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In John 1, Jesus said in verse 12, that as many as have received Him, He gave them power to become the sons of God. We will see later in John chapter 17 that Jesus talks about the glory that He was given and now He gives to us. Then He spoke about even those who would come way, way after Him. I pray that this message will deliver those that believe God is done. All is going to smash all CESSATIONISTS and demonic indoctrination. John had one message: Repent, Jesus is coming. He was the voice preparing the way. Jesus never told us to go around with one message. That one message is not living water. He said rivers of living waters. Jesus came to tell us that what He had, what He gives us, and what He did, we will do.

The word had to become flesh first to become spirit in us. If we believe as He said in His Word, living waters – plural – living waters will come out of your and my belly, living waters always flowing! The voice has the sound of many waters! Many waters! Not just a drip, not just a stream, but many waters and MANY bellies! Also, He said in John 17, “Make them one as He and the Father are one.” We know the epistles back up the claim about the church, the bride being one body with different parts.

Always proceeding unction, always prophesying, always proclaiming the future and the present... 2 Timothy 3:16 says that all scripture is given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is still alive and inside of us! The Holy Spirit is still inspiring us to write, to speak, to do, and to proclaim! He breathes in us, giving us inspiration!

In 1 Peter 4:6, Peter is talking to the church, to us! The Gospel is not just one message, like the gospel of grace, of deliverance, of prosperity, or of healing! Don't turn the gospel into one message! Let any man, born again, speak as the oracles of God! Living waters rushing through and out of them! Oracles! We don't speak as the scribes and Pharisees - dripping faucets - but as one with authority - living waters! Living epistles - living waters! Jesus says in Matthew 10:27, what you hear you will speak from the rooftops. What you see you will proclaim. He says that His sheep hear Him and the voice of a stranger they won't follow. All these scriptures are for all of us. The lying tongues will tell you otherwise. Really? We must not care what the unbelieving believers say or think. They have become a stumbling block.

When you begin to speak the oracles of God, you will be persecuted like Christ Jesus! The gospel of God is complete. If anyone preaches any other gospel, woe unto him. Oracles are utterance given by God!! We must speak as such! The Pharisees called those who speak with that utterance of the devil. Dead preachers preaching dead bible! But God is alive, living waters are running out from his throne down to Earth. Dead preachers are preaching dead bible. But the Word is alive and His epistles are alive as well. What we say and do as it is already written. But because they don't see it written in the scriptures, they don't do it. But this blindness comes from their indoctrination and false interpretation of scriptures with no encounter.

There is a pure gift, a pure bride, and pure oracles! A clean channel that God can flow His water through! The gifts that He gives us do not change us – but the Word of God does. The gifts don't change us by themselves or just some have gifts, but they still need God and submission to the Word and the Spirit. Actually, gifts can get contaminated. So with the ones who are against the works of the Holy Spirit, people (their followers) will ask them why people don’t get delivered or speak in tongues or get healed, so they need to come up with some kind of lie. Many are giving excuses why they are not, but the Truth is: because there are no living waters flowing but dead water! Many shut themselves in what they have been indoctrinated in, never drinking from His fountains! But there are living rivers! Many are reading the Bible for 20 years and drinking dead water for 20 years. The author of the Bible now lives inside of us and we get to know about Him. When the baptism of fire (His gifts) comes, it is when we begin to understand what we are reading. Then we start writing by the same inspiration that the apostles wrote. But they want to burn our letters! They want to stone God's prophets. Jesus told these Pharisees the same thing. Now we have modern-day Pharisees proclaiming that the works of the Holy Spirit are the works of the devil.

For example, I wrote about my grandfather. Then a lot of people that admire my grandfather want to talk about my grandfather without knowing him, BUT THEY ONLY READ HIS BIOGRAPHY. Don't tell me you know more about him than I do if you don't have a relationship with my grandfather! The same happens with Jesus Christ! You better not fight with those who know Him intimately! If you only know Him from a biography written by someone that walked and grew up with Him, how much more do you think the one who knew HIM personally knows than the one who only read about HIM? How much did the writer keep out, like secrets and other things, because there are so, so, so many more personal things? The author of the book knows way more than the one who only read about the person. I tell way, way more than the one who may have studied the book and did not walk with Jesus Christ personally. We know God is Spirit. Those that worship HIM must be in the Spirit. Jesus said something like this: “If it was written all that He did, there would not be enough books to hold it all.” But we hold Him in our hearts. We are now HIS friend and He says, “What you see and hear, proclaim it.”

We must be renewed. In Ephesians 4, Paul was talking to the church – the letters were written for the future to come. Some people believe that the water of the Spirit has stopped. This is blasphemy. I warn you now: Be careful. You live by your dry letter and you are separating yourself from God if you are killing the Spirit.

