What is our purpose? To know Him and to be known by Him. We think God created us for ourselves. But He created us for HIMSELF. He has created all things for His own pleasure. God did not create us for our own pleasure but His. He is the point of life. The only way to find life is in Him.

Read Revelation 4:10-11.

When we start enjoying the things created by Him more than Him, we start getting off the point, off our purpose. To Him, all things were created. We think purpose is something different. Where the target is is what matters (He is the BULLSEYE). He is the point. Not us, but Him. Why were we created? For Him. To worship Him.

Gifts and talents many times are pointing to other things but not Him. The anointing is the strongest when you aim at the right target. Many are using gifts and talents to build their own dynasty, their own kingdom.

So many live for what they cannot keep. But to live for what you can keep and for eternity is the wise man’s way.

Read Philippians 3:5-21.

What Paul counted very important was to aim for the mark of the high calling, for what he was created for. Everyone wants to pull you in many directions but the Holy Spirit will always point you to God. The prize of the high calling is the point! This is why sound doctrine is so important instead of talking about your dreams, your life, or your will. I will be about Him and His will for us who believe and the purpose that He has is what makes us happy. The cross is where the power and glory are.

Where is the cross? Where the power and glory are.

God wants all of us to preach the Gospel with repentance and remission of sins! Not self-motivation. Not get by until you get to heaven, but a Gospel with purpose which is the will of God. Your purpose is to love Him, to be known by Him, to keep Him and His kingdom number one in your life. Very simple! Your purpose gets revealed when you follow the Holy Spirit. Many want their purpose to be their purpose and not God’s purpose.

We must mind heavenly things and not earthly things. Give your heart to Him and your whole body will follow. Trust in Him in these times.

Read Matthew 25:1-10.

We are preparing ourselves for the great supper. We must get the right clothes on for the marriage supper of the Lamb. Sometimes people don’t even know which door to get into the banquet room. Shoot and aim for that high calling. Some people live for different reasons and purposes: for themselves, for their kids, for fame and fortune, for a lie, or to accumulate wealth. What are you living for? If it is not for His glory, you will be living for your own glory. If you are not known by Him and know Him, then what is your purpose? Without knowing it, we will become religious. To know Him is to know His will.

Don’t live for yourself. People still fear. They try to do everything on their own. They try to do things without purpose. If you do it with purpose, you will do it with anointing. He has anointing for kingdom purposes. Shoot! Aim towards the target. You will be amazed at what He does.

Read Luke 14:16-35.

“Come and let’s advance the kingdom together…” People start giving excuses…. Everybody is too busy to do anything for the kingdom. Something is more important than Him! Something is more important than His kingdom. This is what happens when you don’t see the point and purpose of your own life. None of these who are giving excuses will be chosen. God is calling everybody. Everybody thinks this is a big deal, but you can be called but never chosen. Because you won’t respond to it! Many, many, many are called but not many are giving birth to that call.

What is your purpose? If you get out of God’s will, you will feel false peace. Monitor your lifestyle and you will see the difference. When you are doing right, Satan will make you feel that you are doing wrong. When you are doing wrong, Satan will make you feel that you are doing right. But what you are doing is what matters. The enemy will not attack those who have no power.

Count the cost! How many really want to hear and follow Jesus’ word? If you can’t even live for Him here and now, how will you live for Him when your head is on the line? The Holy Spirit is building us up. The unsaved always try to pull you out of your divine purpose. People should sit down and count the cost and then pay the price for following Him. Consider what you say, consider the price, but pay it! See your value in following Him. See His value in dying for you. See it past the monetary. The lukewarm need revival.

Stephen saw heaven open. The heaven is still open. Jesus kept that heaven open all the way to now! If we don’t forsake all that we have for our own purpose in God, we can’t live it. When we see our purpose, we must FORSAKE ALL. People bring the Gospel to their lifestyle and adjust it to it. But it should be the opposite. Bring our lives to the Gospel! God is not satisfied with just being good. We must live for Him.

God created us for Him. To worship is to obey Him, and to obey HIM is to love Him. And to love Him is the point of our lives.

Read Luke 12:15-53. Even the mule had a purpose in the Kingdom. It was not to make money for somebody else but to bring the kingdom in. Jesus fulfilled prophecies riding on it.

How many excuses are we making? Are we shooting off the mark? Are we fulfilling our purpose? Have we convinced ourselves that our purpose is His?

The rich man in Luke 12:15-53 was living for his own self. He missed out on his own purpose. Today, God is requiring our own life. Covetousness and greed are some of the reasons why many are missing out on their purpose, people working for their own pleasure.

If you knew you would die next Saturday, how many would change the way they are living their life? We would all be confessing and repenting at the same time because you knew your time is up. This is the way GOD wants us to live – as if today was your last. This takes grace and power! Don’t be drunk with the wrong ambitions. Living for Him is all you want to live for! Your sharpshooter must be Him! The target is Christ!

When you are in the kingdom, things smell differently than in the world. You live to die in the World; you die to live in the Kingdom. You go high in the World; you go lower in the Kingdom.
The problem is that a lot of people have fear. They try to live their lives their own way. We don’t think that God would take care about us, but only others. He is no respecter of persons.

Pagans and unbelievers seek these things. But unto us, the kingdom is given. It is His pleasure to give us His kingdom. That’s our purpose – to live His kingdom. Blessed are those who are watching! Eyes on Jesus! Those who don’t miss the mark, their purpose, the point of life! We can’t take it lightly what Jesus Christ says.

To become a ruler over many things. If you are looking at Him, you will know when He is coming. Keep your eyes focused on Him. Nobody knows the hour but what if we can know the second. Keep your eyes on Him. Every move He makes, you will know. It is getting louder the announcement of His second coming. Focus on the hour! Focus on Him!

Know His will and you will find your purpose! Right now, He is telling you His will. To know so much Truth makes us more accountable. All things for His pleasure, not for our own pleasure, but in finding His pleasure, we will find ours. Peter forsook everything to follow Him and persecution came. He saw His purpose which was to do His will. You know deep down what He is requiring from you. Start doing what He told you and grace will be there. Make the choice and He will make it easier. We don’t want to steal oil and beg people for oil but we want to get our own. We don’t want to be like Martha – doing, doing, doing things that are out of our purpose. We must find our purpose in Him! In Him to live, to move, and to have our being: that’s the point of our own life: HIM.
Shane W Roessiger





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