God. When you don’t submit, then what you are doing is exalting yourself, your ways, and your thoughts above the Word of God. You become your own idol. If we truly believe Him, we would fear Him. If we cannot believe Him, we are believing in a lie. Everybody believes something. We are supposed to believe the Word of God. The kingdom of lies has a thousand faces. Trials keep going on and on. Jesus overcame and we have power, but you must give no place to the devil. What you believe will empower your mind and emotions. Let it be His mind, the mind of Christ. Get rid of your mind. BE a doer of the Word. The lower you go, the higher He goes. Don’t try to be on the same level with God, always go lower. The deepest part of God is in the lower places in Him.

Read 1 John 5.

When we love God, we keep His commandments. He commands us not to take offense, He commands us to resist the devil. Whosoever is born of God must overcome the World, but not on your own, but in HIM. When we walk in the flesh, there is no protection. Defeat the devil by your submission to God. Satan keeps looking for who he can devour, do not let him find you. Satan got somebody that had no sin (Eve) to deceive Adam – how tricky is that? He is clever so you have no choice but to lean on the cross, the blood, and the Word.

The Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit bear witness of the Truth. The Word of God brings witness of what we are to be and to think. People say, “I believe in God,” but they don’t really believe it. If you believe, you do.

How do we have confidence? SUBMITTING TO GOD. All unrighteousness is sin! And your own righteousness is sin! We need to say, “Guilty,” because without Him we all are. But in Him, we are righteous. The World wants to fight for justice on their own strength, but we should not. It is in humbling ourselves that we win.

The wicked one should not touch you. It is illegal for him to touch you. If he is, then something is wrong. And it is you! Little children, keep yourself from idols! And the biggest idol is YOU! Keep yourself from you! We can tell who really believes Him by the way they walk in freedom. Period. Everyone can be a victim or a victorious one. We all have the same power, the same cross. Do not let the pride or your past or abuse or circumstances make you live in the courtroom of accusation. Don’t look for justice. Look to the cross and to mercy. God will deal with righteousness.

Father, we believe your Word and on the blood of Jesus. I submit my mind, my will, my emotions, all things done to me since I was born until this day, I give it to you, and I nail them on the cross. The blood of Jesus has given me power over my mind, my will, and my emotions. Satan, we renounce you. We break our plans with you. We lay down our own righteousness. We receive mercy and forgive everybody. Push back darkness and give no place to your self. We have overcome because two thousand years ago, He took my will on the cross, and today we took His. It is not what I think but what His Word says. And the Word says, “Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee! Goodbye, Satan!” Shane W Roessiger

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