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One of the biggest lies in Christianity today is that your sins are forgiven and your trespasses won’t be held against you. This is truth for people who repent and follow Jesus, not for the world, not for the people who love sin. That’s what the law is for. 

The blood is for those who receive and in hope that the whole world will receive. Yet at the end of the day, it will only end up counting for those who have received. For those who drank His blood and ate His flesh. Even Jesus said that was the only way we could have eternal life. 

He didn’t say the whole world is forgiven. He’s saying those who call on the name of Jesus, those who come to me wretched and want to be loosed from sin and the world, this is who my blood is for. The lies that the enemy is letting believers believe today is unbearable. 

They say, “O, everybody is forgiven. They just don’t know it yet.” “O, the blood covered everyone on the earth." "Everyone after Jesus.” Lies, lies, and more lies. You see, it’s these subtle things that people say that sound so good. Yet when God strips it down, you see Satan under the blanket. We need to ask the Lord to help us see. 

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

If we do what? If we confess! So clearly, in one verse, we break this whole thing open. These doctrines of devils say you have to do nothing to receive His forgiveness, and in a sense that is correct. There are no works we can do to earn His forgiveness. Yet we do HAVE TO REPENT! We do have to confess and renounce. And deeper than confessing, what the heart of it is basically saying is to recognize your sin. When we confess, we are acknowledging that sin or whatever it is, is wrong. Our heart is now aware of what offends God. And another verse says confess and renounce: Renounce meaning speak against but in a deeper sense meaning turn away from. 

So, nobody is forgiven automatically. Yes, they CAN be forgiven. And God is not going to make anyone go through an obstacle course to earn it, but they do have to repent!

If there is no repentance, what’s the point of forgiveness? If they don’t repent then they don’t think their lifestyle is wrong. And here you come telling them, “You’re forgiven,” and they’re like, “Forgiven of what?!”

If your message excludes repentance, your message excludes the Gospel. If your message excludes forgiveness, it excludes the Gospel. These two are tied to one another. Don’t go telling everyone they are forgiven and that’s it. 

Then you have a bunch of church members living in full-blown sin. Living like the world, because your only message to save them was forgiveness. Yet they are not saved nor forgiven because God didn’t forgive them because they didn’t repent. They didn’t surrender their heart, will, and emotions, and they’re not saved because sin is still their master! Saved doesn’t mean heaven. Saved means set free from the darkness! 

How is God going to destroy and send people to hell out of justice if they are forgiven already?! Yes, they had a chance to be forgiven, but there are going to be people, according to the Bible, that will be cast into outer darkness, that will be thrown into the lake of fire. But I thought they were forgiven? No! The problem is they weren’t!!! Because they never received the good gift from above: God’s forgiveness. The blood. They never received His new righteous life for them. They decided that what they were doing was okay. They decided that they didn’t need to be forgiven. 

God doesn’t force himself on people, and with these types of doctrines, we’re basically forcing ourselves on them because we’re saying, “Well, you’re ‘included!’” That’s what the false doctrine of inclusion says. You’re all going to be saved and believe in Jesus whether you like it or not. You’re all going to heaven whether you like it or not. You’re included. You’re forgiven, Jesus repented for you. Jesus was tempted for you. Jesus went to hell for you. You will automatically be saved. 

This is the itching ear gospel. This is what deceives nonbelievers to believe without really believing because they do not believe the real Gospel. When Jesus spoke about believers, He was talking about believers in the real thing, not the false Christ, and those real believers will be saved. Those real believers will go unto heaven. Those real believers will be forgiven.

By Joe Pinto


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