So many think and say God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! So this being true…Some of the same people make God different after the cross.

Not realizing all of heaven stands in order! What Satan wanted to do in heaven, he is doing now on the earth!

He wanted to have more rank, more power, and more authority than what was given to him! In that, God being God cast him down to earth like lightning! His first victim was Eve in the garden.

Then he continued and is continuing today from this one to that one, from Jezebel to Absalom to Korah to every home in this realm! See, the things we think are no big deal to God are very big to Him. This was what stripped Lucifer of his rank and position! So now he is the head of his self-made army! But he is under our feet in Christ! So every government structure or way of God, he wants to dismantle and disrupt and take over and out! God does give him these 7 mountains that belong to him, the kingdom of Babylon. But Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords. God has His divine order still today.

So be very careful in all structures, God orders, governments, anointings, and the Word of God. It’s not about God’s love only but it’s about His ways, and although God’s love is so amazing, Satan wants to get you to be like him, the father of pride!

So what will he do since he could not subvert authority in heaven? He is on the Earth trying to find vessels that want to rebel against God’s elect, God’s anointed, God’s structure, and GOD period! He just needs people to do it with!

This is why even in the simplest form, God said to honor your father and mother and it will be well with you! This is why he is after the youth of the world.

What Satan makes is rebellious kids so he can have a home or resting place! He lives in rebellion. He is the author of it.

Honor is another word for submit. Look it up, too!

Kids that begin to rebel at home start to rebel everywhere you see. Satan makes them feel right. This is why he is part of so many protests, always protesting morals and GOD! He makes them anguished like they are actually being denied freedom when, in reality, real freedom is in Christ.

But it’s very hard to rebel against real love! It takes a lot more work.

That’s why God says, “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loves the church and gave Himself for it.” This is a great form of protection so Satan cannot get in too easy if he can’t show reasons. He has a harder time getting that vessel to rebel! We are the bride of Christ and in that His love always draws us back because He is perfect and so is His love. This Satan must pervert. So this is why he wants to make us break the first two commandments of Jesus, words of LOVE, so as to twist God’s real intentions. It makes God look like a tyrant and tries to find flaws in His Word. Even with Eve, he made God look legalistic because God never even said don’t touch. He said don’t eat. Religion and Pharisees and Sadducees are always adding to what God wants and expects. That is why Satan makes people focus on religion instead of love, and rules instead of protection. Satan never sleeps as well. He wants to find a person he can use to rebel against every institution and TRUTH from God, so he must make God out to be something different than He really is. He is the best illusionist on the planet. That is why it is not just a good idea to know HIM and His Word, it’s LIFE or death.

Satan has been watering down God’s Word since the garden and perverting God’s heart and love since the beginning of His ploy to be above Him.

So this is why Satan wants us to see God as angry and mad! He wants to stop people from seeing the love of God, using false love or hyper-love to take away the fear of the Lord. That’s why love is so important, because without it, they will not know the real God who will not change His Word and will not change His way. GOD SO LOVED US HE GAVE US HIS SON THAT we will never die. It will never be our sin that has separated us from His love. It will be our rejection of His love. So let’s continue in the love of God, in Truth, Grace, and righteousness. Cast down every lie that exalts itself above GOD. To know Him is to have eternal life. Let’s know even more today and tomorrow and forever. Let no man take your Crown.

It’s the love of God that draws people to repent!

You see, so He will use perversion to make God’s love of their own imagination and own self, perverting the words from Him so that the cross will become a bad thing and not a love thing. God has given every man a choice. Let’s choose Him today and forever amen. Shane Roessiger

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