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Word shared during AWAKENING THE GIANTS in COLUMBIA 2019

How many know that the Holy Spirit is not looking for a theologian? Religion will stop you from moving in the Spirit. Paul said the letter kills but the Spirit brings life. Many cessationists are all around telling people the Holy Spirit and His gifts have ceased. They are peddling these lies with demons. I am feeling that God is about fed up with these divisive unbelieving believers. Before I got baptized with the Holy Spirit and endued with power, I read it in the Bible and I asked for it. Knowledge puffs up. I did not know anything (Thank God). We ask in faith. We must stay like a little child. God has been on this subject for a while. Wow, that means He is making a clear trail.

Jesus said you think you find eternal life in the pages. All the Pharisees and those SAD TO NOT SEE (Sadducees). Jesus is walking and doing all these miracles and is preaching everything in the New Testament. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God. The Word that became flesh said I must go so I can send the comforter. Jesus said, “I am eternal life. I am spirit. I am the way.” He is the one that should be guiding us all the time. Do you see? A lot of people are trying to get guided by the letter but reject the Holy Spirit. This has been the problem. Even when Jesus was in the flesh, they chose the book over the living God. There are a lot of revivalists that have died who are being worshiped now after their death, but when they were alive, they were despised and demonized.

For example, about the gifts of the Spirit, so these people say all of it stopped back then. Wait! We don’t need the Holy Spirit like they needed the Holy Spirit? Then they say everything has been sealed and sent to the church. Wow. So Paul says the letter is dead without the Spirit but you say not. You believe you can hold onto the letter!

Make no mistake. The Pharisees died but the spirit they were still under is still here. Jezebel died but the evil spirit that she was under is still here. The apostles died but the same Holy Spirit that they were under is still here – well and very much alive. It wasn’t the Acts of the Apostles but of the Holy Spirit. No matter what nation, it’s one spirit, one baptism, one father. It is the spirit of God that brings the Word to life.

You can read the Bible all day long but you won’t know each decision to make by the letter alone but the Holy Spirit will tell you. It is a personal level with the Word and with the Spirit. When the Spirit writes the Word on your heart, men can’t take it away. If the Bible is taken away tomorrow, rivers of living water will still flow out of you. So why am I going to argue with theologians? I will still preach the Holy Spirit. We will be partners with Him and all unbelief is sin.

Read Ephesians 4:1.

There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one Father of you all. He is above all and in you all. That is a letter to His Bride. Every one of us has been given a measure of the grace of God. Until Matthew, Mark, Luke die? No! Until we all come to the unity of faith. Are we there yet? So the Bible is alive because God is alive.

God is raising up the fivefold ministry gifts again. One thing we know is that the apostles move in all the gifts. They are foundational. I believe there are a lot more around the globe but we use the name pastor. We just acknowledge the pastor, the evangelist, and the teacher. Why is that? Where are the apostles and prophets? Why is it that the gifts of the Spirit are still alive to so many, but the apostles died when the last one died back in the days of Paul and Peter?

Pastors don’t build. Apostles do! Apostles build the church. The only difference between now and then is Paul had a mule and we have airplanes. The church can be overseen much better. We know when Paul left the Corinthian church all hell broke loose. Why would someone think that the church could do anything without the Spirit of God? That is the most foolish thing. It is a doctrine of devils. It came from a religious dead python spirit.

Apostles are gatekeepers. They have the authority to kick out the devil. Pastors don’t have that gift. Pastors are like, “The apostle is coming so let’s get things in order.” The evangelist just wants to get everyone saved. The teacher is like, "I have something awesome to show you this week." We need all the gifts to have a healthy church, and we need to go by the blueprints of heaven. Imagine Noah! The blueprints are these (word) and it seems too hard so I will make them easier. That is basically how the church has been building the church. Noah had the fear of the Lord and Noah had a vision. We can have 10 million programs and feed everyone every week. The devil will take them out as fast as they walk in. The devil will feed you, too. The glory of the latter will be greater than the former. This is the boat that is ready to be lifted up. When Jesus comes, the church will be equipped. The apostle is raising up the body and the body is equipped and the Holy Spirit, the living water, is being drawn all the time. How dare you or another say that the water is dead? The throne referred to in the book of Revelation has no river anymore?

The Holy Spirit says those that hunger and thirst for righteousness shall be filled. This is a glorious church. There is a bride and harlot in the last days. Many will fall away to movie star Christianity, being seduced by Jezebel and being seduced by religion. They love for their name to be called on the street. God does not like religion but He loves his bride. God hates idolatry. Be careful. There are many false converts being raised up by the devil who can quote scripture, sing songs, and will deceive many. Deceived people deceive people and think that they are right. The letter will help you to discern only with the Spirit. The letter says many will come in his name and deceive many, Great Theologian! NOW who are the real ones because the religious are wrong and only THE HOLY SPIRIT can do this, the one you say is GONE – ENOUGH of this madness!

In Columbia for the first time, we had a nice dinner this week. We left the restaurant and saw the most beautiful case of cakes with so many colors. My eyes caught the cakes. Oh my, I started to drool. We wanted them. We got four or five of them and laid them on the table. We don’t know bakeries. We got utensils and we were ready to dig in. We touched the cakes and it was like hard plastic. We kept trying to eat it but it was so awful! Tasteless. So I was like let’s try another. We could not even eat it or cut it, but it looked so amazing and pretty in the case. It was so bad that we wanted to throw it away. So we gave it to the street guy. He smiled and started eating it and he was so happy. I looked at that guy and I said, “I think God has a message here.” Yes. What just happened is just like religion: Bad food can become something with a lot of value for someone in spiritual poverty. It looks really good to the flesh but they are horrible to the spirit and have no nutrients. Some Christians don't even know what they are eating. Brothers, things are being preached in the churches that are not edible! God has filet mignon for us. We don’t have to settle for the crumbs that fall off the table of religion! No more old, dried, or fake plastic food that looks so good but it’s so bad! We can eat Him, the living bread, with no leaven!

