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When you know what God tells you to do, then it’s settled. We must have our hearts steadfast on Him fully trusting Him. No reservations, no plan B, no other option but His will. This is a peaceful place. All in! We should not have a prenuptial agreement. What is mine is mine. What is yours is yours. No. We should have a type of relationship with Him without reservation.

In the seeking for joy, people start to have a relationship with God with reservations. Our joy and peace come from the Lord, but we keep seeking that from somewhere else or somebody else. It is over there. When we get over there, it is not there anymore. Running after these things means setting us all up for failure. When you seek His hand you get nothing. But when we seek His face, we get it all.

If your grass is not greener and you move to where the grass is greener, when you get there, eventually it will get as ugly as your grass is because the problem is the gardener. We need to take care of what God has put in our hands. Fertilize it and keep it alive. Pull the weeds. Manicure it. Guard that precious heart that is where life flows. Not on the outside but within.

It is God’s plan or no plan. No plan B, or C. If divorce is already in your heart, probably you will end up doing it. Jesus never had a plan B. It was all about the cross. If He did not get to the cross, that would have been His failure. When people would try to get emotional around Jesus, He had a very serious reaction. 

Read Matthew 16:28.

“Get behind me, Satan,” Jesus said to Peter. Without reservation, He will do the will of the Father. Everybody else will have to follow Him the same way. If you try to save your life, you are with reservation. If you decide to lose your life, there is no reservation. Peter was thinking the way of man and not heaven.

When we have reservation, we stop meditating on the Words of Jesus. We must give ourselves up fully to Him. Peter was trying to tempt Jesus to live a life with reservation. That was of the devil. This kind of relationship brings offense to God. Jesus Christ had no reservation. His disciples must be the same way. Run away from people that will tell you what you want to hear (CARNAL MAN). What I mean is, Jesus could not receive the words of man over the words of His Father.

We try to keep seeking the Kingdom outside the will of God. Especially if you are a son and a daughter of God, you will be miserable. You can NEVER find joy, peace, and righteousness outside obedience to His will. It is not our way every day but NOT on Sundays or Saturdays – that is religion. It is like in Him we live and breathe and have our being every day.

We think the kingdom of God is somewhere else, but it is within us. You can’t find it in places or somewhere. It is within. Any other way you try to find it, you will be very disappointed. It is HIS way. There is a joy in that. The more we fight the Word, the more depressed we are. The more we know the TRUTH, the freer we get. He wants us to love Him, to follow Him, without any reservation. To be a faithful bride to Him!

God has commandments and things for us to do. We must keep His Words for the sake of protection. The only way for Satan to have his will is if we don’t follow the will of the Father. Between you and God on that great day of the LORD, He will not say, “I can’t believe what so and so did to you.” God will ask us, “Why did you allow offense?” “Why did you not protect your hearts?” “Why did you not take that thought down?”

Jesus Christ needed Peter to say, “Jesus Christ, you can do this.” But Peter’s selfishness said, “I want you with me.” Peter did not know what a relationship with the Father really looked like. Peter was saying things that were of the flesh and not of God.

In the kingdom of God, we must live all in! All day! All week! If you knew you had the “winning hand,” you would be all in. You have the “royal flush” but you still don’t go all in. You must be all in! Or something will get between you and the Father.

You make a reservation just in case plan A does not work. Back up plans. The “just in case” must die! You must let plans B, C, and D die! No reservation. Do it all as unto the Lord! Joy and peace will come right back in! That is anti-faith having backup plans. God’s will is perfect.

Read James 1. 

The trying of your faith means wanting nothing. You want this but God wants that. He will test you until you end up wanting nothing! If you are not in righteousness, you are always wavering between your plans and His plans. God is not for the double-minded men.

What does the Bible say about loving God? Loving Him has nothing to do with your bumper sticker or T-shirts or the cross around your neck. No. If you love Him, you will obey His commandments. His love was without reservation. He obeyed all the way to the cross, but most of us stop before we get to the cross.

Our desires will fight God’s desires when we set up reservations in our relationship with Him. Just like the world with its planning for failure. Well, this in the kingdom is called “unbelief.” This is called “you are in control.” You want God to keep blessing your ways. Satan will always have a foothold in you. If you are doing your own will, you are bowing to your lust and will pray and receive nothing because you are asking amiss. When you do what your lust leads not what God is leading that is called sin!

Jesus Christ shut Peter out really quick! He did not meditate on it. He knew no other direction! We must be a doer of the Word and His will. There is a difference between hearing His will and doing His will! Your lust, your desire, or your dream wants to override His! Don’t let them. When you fight what He wants, you can’t ever live with peace. We forget who we are, what we have, and our purpose.

Sometimes we have connected ourselves with the devil because we want what he is offering us. We don’t endure the temptation like Jesus Christ did. Don’t be about yourself. Keep yourself apart from any fleshy, worldly, and selfish desire.

Read James 4. You will be consumed upon your own lust.

What God wants us to ask: “What is Your will?” When you ask and seek that, nothing will be missing. You receive nothing because you have asked amiss.

The devil does not flee if you are not submitted to God. If you are not submitted to God, we have no strength to resist it. You have all of these desires outside the will of God, you must repent quickly, double-minded. One mind on God…the other mind on your self! His thing…your thing. Until your eye is single, you will be tossed to and fro. Bringing up your desire, bringing up your past, bringing up your plan B, C, D, will make the pit you are in bigger. Lean not on your own understanding, nor on your own ways!

For what you ought to say should be, “If the Lord wills” …The Lord’s will is the key to life. To whom that know what God wants you to do, and do not, that is sin! What is the will of God? Perfect, acceptable, good! There is only one acceptable will, a perfect will, a good will which is of God!

God says, “Don’t go” and you go. God says, “Don’t do” and you do. God says, “Turn right” and you turn left. These are all you living your life your way – even while singing about dying for Jesus.

“Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” 1 Corinthians 15:58

There is no retirement in the kingdom of God. I will follow the heavenly vision until He comes back! Or the end of my self will be total death. My labor will not be in vain – in the Lord.

We can get our grass greener right now. We must get some miracle grow (called God’s will) right now. The resources are all heavenly. We don’t want any reservations anymore. NO matter the present sufferings of this world, they cannot be compared to what GOD has in store for us who love HIM. So remove every seed of doubt and unbelief. We will not follow our own lust or desire. In you, there is the will of God. Help us to be steadfast. Burn us all up until the only thing that remains is your will, your way, and your hands guiding us. Don’t stop writing your will out on our hearts and minds! Shane Roessiger

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