Many will tell you that the five ascension gifts in the Body are done with, that they are of the past! But they have the office of the evangelist and the pastor ever-present in their churches. Interesting, right?! They say miracles have stopped but the biggest miracle is salvation. I think any reasonable person would cast down the assaults against God. I will not put in this letter the name of these organizations, but you know them.

His voice on earth is the voice of the Spirit! John the Baptist was the voice of one but now what is on Earth is the voice of many waters! So many keep seeking the meaning of irrelevant things, studying, studying, and debating about it! Dead waters and no revelations. Just like when Jesus walked on Earth, people started to believe who He was – the Messiah. Some Pharisees had to come up and say, “Doesn’t it say that the Messiah will come out of Bethlehem? No prophet will rise out of Galilee” (John 7:33-52). You are right. There we see someone trying to get people to not believe with their interpretation of the scripture. But if this person would have had a relationship with Him, this person would have known He did not come from there. This is exactly the type of spirit we are facing today in the church: unbelieving so-called believers confusing with the letter, exalting the knowledge above the spirit. Jesus said, “My Words are spirit and they are life” (John 6:63).

There will be the voice of many waters! I have the zeal for the Holy Spirit, for the curse to be broken, and for the works of the Spirit. We must drink from living waters and not of the dead pool of religion. Every word out of His mouth is always proceeding like a river of living waters!

Read John 7:33. Where does this word come from? From the Bible. Don't worry about what to say. Because living waters will come out of you! Foolish teaching if you think that won’t happen anymore. Baby Christians, baby Baptists, baby Presbyterians, baby Methodists, baby denominational believers! But Jesus prophesied about what is happening today: “When they deliver you up, do not worry about what you will say. I will give the Words in that hour” (Matthew 10:19). This is end-time prophecy!

Drink living waters and you shall not die!! And you shall never thirst any more! Are you thirsty? Come and drink! Out of your belly shall flow! Out of your belly, you shall drink Jesus Christ! Always proceeding, always rushing through your belly! The Spirit is always saying, flowing, and proceeding! Not only to John, Paul or Peter only, but listen to what the Spirit is saying now! If you believe in Him you shall receive living water in your belly. All of the 120 in the upper room received the promise of the living waters! To this day, the river is flowing. Don't let religion and man-made dams stop you from doing what Jesus proclaimed. We shall not preach one message but rivers of living waters. 

Everybody was about to believe but here come the CESSATIONISTS, the Pharisees, denominations, and the Sadducees (sad because they cannot see), planting that seed of doubt concerning the promise: “Did they say this, did they say that; how can this be true?” Always bringing division! God says one thing and here come those ones bringing confusion and division. Everything was going good, we were almost there, and here comes someone contaminating the living waters! So many out there like Nicodemus about to believe in something different! Believe as it says in the scriptures, Nicodemus, and out of your belly shall flow living waters. You must be born again and not be filled with understanding. Nicodemus, just believe. Give all your heart. I will not give a serpent.

Read Mark 16:13-20. How can we only stick to preaching and not to the other things that He told us to do, like casting out demons, baptizing people in His name, speaking in new tongues, and laying hands on the sick and having them recover? Why was Paul preaching about the gifts if the gifts were not for now? The excuse they use is that the enemy will do false signs and wonders. Yes, but God is still working with those who BELIEVE. He did not say just you guys! If there is a false, there has to be a TRUE. He is still doing the real thing. We must bring the power after the Word, the power following, the living water flowing, constantly. I do not care what these heretics say. We have power. The message is rivers of living waters. These signs will follow. THAT'S THAT!!

The Lord went back up to the heavens and His spirit came down. Read John 16. We have determined that the Gospel is to be preached with signs and wonders. The comforter came not just to comfort but to give us power, power to do greater things and to become the sons of God. Many things need to be said, but these things are for those who have believed and received His Spirit. Believe me: in the last days, we will need more comforting and help from the Holy Spirit.

We must be guided by His Spirit and not by the letter only. The comforter came to guide us. He wants to tell us so many things! Paul got it, that “so many things.” Have you? He will guide us, speaking to us and pointing us to Himself and show us things to come. Read John 17. How are we are supposed to know Jesus? Through the Spirit of Jesus Christ – How can you know the truth, Jesus, without the spirit of Truth? How can you be sanctified by the truth without the Spirit of Truth? How can you be one without the Spirit of Truth? That is what makes us one – His spirit and He is Spirit.

No more one message. No more one voice but the voice of many waters! God, do not use me, work with me. If the Spirit of Truth is not in us, what spirit is in us? If out of our bellies are not flowing living waters, what kind of waters are flowing out of it? No more one message, but living water. Many are carrying the voice of the Father! Many are carrying this well! Spring up! He is guiding us unto to all Truth! He is guiding us into His everlasting fountain! We must know who is of Him and who is not! There will be a showdown of power! A spiritual tsunami hitting the earth! “Is not His Word like a flame of fire? Are not His words coming out of your mouth? Living water coming out of you and me. You shall never ever run dry! Shane Roessiger

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