So here’s Jesus doing the miracles and healing the sick. The Pharisees are saying this could be the guy. Then they started saying when the real one comes will He do more miracles than this? All the Pharisees are just about to believe and the guy says no prophet will come of out Galilee but will come out of Bethlehem. The disciples knew where He was from. They knew HIM. They knew all about Him. The relationship with the Pharisees was a dead book when the living book was in their face. This is how the cessationists are.

The Holy Spirit is still inspiring us! We have too many people who preach another gospel. There is power so they make excuses! Where does it say to give away tracts? We are the living epistles! We are the ones! So I began to think, “Why am I going to listen to men and women who tell me about a book all the time only and from their own knowledge.”

God didn’t promise the gifts were going to change us! The Holy Spirit changes us by the renewing of the mind. The Word is alive. There is no washing of the spirit if it isn’t involved in the Word. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is in us. I don’t care if you call me a fanatic! I just want Jesus. The gifts are not to make a name great but to make His name great.

The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable. We have to get our mind off men! There are kundalini and false spirits. Why? Because there is the real. It will be impossible to tell the fake – from the counterfeit – if you don’t know the real. How are these unbelievers of the Holy Spirit becoming the authorities and teachers of something they don’t even know or believe that is real anymore?

If you sow a relationship with the real thing, you know the fake. They are calling the real fake and fake real. That’s blasphemy. He said a kingdom divided cannot stand, so when you say what the Holy Spirit is doing is from Satan, you are becoming a voice of confusion and distortion. Some of these preachers will fall down dead. We don’t play with the Holy Spirit. If He does it, it better be real. Without the Holy Spirit, we will not make it. Without buying oil, you will be blind. These unbelievers are becoming blinded by the letter.

I don’t think you will make it. Word without the Spirit is word without revelation. Carnal knowledge, speaking many words, but they are blind. Much letter, no power. Who would have followed Jesus if He did not follow what He preached with power? We would not be here now. He has left His Spirit with His bride until the last trumpet is sounded. Honestly, I think it’s CRAZY that we need even to speak of such apostasy.

If you need a miracle in your body, you can have it. The gifts are to edify the body. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. He didn’t just die for us to sit and go to church once a week, to think like the world, to live and hang out with the world, or to listen to some dead theologian trying preach against God all the time. He died to take back everything the devil has stolen and has endued every single one of us with power.

We have the power ... to heal, to raise the dead, and to cast out demons. This is what all those that believe in His name did and still should be doing! Read Mark 16:15-20. Now God is casting out this demon of unbelief out of his church. The signs and wonders should still be following not only the twelve apostles or the first church but the latter house: us!

Jesus could have said anything to them. His last words written were that these signs shall follow them that believe in my name. They shall cast out demons and lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. They will go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. If we don’t have these signs, we don’t have the real Gospel!

Too many men think they are saving you. I pray I can save you from them. No one can come to the Father but by the Spirit. So get off of your throne!

He said when they bring you in front of the courthouse and synagogues, in that hour I will give you the words! Don’t worry about what you will say. Why? Because He is alive and we hear His voice.

That is why Jesus said look at the fruit! No bad tree can bring forth good fruit neither can a good tree bring forth bad fruit. You will know who is connected to me by the fruit they have. These are the sons of God. When I get around someone who has the Spirit in them, it is easy to agree. When I get around someone without the spirit or with a religious spirit overriding and blocking the Truth, there is no agreement and they want argue. Jesus Christ is saying: “All those that come to me, ask! I will give you living water, and you shall never be thirsty.”

Revelation just comes! He is who He says He is. It comes out of my belly, rivers of living water. Here’s Jesus! Even the unbelievers start to believe. There are things hidden that you will only get by revelation. Jesus gives secrets to His friends. See, servants don’t know what the Master is doing, they are just doing. They are always waiting for a command. Friends are given revelation. They are in unity and moving as one with Him. There are a lot of swine in the church today. He doesn’t want goats, He doesn’t want swine, but He wants sheep! They are always listening to the voice of a modern-day Pharisee and Sadducee.

He said, “See this little child? You come like this little child.” To that woman with the issue of blood, they said: “You can’t talk to Him. We have this religious protocol today. We have all these restrictions.” This woman got tired. She didn’t care anymore. She knew. She believed. I don’t care what I look like. You think everyone doesn’t know the issues you are dealing with? If you are in a spiritual church, they know all about your issues! Love covers a multitude of sins.

When the flesh went on the cross, He sent the Word in the Spirit. We must receive the Word and the Spirit together. They are one. Let not man separate who and what God has put together. In the beginning was the Word, the letter, and the Word/letter became flesh/a living being. How? By the Spirit. The Spirit of God breathed on that Word and gave birth to Christ. Can you see it? Can you see Him? The Word dwells among us. By the Spirit! Two shall become one. Truth and Spirit! Always together! God is Spirit and those that worship Him must do it in Spirit and in TRUTH Oh, let many eyes that were once blinded by the letter be open today! Oh, let the eyes of your understanding be enlightened today! That you may know what is the hope of His calling and let the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints be manifested! Today! Shane Roessiger

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