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God is destroying our self-image by letting us take on His image. Judas let guilt and shame be lifted up, and it birthed death in him. Therefore, Judas decided to keep wearing his old image, instead of repenting and taking on the image of God. Self-pity is a work of the flesh. The Glory of the Cross is that He shed His blood, so that when we get in the flesh, when we get in our past, the image of God is right there waiting for us to jump back in. The old you is your fall.

We all have a past, and we all have a future. Though when we let our past get in the way of our future, we are actually exalting ourselves over the work that Jesus did on the cross. Jesus is saying, “I died on the cross so that you may have all power to become a son of God no matter what your past says.” And now we want to say, “No, my past hurt me too bad; the pain is too much; that person did this; I should have done this.” Though basically what you’re saying is, “God, you can’t take this pain; God, you have forgiven me but I can’t forgive them because my feelings are my God; God, I can’t let the past go because I can't trust your future for me.”

This is all the works of pride!

When you have pride, you will backslide. Many people are making themselves their own God by knowing the work of the cross yet wanting to resurrect their old man. Your old guy is the person you used to be, your old guy is your temptation, your old guy is your fall! 

Many times our old life wants to become a voice in our life because our new life starts getting tough. Though that is the little fox you have to destroy. Think of every time you failed in your new life with Christ. Now think about the fact that it was probably because the old way or the thinking of how you use to do things got in your way.

We have to be faithful to know that God will strengthen us in times of trials. When our old man wants to become a prosecutor in our life, God is your lawyer, and the funny thing is, he happens to be the judge, too. Let him fight for you! And don't just let him fight for you, let him clothe you in new apparel! Let him clothe you in the new man. Let him dress you and show you your true identity! And as you learn your new identity, your old identity will fade away.

Your new identity is your victory over your old identity!

Your new life is the victory over your old life!

Your new man is your victory over the old man!

People are identifying themselves with the creation, not the Creator. All things have passed away and all things have truly become new. We don't have to find ourselves in something or someone. We need to find ourselves in THE ONE. When you create something, you created it with a purpose in mind. And when God created you, he had a purpose in mind, and part of that purpose was so that He can call you son or daughter! So He can call you NEW! So He can call you righteous, holy, and just like Him!

WAKE UP to this reality! And you will be free!

My past is being torn off by the revelation of who I am now. Adam & Eve had the divine nature in them, but they were blind to it. People who are blinded by self cannot believe it. They cannot believe what God has called them to be because they have eaten from the tree that this world was started on, identifying with good or evil, but none is God. Jesus has come back that we would return to that tree of life that was supposed to be the alpha of this world. Now this tree will be the omega! And this omega will start a new alpha! Will you be apart of this new beginning? Go to that tree through the blood of Jesus Christ!

Adam and Eve were created righteous and holy. Just like God, their identity was already matched up with God, yet the devil tricked them and said if you eat this fruit you will be like God. And here was the problem that Adam and Eve had: They didn't know they were already created and just like Him already. They didn't know their identity. And therefore it was their downfall!

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27

Here it was, God’s first human being already made like Him, and here comes the devil…

“For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as God, knowing good and evil.” Genesis 3:5

“But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” Genesis 2:7

There it was that Adam and Eve were tricked, thinking they would become like God, even though they were already made like Him. And God told Adam that if they eat of that tree, they would surely die. Adam and Eve didn't die literally but they died in a spiritual sense. What died was the image of God in them. The knowledge of this world, the mindsets, and the thinking which are all categorized as carnality will kill the image of God in you. And the image of God is a mind, heart, and soul like His. 

Now God has brought a new beginning through Jesus, a new Adam! He brought the tree of life down Himself that you would be connected! That you would now have your identity found in Him again! That the mind, heart, and soul you were supposed to have from the beginning will be yours now!

The old man in you is dying and the new man is rising! Now your flesh will surely die and your spirit will live! Drink His cup! Eat His flesh, and you will become like the man or woman you were supposed to be, Jesus the first of many brothers and sisters. Rise up, new man, and forget your old man because that person is dead. It only exists when you let it; but to God, it’s dead! Let it be dead!

Do you know your identity today? Do you know the image of God that you were created in? Who are you?

Today, through the blood of Jesus, you have a chance to pick. You have a chance to leave who you are, or who you were, to completely leave your old life and receive and be transformed and be made a Son of God. Today, you have the chance to say, “He’s my Daddy.” Today, you have the chance to get back in your identity if you lost it through deception. Wake up to the truth! You were created in His image. You were formed in your mother's womb by Him. Will you accept the lies or will you accept that you were made to be His child and carry a staff over the nations?!?! Will you accept The Truth, Son of God? Will you accept The Truth, Daughter of God? Receive it!

This is the goal of the Gospel: Be transformed back into the image of Christ. And Shake The Nations!

Will it be you, today? 

Let it be!

“For The World is Waiting for The Manifestation of The Sons of God!” Romans 8:19


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